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[Future Bass] Sinead Harnett – High Wire (Wet Paint Bootleg)

Sinead Harnett
High Wire (Wet Paint Bootleg)

Coming off a fire original, Wet Paint are back with an unofficial remix of “High Wire” by Sinead Harnett. Get your week started off in the right direction with this insanely smooth flip. The two producer’s usually push the future funk sound, but drop the funk and add bass; that’s what we have here with this bootleg. Flexing their creative diversity, Wet Paint prove yet again why they are an act to keep your eyes on in the bass music game. James and Dan give a cloud nine cut that nearly forces you to enable the repeat function and listen over and over again. Wet Paint released “High Wire” as a free download, so head through this link to get a copy.

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[Future/Soul] Golden Vessel – Borrowed Time Feat. Tiana Khasi

Golden Vessel
Borrowed Time Feat. Tiana Khasi

Earlier this week we were once again graced with a surprising new artist from down under. Australia’s own Golden Vessel teamed up with fellow Brisbane resident Tiana Khasi to create the emotional new track, “Borrowed Time”. Golden Vessel, at age 17, has shown promise beyond his years as a producer with remix productions of popular songs by Odesza and Panama.

As a downtempo/future/R&B production, Golden Vessel’s newest track perfectly blends previous works with the enchanting sounds of Tiana Khasi. In fact,the soulful vocals on this production vaguely recall another artist who saw a meteoric rise to success recently, Sinead Harnett. With such a powerful song being released by these two young up and comers, it won’t be long before we’ll be seeing their names everywhere.

Check out other works by Tiana Khasi here, or catch some feelings and download Borrowed Time here.

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[Chill] Disclosure – Boiling (Deuxième Remix)

Boiling (Deuxième Remix)

Sinead Harnett, whether you knew it or not, has lent her voice to some of the best electronic records in recent years. Her collaboration with Disclosure on one of Settle’s relatively ignored B-sides “Boiling” is widely treasured across the blogosphere as one of the album’s standout tracks. Her voice just melts into the UK duo’s production effortlessly and the marriage seems like it was built in heaven, until now. Enter Deuxième, a new player in the game from the suburban follies of Connecticut. With Rick Mitarotonda on guitar and Doug Bogan on keyboards/production, the two classically trained musicians give us a redone track that’s groovy, uplifting, melodic, and jazzy. Be on the look out for much more from these cool cats in the near future!

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