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[House] Frankie Knuckles – The Ones You Love (Sicarii Remix)

Frankie Knuckles
The Ones You Love (Sicarii Remix)

The explosion of dance music recently took place in America over the past five years or so with progressive and electro house being the first exposure for the later adopters. If any of you want a little history lesson on the real origins of house music in America, it wasn’t within the past 10 years. It wasn’t even within the past 20.

In mid to late 80s,  Ron Hardy and Frankie Knuckles were DJs at The Hot Mix 5 in Chicago, Illinois where they would play disco, electro funk, electro pop, and house music while spinning on the airwaves. After this, the Chicago house boom occurred with Frankie Knuckles at the pinnacle. His death last year was a devastation amongst veteran dance music fans, but a young producer by the name of Sicarii pays tribute to the late house legend with his new remix of Knuckle’s “The Ones You Love.”

Keeping it deep and emotive, the NYC artist constructed his remix after the passing of the Godfather of House to educate dance listeners to the true roots of the songs they love hearing on the radio. Minimal yet groovy, Sicarii’s remix embodies the saying “less is more” with an eclectic mix of vibrant samples – including crowd sounds from Millennium park, analog synthesizers, and a gritty undertone. With an official remix of Maroon 5’s “Sugar” on the horizon, fans should get to know Sicarii as this will not be the last we hear from him. You can grab the free download for his remix of “The Ones You Love” here.

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