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Thomas Feelman, Teamworx & STV – Never Stop [TMN Premiere]

Electro will never stop. Plenty of producers now and in the future will make sure of that. In the dojo today we’ve got a track for house mavens everywhere from Thomas Feelman, Teamworx and STV. Together they created the energetic single “Never Stop” that comes out tomorrow on SIZE Records. It may come out tomorrow, but we’ve got it for you today.

“Never Stop” is a song that any dance music fan can enjoy, no matter their age. It’s got classic characteristics that scene veterans can enjoy while giving the sound some updated features that really make it shine. The composition is simple, yet playful, adding in different components from beginning to end to give the listener a fun listen. There’s never a dull moment in this collaboration. Listen here today and make sure to grab a copy of the single tomorrow when it drops in full!

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