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[Music Video] Julie Bergan – If You Love Me (feat. Tunji Ige)

If there’s one thing you should know we love in the dojo, it would be Julie Bergan. Everyone has a soft spot for good pop music, even if they won’t admit it to themselves, and Julie’s got the best brand of it out there. Time and time again she’s wooed us with great tracks and she’s done it again with her song “If You Love Me” featuring Tunji Ige.

“If You Love Me” just dropped on streaming services and there is a music video for it to get your mouth-watering for the full release. Part of Julie’s appeal is that her music isn’t just the usual lifeless teen garbage that gets slapped in your ear a million times until you kind of sort of like it. From the get go it has depth and a dynamic tone that sets it apart from everything else. The same goes for this new single. It follows a more traditional pop structure than some of her other works, but still remains a pillar standing tall. With the music video, we’re just going to let you dive right in and get the full experience.

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[Hip-Hop] Tunji Ige – Missed Calls (EP)

After bursting onto the scene in 2014 with his self-produced debut mixtape, The Love Project, Philly emcee Tunji Ige spent 2015 slowly rolling out a slew of impressive genre-bending tunes including collaboration with What So Not and Oshi. Fellow Philly rep Noah Breakfast, formerly known as Xaphoon Jones, has become his go-to producer and rightfully so–their styles could not be more complimentary. Breakfast’s inventive, electronic landscapes blend with Ige’s own atmospheric production chops and melodic flows.

Today, the duo dropped Missed Calls, Ige’s first official project since his debut taking the musical exploration to new heights. While the EP still possess a hip-hop flavor, the influence of dance music is felt on each track. “Change That,” the opener sets the tone with banging, forward-thinking production and a characteristically addicting hook from Tunji. As the project progresses, each track presents a distinct facet–subtle house elements can be felt on the smooth “War,” heavier electro-trap prevails “On My Grind” and “Bring Yo Friends” and “22,” the final track, carries dreary future R&B stylings. Missed Calls proves that Tunji Ige has the talent to become a cross over star with a sound that’s both refreshing and accessible. Give it a peep below–you can grab on iTunes now.

’Tunji Ige – Change That (Prod. Tunji Ige)’
’Tunji Ige – War (Prod. By Noah Breakfast)’
’Tunji Ige – Fired Up (Prod. Tunji Ige + Addtl Prod. Noah Breakfast)’
’Tunji Ige – On My Grind (Prod. Tunji Ige + Noah Breakfast)’
’Tunji Ige – Bring Yo Friends ( Prod. Tunji Ige + Addtl Prod. Noah Breakfast)’
’Tunji Ige – All Night (Prod. Tunji Ige + Noah Breakfast)’
’Tunji Ige – 22 (Prod. Tunji Ige + Addtl Prod. Noah Breakfast)’
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