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Esseks – Wat Did I Do [TMN Premiere]

Wat did i do

Today Sleeveless Records released volume two of their West Coast Bass compilation series. One part of that project was a single created by Sam Eckstein, aka Esseks. “Wat Did I Do” is the song and the dojo is where you’re getting a first listen to it!

“Wat Did I Do” is the embodiment of the compilation series. It oozes that laidback west coast vibe, while bringing some sleek basslines to the table. Esseks gets the action going quickly, not playing around in any way. It’s straight to the point with everything it’s got, including it’s classic style that newer producers can’t seem to pin down this well. What makes things even better is that you can download the single for free. If you like what you’re hearing, make sure to check out the full compilation, complete with sixteen tunes.

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