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[Electronic] Wilsonn – Saturn Return

Saturn Return

Wilsonn‘s new single “Saturn Return” was released via Australian record label Upside Music a few weeks ago and shows a new side to the sound of the singer/songwriter based from down under.

The production on this single is a lot more hefty compared to the older releases by Wilsonn thanks to the dynamic use of sythensizers and a perfectly placed string section. As always, Wilsonn’s vocal takes lead and steals the show however. Overall, it’s another great single from one of the more underrated artists you’re going to find.

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[Electronic] Wilsonn – Even If I Know

Even If I Know

Looking for some dark electronic soundscapes? Wilsonn has you covered with his shadowed R&B crossover single “Even If I Know” that dropped through Upside Music.

“Even If I Know” begins with an intriguing few measures that blend soothing tones with edgy textures for a captivating start. From there you’re hooked in and Wilsonn takes control by expanding the sonic palate and serenading us with his comforting vocal. As the song progresses it shifts gears keeping things fresh from beginning to end without getting stale. Listen to the song for yourself and see what Wilsonn had to say about it.

This single explores the chaos, hurt and pain of the other side of life & this industry.
– Wilsonn

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[Trap] Wilsonn – Touched

Not only did Wilsonn recently drop a new single, but also a mixtape. We have both for you today, the first being “Touched” and the second being the twenty three minute “Idiocentric” mix. Together they serve as a one-two punch from Wilsonn to end your day well.

“Touched” is a twerk-centric trap tune that isn’t just all about getting booties shaking. The song does have an emotional edge to it, fusing sounds together that you wouldn’t necessarily think to go together, but Wilsonn makes it work. With his mix, Wilsonn flipped some of his favorite producers’ works and packed them all together in one impressive mix. It may be short, but it’s not all about length, right? *cue giggles*

”Idiocentric” mixtape’
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[Indie/Electronic] Wilsonn – Thankful

Wilsonn Mixtape

Every time I turn around another dope artist is popping their head out of Australia. Wilsonn is the most recent artist welcomed to the dojo, alongside his single “Thankful.” Fans of soul will be head over heals for this creator whose touching sound is more than a simple listening experience.

“Thankful” really makes you feel just that, thankful. It’s an intimate single with powerful lyrics and soundscapes that provide a figurative hug of warmth that you can’t resist. Wilsonn’s vocal is one that will stay in our hearts and minds for quite a long time to come. Although it’s Summer and the “jams” are being brought out like there’s no tomorrow, it’s nice to hear something soothing like this one. Take some time, appreciate “Thankful” and do the same for those things you hold dear around you.

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