Max Frost
White Lies (The Tailors Remix)

One of our favorite indie tunes of 2013, Max Frost’s “White Lies” has enjoyed a potent viral run in the past few months, even managing to push out of the blogosphere onto mainstream radio waves and charts since its sparkling inception. While we were thoroughly enamored with the original; on account of a seemingly endless amount of malleability, we’d been waiting to hear what “White Lies” could offer through another vantage point, and assuredly we’ve found the grooviest take of all. The Dutch duo of Bastiaan B & Jesse V, more widely known as The Tailors,  have taken Max Frost’s upbeat tune, and slowed its cadence to a breezy Summer stride while maintaining an air of buoyant and shimmery vibes. Their remix begins simply enough behind a snappy four bar intro, but once a sultry sax line paints its way onto the arrangement, it’s pure sexy dance-pop from there. Further bolstering The Tailors’ seductive instrumentation is of course the original hooky vocal track which gets partially pitched down, sounding even more filled out, and right as we were sucked into a sea of tasty lyrics  in waltzes a syrupy sweet 5 note guitar arpeggio, completely sealing the entire pop-house movement with a certain delicate expertise we haven’t heard on an electronic track in some time. The Tailors have managed to pull off the enviable task of creating a record that plays out equal parts club-groover and chill-listener, offering a precious quality to be aurally consumed on both a sweaty club night or driving down a coastal highway with the top down and speakers blaring.

If you couldn’t tell, we are gushing all over this one, and are ecstatic to exclusively premiere and host The Tailors’ remix of “White Lies” here for you savvy Ninjas. Take a listen above, we know it won’t let you down. Be on the lookout for Max Frost’s White Lies Remixes EP in the coming months, but until then, get your fix here at TMN.

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