​You know that saying, “it runs in the family”? Well that is precisely the phrase that should be thrown around when talking about Synchronice, the duo from New Jersey made up of brothers James and Will Saulsky. These boys have been producing sound pounding tracks for about only two years but are well known around the music industry sharing the stage with the likes of Dillion Francis, Dada Life and Felix Cartel. The brothers are known for their ability to mix various genres of music blending powerful electro elements with dirty bass or combining progressive house with some swanky groove mixture.

​Synchronice shows just how much they can mix with the release of some body moving new tracks. TMN is proud to premiere, for your ears’ hearing pleasure,  two unforgettable tracks from the brothers with the full EP available on their website. Synchornice puts their spin on T.A.T.U’s “All the Things She Said”, combining a mix of pulse racing house beats with the vocals, the boys show just how much energy they can put into an older track. The remix of Karmin’s “Brokenhearted” has the boys showing their dirty bass side. While keeping the vocals strewn throughout the tune, Synchronice keeps the song moving with pulsating electro beats combined with calming buildups to want-to-make-you-dance house knocks.

​One thing is for certain, these blonde brothers from Jersey have barely scratched the surface of the music world. These boys are going to continue to wow fans with their knack to create new genre sounds and their ability to put pounding vibrations through each and every person listening to their music. Move over Partridge Family, the Synchronice boys are here to party.

All The Things She Said (Synchronice Remix)’
’Synchronice – Brokenhearted (Synchronice Remix)’
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