[Electronic] Whethan vs Oliver Tree – When I’m Down (Bronze Whale Remix)

Whethan VS Oliver Tree
When I'm Down (Bronze Whale Remix)

Today we’re bringing you a remix that instantly caught our attention for Whethan vs Oliver Tree’s “When I’m Down.” Austin, Texas duo Bronze Whale made up of Aaron Jaques and Benny Alley have been breaking into the music scene since 2011 and giving themselves a great name between original releases and other remixes.

This bouncy, pop edit takes this piano heavy chilled out track and leaves plenty of room for dancing. The added edginess to the layers in production give us a true sense of what these two are all about and keeps us bobbing our heads. Sometimes Tuesday’s can be just as bad as Monday’s but this release is a 10/10 mood booster and has us ready to rock into the weekend. Bronze Whale sweetens the deal by making their remix available as a free download here. Make sure to check it out and add it to your favorite Summer Playlist.

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[Indie Electronic] The Odds x Bronze Whale – Best

The Odds x Bronze Whale

It goes without saying that a new tune from Bronze Whale is cause for excitement. Following up the highly enjoyable “Hear Me” comes a collaboration with another distinct and captivating vocalist looking to kick off his musical career on an undisputed high note. The Odds may be new to SoundCloud, but his performance on “Best” suggests anything but.

A sense of vulnerability weaves throughout the song among every single element. From The Odds’ yearning and earnest voice and lyrics to Bronze Whale’s singular formulation of electronic, indie, and pop music, this song is a provocative listen into what to expect from Bronze Whale’s upcoming EP and future releases from The Odds. After their previous work with Khai, it isn’t surprising in any way that Bronze Whale knows how to find and work extremely well with fantastic vocalists. You’ll definitely be catching a few feelings listening to this one. Don’t miss out on the free download.

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[Electronic] Bronze Whale Ft. Kenzie May – Hear Me

Bronze Whale
Hear Me

Here we have a much too long overdue post on an artist we’ve had our eyes on for a while now, Bronze Whale. Their latest release, “Hear Me,” only gives us more reason to keep our eyes glued. Providing quite a shift in sound from their previous work, Bronze Whale executes versatility with grace. The boys take a step away from the relaxed future bass, and take on a concept that infuses their initial electronic sound with upbeat pop elements.

The tune is a direct reflection of its title, as Kenzie May’s clear voice elegantly glides over the lively production in a way that enhances every single element of the track. “Hear Me” holds on to our attention from beginning to end, making a statement that we can’t ignore (or resist).

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[Future] Crywolf – Slow Burn (Bronze Whale Remix)

Slow Burn (Bronze Whale Remix)

Up and coming Austin Natives, Bronze Whale, have been developing their sound for years. With each release only more captivating than the last, BW’s sound has our undivided attention, along with our firm conviction that they are definitely a name to be keeping an eye out for. Most recently, they’ve reinforced this belief with their fresh take on Crywolf’s emotional piece, “Slow Burn.” Approaching it with a contrasting perspective, the remix manifests just the same passion as the original. Bronze Whale provide a direct spotlight on Crywolf’s reverberating lyrics, while expertly executing a sterling slate of vocal chops as the intensity of his words builds up. After a steady run of listens, we think it’s inevitable that listeners will find themselves lost in this exquisite musical maze designed with layers of resonating harmonies that are laden with rhythmic waves of futuristic synths.

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[Electronic] Imad Royal – Down For Whatever Ft. Pell (Bronze Whale Remix)

Imad Royal
Down For Whatever Ft. Pell (Bronze Whale Remix)

It must have been a minute since we’ve heard anything new from Bronze Whale, but we can assure you that when they pop up in our feed, we’re listening. The guys’ latest work comes in the form of a remix of Imad Royal’s sensual track “Down For Whatever,” and it marks an interesting and pleasant deviation from the Austin duo’s normal routine.

If you’re familiar with Bronze Whale, this remix is probably going to catch you a bit off guard. As they distance themselves from their signature coalescing of future and trap-esque influence, they electrify the original with a new zest. Their production proves flawless as their unique sound surrounds and bolsters Royal’s smooth vocals, prompting listeners to zone in on both the original’s detail as well as the crisp new details of the remix.

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Parasite Single – The Hunt (Bronze Whale Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Parasite Single
The Hunt (Bronze Whale Remix)

Austin natives Bronze Whale have demonstrated a knack for matching bone chilling atmospheric elements with familiar tinges of trap to mold a dynamite and collected sound. They’ve taken to reshaping a tune by Parasite Single, and newly define the track’s house rhythm and feel with a tactful increase in tempo, icy synths and subtle but noteworthy drum work. With minimal, but effective chopping, the vocals cut through the duo’s production like a knife, allowing a fitting homage to the original while preserving Bronze Whale’s signature style and ingenuity. Both breathtaking and reassuring, this take on “The Hunt” abides by BW’s stellar standards and, luckily for us, is available for a free download, so take some time today to ease back and revel in this cosmic, glacial soundscape.

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