[Dance] Duck Sauce – Duck Droppings EP

It’s a shame that I just sold my goldfish platform shoes on eBay. If I had those bad boys on me right now, I’d be lacing up and gliding across my office. The 70’s are back, ninjas, and they’re here via A-Trak and Armand Van Helden.

This often quirky duo, better known as Duck Sauce, throws conventional beat-smithing to the window, creating music that is quite simply smile-inducing.

In this four track EP, we’re transported to the days where John Travolta was king, dancefloors lit up with the music (what happened to that, by the way), and shirt collars went clear down to your nipples. In a fury of nostalgic samples, rythmic disco house beats, funky basslines and non-stop energy, these two have put out something that might have your parents asking for a link to this free download.

Our favorite out of the bunch has to be “Louie the First,” which samples Storie’s classic tune, “Brother Louie.” The simplistic, repetitious sample is amped up in comparison to the original tune, syncing perfectly with the twangy bass, and heavily accentuated drums.

’Party In Me’
’Louie The First’
’Calamari (Put The Sauce On It)’
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[Video] Duck Sauce – It’s You

A-Trak and Armand Van Helden are back with their Grammy nominated partnership – Duck Sauce. As your would expect from releases like “Barbara Streisand” this latest little beauty has a dance beat but isn’t conformed to the usual four to the floor, dubstep wobble, or big booty shaking trap bassline. Instead we have something that we could easily hear in a Target commercial. We of course mean that in the most complimentary of ways.

This duo has managed so bring EDM to the masses in a high pitch synth driven head bobbing track that will surely help you move through whatever it is your up to tonight.

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The 10 Most NSFW Videos Of 2011 [Stereogum]

Stereogum has been known for giving us the rundown on the most NSFW videos of every year, and 2011 was no exception. While we agree with more of their list (shown here) we want to point out two memorable videos that if we were to sort them based on AWESOME FACTOR they would rank to the very top.

When a director presents nudity or extreme violence on a music video, it is important to incorporate these NSFW scenes with an artistic or valuable context to the story being narrated. A lot of indie bands favor the more mysterious path, creating dark and complex imagery that can go along with their music. It is a much poetic attempt that usually succeeds but it does border-line into the boring. Here are two of the most memorable and extremely captivating videos from 2011.


IS TROPICAL – THE GREEKS (official music video) from EL NINO on Vimeo.

Duck Sauce – Big Bad Wolf.

Comment below and tell us what is the most AWESOME music video you have seen this year.

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[Hilarious/Gross] Duck Sauce – Big Bad Wolf Music Video (Almost NSFW)

Not sure what category this video falls under but it is a definite must-see for those who can stomach some crotchface. Duck Sauce’s music video of ‘Big Bad Wolf’ was released yesterday featuring both A-Trak and Armand Van Helden as ‘supporting’ actors (pun intended). A-Track comments, “When Keith [Schoffield] came up with this idea of ‘crotchfaces,’ we just thought it was hilarious. He started coming up with all these gags and describing the characters living in this sort of parallel world, and we were sold. He wasn’t sure if we’d be down to play the leads, but our take on this was, if we’re going to do this, we need to go all the way. So we played the dickheads, essentially.”

While I never fully enjoyed Big Bad Wolf as much as their previous releases, this is by far one of the most hilarious videos of 2011.

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[mp3] Duck Sauce – Big Bad Wolf (Original Mix)

First it was the infectious and groovy single ‘aNYways’ that got the entire music world talking about Duck Sauce and the unique style of the collaborative efforts of Armand Van Helden and A-TRAK. After a couple of other releases, nothing really took off like bootleg fireworks (check this video) as much as their triumphantly viral track ‘Barbra Streisand ‘ becoming a staple in electronic dance music forever. It is now increasingly difficult to not be critical about upcoming Duck Sauce songs due to duos reputation. Duck Sauce new song ‘Big Bad Wolf’ is a little off from their nu-disco style but it still has enough attitude to move the floor. This is not necessarily my favorite track but I am slowly opening up to it. Enjoy!

Duck Sauce – Big Bad Wolf (Original Mix)

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[Best Of] The Music Ninja January 2011

Editor’s Note: We want to make things more convenient for you incase you missed a post. I’ll let this least speak for itself. All we ask is that you share it with your friends! Enjoy! -Blas


1. The Cataracs – Bass Down Low (Feat. Dev) (Proper Villains Remix) // [MP3]
2. Benny Benassi & Gary Go – Cinema (Skrillex Remix) // [MP3]
3. Cerebral Vortex – Fly By Night (Cyberpunkers Remix) // [MP3]
4. Porter Robinson – The Wildcat] // [Read Post]
5. Charles I – The King is Back // [MP3]
6. Derek Sabiston – Whip My Hair Here We Go (Willow Smith vs Bassnectar) // [MP3]
7. Afrojack and Bobby Burns – Bridge // [MP3]
8. Skream – Shot Yourself In The Foot Again feat. Example // [MP3]
9. The Partysquad – Ik Ga Hard (Henzel & Disco Nova Remix) // [MP3]
10. Sleigh Bells — Tell Em (Diplo Remix) // [MP3]
11. Duck Sauce vs Dizzee Rascal – Bonkers Streisand // [MP3]


1.Wiz Khalifa – On My Level (ft. Too Short) // [Stream]
2. Chris Brown — Look At Me Now feat. Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne // [MP3]
3. Gorilla Warfare Tactics – Temptations // [MP3]
4. Hoodie Allen – Dreams Up // [MP3]


1. Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues // [MP3]
2. Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Pictures // [Stream]
3. Alexander – Million Years // [Stream]
4. Yelle – Safari Disco Club // [MP3]
5. The Rodeo Church – Miserable // [MP3]
6. Cotton Jones – Egg On A See [MP3]
7. Strfkr – Bury Us Alive // [MP3]
8. U.S. Royalty – Monte Carlo // [MP3]


1. Adele – Rolling in the Deep (Jamie xx Shuffle) // [MP3]
2. Christoph Andersson – Metropol // [MP3]
3. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps (Cosmonaut Grechko version) // [MP3]
4. Suuns – Up Past the Nursery // [MP3]
5. James Blake – Wilhelms Scream // [MP3]
6. Purity Ring – Ungirthed // [MP3]
7. Amadou & Mariam – Sabali (Vitalic Remix) // [MP3]
8. Tor – Aperture // [MP3]

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Chromeo – Hot Mess ft. Elly Jackson (Duck Sauce remix)

Chromeo’s track “Hot Mess” is anything but! The song recently got turned into a completely new track after adding Elly Jackson’s (La Roux) vocals to it and this single version is set for a 1/17 release
date. Destined to turn many people onto both La Roux and Chromeo, the track was remixed by Duck Sauce who have had an incredible year with their big hit “Barbara Streisand” Adding a heavier beat to the track and focusing more on Jackson’s vocals makes for a good banger sure to turn up any Christmas party.

See how A-Track spun this fresh song this past weekend at Transmusicales in France and how ‘thumpy’ the room got soon after

Chromeo – Hot Mess ft. Elly Jackson (Duck Sauce remix)

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