[NEW] Empire of the Sun – Alive

Empire Of The Sun

After laying low for nearly five years, Australian electro-pop duo Empire of the Sun have resurfaced with a brand new single called “Alive”. The new cut picks up where 2008’s Walking On A Dream album left off, and is a slick and glittery anthem that’s sure to gain major momentum as we make our way through the warm spring and summer festival months. Don’t sleep on this one, ninjas!

“Alive” is off Empire of the Sun’s forthcoming sophomore LP, Ice On A Dune, due out in June.

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[Exclusive/Throwback] Empire Of The Sun – Walking On A Dream (RAC Mix)

Empire of The Sun’s Walking On A Dream was 2009’s most remixed song, if only for the amount of remixes I received on my inbox. Its catchy electronic pop melodies made it so easy for every producer to take a go at it. Its popularity rose so high, there are probably only few music blogs/sites that did not cover it. Andre Anjos, better known as RAC admits that he is already too late to do a remix of Walking On A Dream, but does that take away his right to have fun and share with the world his own interpretation? Well if you are RAC, you pretty much have the right to remix anything you want (I would probably hesitate posting a Ke$ha remix but you gotta trust the man). Finally, The Music Ninja brings you an exclusive take on what made 2009 so great.

Empire Of The Sun – Walking On A Dream (RAC Mix) by Remix Artist Collective

Check out the video RAC put together editing his remix on top of the original Music Video: Continue reading

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Random Music Friday


I made it! Its 11:45pm! Still Friday! Here is yet another Random music Goodness all new all fresh songs from independent artists (or from independent labels)

Metric is a Canadian indie rock band. Originally formed in Toronto, the band has also at various times been based in Montreal, London, New York City and Los Angeles. They are signed with Last Gang Records (responsible for releasing recordings by MSTRKRFT, Chromeo, Boys Noize)

Metric – Gold Guns Girls

’Metric – Gold Guns Girls’

Looking for the best “Walking on a dream” Remix? Look no further! Kids at the bar just released their take on this beautiful song from Empire of the Sun.
Empire Of The Sun – Walking On A Dream (Kids At The Bar Remix)

’Walkign on a Dream’

Not sure what genres you can clasify “Good Enough” by Polychromatic …Experimental Electro pop?.. In the end what only matters is that aside from its monotomous/robotic vocals that eventually grew on me, this is a great example of a glitch pop song that is full of harmonies and a wide range of satisfying melodies.
Polychromatic – “Good Enough”

’Polychromatic – Good Enough’

Fanfarlo is a London-based indie pop band formed in 2006 by the Swedish musician Simon Balthazar. They make extensive use of instruments such as the trumpet, violin and mandolin as well as more commonplace instruments such as guitars and drums. Their debut album Reservoir was released this year.
Fanfarlo – The Walls Are Coming Down


A native of Melbourne, Australia, singer/songwritter Daniel Merriweather just debuted his album Love and War June 2009. With a very jazzy R&B voice, Daniel single “Change” has already made it to the top 100 UK single charts.
Daniel Merriweather “Change” (feat. Wale)

’Daniel Merriweather – Change’

Seeexxx on a spooonn… is the new singe of Artist You(genious) from his fourth-coming solo album Lust, Love & time. DAVESTEP (Dave Wrangler) got a chance to remix it and although I usually enjoy a little more upbeat electronic beats, this one hit the spot.
You(genious) Sex on a spoon (Dave Wrangler Remix)

’You(genious) Sex on a spoon (Dave Wrangler Remix)’
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New Remix: "Walking on a dream" (Van She Tech Remix)


“Walking on a Dream” is a song from Australian duo Empire of the Sun in their debut album “Walking on a Dream” released October of 2008. They have another single “We Are the People” to which I recommend you check it out. I always enjoy when songs are remixed in a way that stays true to the original song and Van She Tech manages to do just that. There are plenty of remixes of this song in the interweb and I find this one to be one of the better ones. The song really picks up after a minute in.

If you think there is a better remix to this song comment below or shoot me a link! Enjoy.

“Walking on a dream” (Van She Tech Remix )

”Walking on a dream”
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