[Tour Preview] FIGURE – Terrorvision Tour

Friday The 13th (Original Mix)

If there are two things we know for sure about artist FIGURE, it would be that one, he makes insane, loud, bass-thumping tunes and two, he has an enormous love for all things horror related from movies to television shows to music. With his latest tour “Terrorvision”, FIGURE is taking both of these loves and combining them to produce a massively unique way to enjoy his music. On the upcoming tour, FIGURE said:

“Terrorvision has been a concept I’ve been putting together for some time now, something I thought would go really well with my annual Monsters series.

I wanted to create the ability to compile tons of custom edited clips the same way I have compiled tons of music for my sets over the years. I’m a horror buff and I’ve amassed an extensive collection of classic shock theatre and obscure films which is definitely an inspiration for the visual direction on this tour.

Through partnering with Rane/Serato and using their hardware I now have the ability to map these custom visuals to my music on the fly, adding a brand new element to my live show. Many artists look at visuals as a way to simply customize the blank slates of wall behind them. WithTerrorvision it’s another dimension of my music. An intense visual backdrop giving my fans a window into where i draw inspiration; my vision as a producer, coming together on stage where the visuals brings it all to life.”

You won’t want to miss out on this experience so make sure to grab tickets when they go on sale September 12th. Get a little sneak peek below to see what you can expect for this terrifying tour.

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The Trap Dojo #35

Last week we included the newest tune from TNGHT, “Acrylics”. A massive tune in its own right, but this week, DonKong had a fever, for which the only cure was more cowbell and absolutely turned it up in this remix. Next, the newest dancefloor anthem from Macklemore gets a huge trap twist from Dance Floor Junkies. With a brainmelting drop filled with lazers and horns, this is sure to keep everybody’s hands up and get all of the party people sweating. A new song from Flosstradamus is always something to get us excited, and this 4/20 special is no exception. The first of many smokers anthems we’re bringing you this week, this FKi collab is just as hazy as you would expect, with killer lyrics. TastyTreat also released an awesome 4/20 banger using Christina Milan and Lil Wayne‘s lyrics and chopping them up with some finely crafted synths for an emotionally charged dancefloor beast. Lil Wayne isn’t going away yet though as Sam F Brings us another hectic remix. Rihanna gets a trip to the trap by The Cataracts & Borgeous. The rest of the list is filled with bangers, with every influence from the most gangster of rap to progressive house and hardstyle. Zombass & Huoratron get very dark and occultist at the end before some deep night time vibes take over to finish it off.

’TNGHT – Acrylics (Donkongs Cowbell Remix) ‘
Can’t hold us (Dance Floor Junkies Trap Remix)’
’FKi X Flosstradamus – WHERE THAT DANK? (Prod By Zoolydamus)’
’Stafford Brothers ft Lil Wayne, Christina Milian – Hello (TastyTreat Remix)’
’Lil Wayne – Rich As Fuck (SAM F REMIX)’
’Rihanna – Pour It Up (The Cataracs & BORGEOUS Remix)’
’Teenwolf & Shelco_ Ace Hood
Bugatti (Plurnt Up Bootleg)’
’Nicky Romero – Traplouse (Time/Split Remix)’
’CRNKN X ƱZ – Booty to the Ground (Lazerdisk Party Sex Remix)’
’Smookie Illson – Smoker’s Anthem FREE DL HAPPY 4/20!’
’LOUDPVCK – TRAP LORDS (Feat. A$AP Ferg & Bodega Bamz)’
’SKisM ft. Virus Syndicate – Like This (Antiserum & Mayhem Remix)’
No Problem (Dj SuperStereo Remix) ‘
’UZ & CRNKN – Booty 2 The Ground (TWRK REMIX)’
’Figure – The Brown Note (Original Mix) Out now!’
’Barely Alive – Killer In You (Gold Top Remix)’
’Crystal Castles – Sad Eyes (Huoratron rmx)’
’K Theory x Chrome Wolves – Stutter’
’JumoDaddy – All Night Long (Original Mix) !!!FREE DOWNLOAD!!!’
’Amerie – Why Dont We Fall In Love (Kaytranada Edition)’


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[TICKET GIVEAWAY] Figure 2/23 The Ogden Theater

Last month we had the ultimate pleasure of featuring one of our favorite artists as our very first TMN Resident Artist. This month we have the ultimate pleasure of sending one lucky Coloradoan to his show at the Ogden this Saturday with two free tickets. Entering is easy, just follow the steps below!

1. “Like” us (The Music Ninja) on facebook here:

2. “Like” Figure on facebook:

3. Comment below this post with your favorite Figure track.

We’ll pick a winner at random 2/22 at 12pm Mountain time.

RULES/DETAILS. Winner will receive a set of tickets to the show. Must be 18 to enter. No transportation will be provided. TMN/Figure are not responsible for anything you do while at the show.

’Deltron 3030 – Upgrade (Figure Remix)’
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[TMN Resident Artist] Figure Interview: The Man Behind the Monsters

Now this has been a fun week with our wonderful resident artist Figure. We were able to sit down and have a fun interview and learn some really great things about Josh (and about his favorite shoes and food, anyone else like sushi and a good pair of Jordan tennis?). So sit back and get to know Mr Gard on a little bit more of an intimate level.

TMN: First off, we just wanted to say thanks again for being our first resident artist of the month and that we have enjoyed working with you and all your wonderful managing crew. You all are kick ass. Boom.
Now we would like to dive right in. Traditional interviews are great and we love doing them, gives the fans a bit of insight into an artist music world and gives the artist a chance to express themselves and get fans excited about upcoming shows. But we decided to go off the grid with the traditional because we want to know a bit more about YOU Josh Gard and what it means to be Figure. We also would like to have a few laughs and get some insight into the person behind the amazing music.

TMN: So tell us, we will start simple, what is your favorite drink (booze or no booze, your choice)?

Water, Bold Coffee and Dark Dark beer! I don’t really booze it up much at shows anymore though , but I do like to have a drink.

TMN: Every artist has a way of coming up with new music. Some spend hours in the studio working on one song. Some artists put together a mix of different beats to not have full songs but the start of many songs. Some artists grab a drink, smoke a little smoke and see where the night takes them. Describe in your own words what a typical day/night of music making looks like for you.

Well it all changed once I started traveling, for the better in my opinion. I used to sit at home in my basement and work on music, with nothing else to do, other than act like I was job hunting. But once I started travelling, my time at home has become just that: MY time at home. Now 80% of my production is done on the road in various headphones I travel with and then tested in clubs. Once I’m home I mix and master it all in the studio, but the creative stuff, is all on planes and in hotels!

I love it, it takes all the empty slow boring time out of traveling, because I am always working on tunes!

TMN: You have played in so many countries and cities all over the world. I’m not trying to make you play favorites here but is there one city that sticks out in your mind that just blew you away?

Hell yea, Denver and Chicago hands down. I love all my crowds, all the cities.. but I feel a certain energy in those cities .. Something is very very right there.

TMN: You are a Midwest boy born and bred. Tell us some of your favorite things about Indiana. Is there a certain restaurant you always go to when you get home from a tour?

Well, Indiana is actually super boring.. and that’s why I love it.
We live far out in the country, my neighbor has horses and all that.. It’s great. There’s a few food places, one good sushi spot and a good sandwich spot. My girlfriend and I either stay in and hermit down in the house or drive to Louisville, Nashville, or Saint Louis to go shopping and run around. Since I live in a small city, it’s hard to go out for 5 min to the mall or something and not see tons of people you know, grew up with, want to ignore.. or used to date.

Haha I always tell my producer friends to come fly out .. let’s make some music, cook burgers and shoot guns …no one has taken me up on that yet.

Continue reading

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[TMN Resident Artist] Figure + Stem Download

If you could ask an artist for something from them, anything from them, what would you ask for? An hour on stage with them? A party bus afterward with them? A lock of their hair? (yeah that gets a little creepy). Or, would you ask for a little insight into their music? Well Figure came to us with an idea for his time here as our resident artist. What if he were to share some of his personal stems from two of his pulse dropping songs? That sounded like an amazing idea to us.

From his Monsters Volume 3, Figure has given us the stems to his electrifying “Michael Myers is Dead” and his body tingling “No Turning Back”.

So here they are for all you musicians who have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to remix one of the top dubstep artists of the industry.


Download: “Michael Myers is Dead” (STEMS) [WAV File] (Right click + “save as” to d/l)
Download: “No Turning Back” (STEMS) [Self Hosted Zip]

Let us hear what you come up with! please send your remix to us at submit@themusicninja.com


There are a few rules that come along with these gems though and we ask here at TMN, and to respect Figure as the great artist he is too, that you please use these stem for REMIXES ONLY.

Please make sure that the remix is credited fully in the title of the song know that any remix made from these stems are not allowed for official sale but are to be used for promo only:

Figure – Michael Myers Is Dead (“ARTIST NAME” REMIX)
Figure – No Turning Back (‘ARTIST NAME’ REMIX)

FIGURE retains all-rights to the sounds and music within the stems, none of his music may be used to create compositions.

Enjoy everyone, en-fuckin-joy.

’Figure – No Turning Back (Original Mix) – Monsters Vol 3’
’Figure – Michael Myers Is Dead (Oscillator Z Remix) – Monsters Vol 3’
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[TMN Resident Artist] Figure + Biography

Did we tease you just a little bit with that quick release of Figure’s tour dates? Are you wondering what does this “artist resident” thing every month mean for you ninjas? Let me break it down for you real quick:
Every month TheMusicNinja will be featuring a talented artist/group to be our “resident” for a whole month, yes a whole freakin month they get to share just a bit of themselves with you wonderful readers and music junkies. The month will go as follows:

Week 1 – Artist Introduction – This post will introduce the artist to you all. A quick bio and news of their upcoming shows is the perfect thing to get your toes twinkling for the next week.
Week 2 – Artist Interview – This post will be more of a non-traditional interview. We are TMN are kind of a funny bunch and we’d like our interview to be more lighthearted with a few entertaining facts to really let everyone get a good insight into the artist’s personality.
Week 3 – Artist Exclusive Minimix/Cover/Track – This post will feature some exclusive music. For Producers and DJ’s it could be a minimix or a mashup. For bands/vocalists it will be a fun cover, or an unreleased b-side or something to that effect.
Week 4 – The artist is going to let us in on what music they are jamming to at the moment and share some of their favorite tracks for our ears to enjoy along.

So there you have it! We are super excited for some of the amazing artists who have already signed up. It’s like a little surprise present every beginning of the month, perfect.

About Figure

With all that said, we were stoked to have Figure release his tour dates to us to begin our write-up and now we would like to introduce the man behind the dirty bass drops, Mr. Josh Gard.

Gard is a Midwest boy hailing from Indiana (which he is very proud of his of; as all Midwesterners should be…call me biased I hail from Chicago). He has a long history in music and like many artists of his genre he began in electric house music before shifting to more dubstep and bass music. While he still works a lot with electric music, he gets noticed for his dirty tracks with body dropping bass.

Gard has worked alongside many of the best in music industry such as Diplo, Tommy Lee, Flux Pavilion, and Excision to name just a few. His music has been ranked high on countless charts and he is praised by other artists and fans alike for his captivating live performances. I can account for that, seeing him in Denver was nothing short of unbelievable. With his undeniable stage presence, Gard is a must see for his long list of fans. And he, being a huge fan of horror, decided to produce his Monster series which is a production of his true loves. The series exemplifies just how much talent Gard has and gives his audience an inside to him as a musician.

That is another thing to love about Gard, he supports his supporters by supplying his latest productions for free and his guest lift at shows is reserved for fans in need. He is very close with his family and fans, a tribute that can be hard to find sometimes in the music world. But it is these things that make Gard an amazing artist and an amazing person with a big future that is already blowing up this year. Whether it is large festivals such as EDC, Starscape, The Bounce or small venues in cities all over the world, Gard, aka Figure, is an artist to watch and admire. Plus, he has one of the most knockout tennis shoe collections this writer has ever seen. Big props Figure, big props.

His early work

2009 & 2010
Early in his career, Figure focused primarily on bass driven music. After a couple of originals and remixes, His IN & OUT OF BROOKLYN EP released in 2009 combined bouncier elements of dance music with the emerging wobble of dubstep, catering to the underground scene. Not everything was hard and heavy as we know Figure today, releasing a couple “THRASH BASS” tracks like “Dirty Damage” and then taking on a lot of dubstep influences with “Torture” and “Phantom” back in 2010. Continue reading

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[TMN Resident Artist] Figure + Adventures in Time and Space Tour

Well music lovers everywhere, happy 2013.

A new year means so many changes here at The Music Ninja and I am proud to be the one to introduce the latest project that will be taking up valuable space here on the site.

Drum roll, trap beat, dubstep drop please…we are proud to present, every month, the TMN Residency Program. Each month, a new artist/group will be featured. During that month, you will be exposed to personal mini-mixes made just for TMN, humorous interviews, a little biography and also learning what music/artist our resident is jamming to these days. We are super excited to get this residency rolling and hope everyone enjoys getting to know some stellar artists on a more personal level.

And with that, I am psyched (seriously I’m over here with a huge ass smile on my face while I type this) to introduce our first resident, a fellow who has graced TMN’s pages many times, a lover of dirty bass, high-tops and the Adams Family.

For your ears deafening pleasure, Figure.

For those of you who know and love Figure, you will be ecstatic to know he has released the dates for his wildly anticipated 2013 Adventures in Time and Space Tour. Figure was generous enough to send over the dates so everyone can mark up their calendars and start buying those tickets. What was even more generous, Figure sent over a mini-mix that he whipped up just for TMN’s fans. Nice guy and he makes dirty dirty beats? What is not to love?
Check out the tour dates above to find out when this Midwest showstopper will be heading to a city near you that is, unless you don’t want to go to a guaranteed body jumping, head throbbing (the good kind) pulse raising concert.

But, I’ll let you Figure that out.

’Figure – Adventures in Time and Space Tour (Mini Mix)’
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