[Beautiful] Flume – Never Be Like You (Crywolf Cover)

Never Be Like You (Flume Cover)

Without a doubt, it is very difficult to live up to expectations when you’re trying to rework a Flume track. Being that we religiously follow Crywolf here at TMN, it’s safe to say that the talented singer/producer slayed this cover of “Never Be Like You” and painted Crywolf all over it.

Sustained vocals and strings highlight the tune and are paired with a slower tempo than the original. Following an epic buildup, the burst of synths and Crywolf’s unique vocals definitely give the song a paradisal and majestic vibe. You’ve probably never heard anything like it, but it will sure be a breath of fresh air. Considering Crywolf being a one-man-band, the level of production here is off the charts.

Available as a free download, this cover of “Never Be Like You” is some of Crywolf’s best work to date. I mean – who wouldn’t mind getting serenaded in heaven by Crywolf?

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[Future] Flume – Never Be Like You Feat. Kai

Never Be Like You feat. Kai

When it comes to the Australian musical prodigy Flume, the world waits with bated breath on his releases. Fortunately for his expansive fanbase, with the new year comes news of his long awaited sophomore album, Skin. Following up a teaser two weeks ago containing a preview of each song on the upcoming album, Flume has released the first single on what is shaping up to be another breathtaking electronic-infused collection. Continue reading

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[NEW] Collarbones – Turning (Flume Remix)

Turning (Flume Remix)

Flume season has arrived–or did it ever actually end? His debut album had a staying power unlike anything we’ve ever seen in electronic music along with his subsequent work with Emoh Instead as What So Not. From a material standpoint, we haven’t heard much new original work from the Australian beat pioneer, save for the phenomenal “Some Minds,” but he’s most certainly not been dormant either.  Since his rapid ascension, he’s been touring pretty much non-stop releasing a few remixes along the way, often premiering them in live sets.

Today, we get one of the remixes he’s been playing out at festivals and it’s an amazing one that we certainly remember from his set at Sasquatch! festival. Taking on “Turning,” a gorgeous tune from Sydney/Adelaide natives Collarbones, Flume creates a massive and beautiful composition that, in the context of his live set, packs an unbelievable emotional power. In recent interviews, Flume’s been talking about how he doesn’t consider his music “EDM” and you can see what he means on atmospheric tracks like this. We can’t wait for more new material but, in the meantime, this beauty will be in heavy rotation.

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[Future] Flume – Some Minds (Luca Lush Remix)


Following up on last week’s epic release – which we covered earlierLuca Lush seems intent on making June his biggest month yet.

Luca’s latest remix, a fresh take on Flume & Andrew Wyatt’s “Some Minds,” was released this afternoon on the heels of his successful Atlas Bound remix.

Spanning five and a half minutes in length, the production is extensive enough to demonstrate an impressively wide array of production techniques. With an inventive introduction, touches of electric keyboard and snare, 8-bit samples, future synth, and an appropriately timed crescendo/diminuendo dynamic scheme, Luca’s remix has a defined and original feel that is worthy of high praise.

While the remix is in and of itself an innovative deviation from the original, Luca is able to also capture what makes Some Minds so impressive by shaping his futuristic creation around the familiar and melodic vocals of Miike Snow front man Andrew Wyatt.

We hope Luca Lush will continue this trend of releasing new music weekly – while we wait on his next great release, enjoy “Some Minds” above.

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[NEW] Flume – Some Minds (feat. Andrew Wyatt)

Some Minds feat. Andrew Wyatt

In between rigorous international tours, including one he just kicked off last week, Flume has been cooking up material for his upcoming album over the last few months. At his recent sets, he’s been sharing some of that anticipated material and, just a few minutes ago unleashed what looks to be the first glimpse into the project. “Some Minds” features Flume’s distinctive warped synths backed by scintillating percussion creating a mystical aura. It’s a slowly progressing composition that builds with vocals from Miike Snow‘s Andrew Wyatt before finally erupting 3 minutes in with Flume’s unconventional and nearly indescribable use of bass-driven minimalism.

The accompanying video, directed by Clemens Habicht, ties the concept of the song together utilizing stunning shots of Sydney’s iconic Sydney Opera House and a isolated shot of Flume that twists and bends with the beat when it reaches its climax. It’s a breathtaking video fitting for an equally cutting-edge sound–truly a comprehensive artistic experience to get lost in.

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[Future] Sam Smith – Lay Me Down (Flume Remix)

Sam Smith
Lay Me Down (Flume Remix)

Flume decided to randomly break his silence with a Sam Smith remix today, so you already know it’s going to be a great week. A long silence usually means new material, and Flume has mentioned that this is just the tip of the iceberg of quite a bit of unreleased tracks. This remix doesn’t rely heavily on Sam Smith’s vocals at all interestingly enough, and they sit on the build as the rest of the track propels into the next stratosphere as every Flume track tends to do. The last minute and a half could even be another rendition of “Lay Me Down” entirely, as it shifts into a futuristic R&B tinged rhythm and chops up Sam’s vocals into a pining chant. Needless to say, this is another winner courtesy of Harvey. He’s even announced some new tour dates, so be sure to check out if he is coming to your city on his website!

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[Festival Review + Playlist] Take Us Back: Outside Lands 2014 Highlights through Photos & Songs


During the Gold Rush, the area where Golden Gate Park currently resides was referred to as the “Outside Lands,” a sprawling seemingly uninhabitable expanse, before being adopted by the city of San Francisco and developed into what is now the gorgeous western portion of the city. Today, Outside Lands carries a whole new meaning as the the premiere music festival of the Bay Area located in the heart of the park. Every event has a unique charm and, for OSL, the magic of San Francisco’s physical and cultural beauty is truly at its core. With breathtaking scenery, quality food/wine and the lingering remnants of the hippie movement, Outside Lands 2014 served as yet another reminder of why the area has become, and has for so long been, such a desirable destination even with its famously cold summer weather.

Just over two weeks have passed since we took our final steps out of what was the most popular OSL in the event’s history. In the days following a festival, the mundanity of everyday life can become particularly evident. Luckily, with concerts, there’s always an artist’s music to revive the excitement of your most memorable, albeit sometimes least remembered, moments. This year’s Outside Lands lineup featured an incredible diversity in artistic styles making for a broad range of experiences to look back on. Join us as we take revisit a dozen of our top highlights from the weekend through photos and songs. Continue reading

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