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[Drumstep] Pendulum – Ransom

Pendulum quickly rose to fame by revolutionizing the Drum & Bass scene with their striking originality and raw talent. However in 2010, pendulum decided to break the mold by experimenting with new genres in their latest album “Immersion”. Pendulum played around with the two other dominant styles of dance music, producing such electric club-bangers as “The Island: Part 2” and a heavy-hitting dubstep anthem “Set Me on Fire”, which kept their momentum going and invaded previously uncharted territory for Pendulum. While their latest track “Ransom” was previewed after not making the final cut for “Immersion”,  it quickly became a fan favorite, yet was never released as a single. However with the current tragedies in Japan, Pendulum released “Ransom” on their website with all proceeds going to their aid and recovery.

While we offer you the download link below, we strongly recommend you to purchase “Ransom” on Pendulum’s official website and help out Japan in a time of need. Thank You.

Pendulum – Ransom

’Pendulum – Ransom’

Via Epic Base Time

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[House] Axwell – Heart is King

Axwell, one of the members of the legendary Scandinavian trio “Swedish House Mafia”, released his new single “Heart Is King” on April 4th. The track, as Axwell describes, is a “kind of neo-classical type of thing”, where the harmonious instrumental melody complement its dominant house feel. The track is set to the arrhythmic beating of a heart, which makes the title, “Heart is King”, quite fitting for this single. While this might not be commonly played in a club as it lacks a defined drop, the track has great potential for an insane remix.

Axwell – Heart Is King (Original Mix)

’Heart Is King (Original Mix) – Axwell

via Epic Bass Time

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[Dubstep] Skrillex – Equinox

Yet again, Skrillex is set on making our ears bleed. After taking the world by storm with the incredible success of his two EPs, and a jaw-dropping tour with the Mau5trap crew, Skrillex seems unstoppable, and he’s about to get even bigger. Equinox shows a continuation of Skrillex’s extremely agressive electronic/dubstep style with clear influences from past productions such as his track “Needed Change”, which he produced with 12th Planet. Equinox is rumored to be our first taste of Skrillex’s upcoming full length album.

Skrillex – Equinox.mp3

’Skrillex – Equinox’

Via Epic Bass Time

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[House] Afrojack – Doing it Right (Original Mix)

Nick van de Wall, also known as his Electro House DJ/ Producer name “Afrojack“, has soared to the top charts in the year 2010; for 2011, Afrojack presents us with a definite club-banger. While Afrojack is indeed “Doing it Right”, he isn’t doing anything new.  The signature “bleep” style drop is present in every one of Afrojack’s tracks and comes as no surprise in “Doing it Right”. What is surprising, however, was the truly mesmerizing instrumental build-up, with an extremely cathy melody. The “bleep style” is starting to be overdone by Afrojack, but you can’t help but smile when Afrojack combines the two dominant melodies into one head-smashing final drop. An enjoyable addition to Afrojack’s list of productions, but anyone waiting for something new from Afrojack will have to wait just a little longer.

Afrojack – Doing It Right (Original Mix)

’Afrojack – Doing It Right (Original Mix)’

via Epic Bass Time

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[Dubstep/Filthy] Zeds Dead- Rude Boy feat. Omar LinX + Remixes

Zeds Dead & Omar LinX are back at it, and are definitely a force to be reckoned with. After their positive first mashup of creative talent, “Out for Blood” the torchbearers of Canadian dubstep Zeds Dead return with “Rude Boy”, a track that is positively filthy. “Rude Boy” maintains a gritty bassline throughout, sure to test the best of sound systems. Omar LinX’s dark, witty rhymes and rough voice perfectly complement the nasty bassline blasting in the background. This combination makes for an absolute smasher made in dirty dubstep heaven, for bassheads and novices to dubstep alike.

Zeds Dead – Rude Boy feat. Omar LinX

’Zeds Dead – Rude Boy feat Omar LinX’

The Killabits put their own personal touch on the track, yet keeping it very similar to the original. With a slightly faster pace and a smoothed out bassline, this remix sets the track firlmy in familiar dubstep territory rather than pushing the boundaries between electro and dubstep. Definitely recommended for mind-numbing bass.

Zeds Dead – Rude Boy (The Killabits Remix)

’Zeds Dead – Rude Boy (The Killabits Remix)

Kissy Sell Out has always shown generous support for Zeds Dead, even releasing Rudeboy on his San City High record label, and this time decided to take a crack at remixing the Toronto natives. Replacing Omar Linx for MC Cobra, your stereotypical concert MC. Though the vocal work is far from original, the vocals as well as the faster pace of the track make a drumstep track which is sure to get crowds moving and jumping.

Zeds Dead – Rude Boy (Kissy Sell Out & MC Cobra V.I.P Remix)

’Zeds Dead – Rude Boy (Kissy Sell Out & MC Cobra V.I.P Remix))

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[House] Armin Van Buuren feat. Laura V – Drowning (Avicii Remix)

Remixing the world’s #1 DJ is no easy feat, but Avicii is definitely up to the task. Avicii keeps the smooth melodious vocal hooks that we have come to expect of Armin Van Buuren, while giving the track his personal touch, something undeniably Avicii. “Drowning” shares some striking similarities with Avicii’s previous smash hit “Bromance”, but after claiming the title of one of the biggest dance hits of 2010, why change something that has worked so well? The track has an overwhelming positive vibe, sure to electrify dancelfoors around the world, while reaffirming Avicii’s position as one of the finest producers of Swedish house.

Armin Van Buuren feat. Laura V – Drowning (Avicii Remix)

’Armin Van Buuren feat. Laura V – Drowning (Avicii Remix)’
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[Playlist Dojo] Hip/Hop

Though these songs aren’t hot off the press, they reflect some of the finner work to date of fresh artists on the hip/hop scene.

Left Boy, (aka Ferdinand Sarnitz) is a 22-year-old upcoming rapper from Vienna, Austria. His tight productions rely heavily on sampling, but the results are nothing less than stellar. “Your Song” flips a Daft Punk sample into a lounge styled track, centered on the tribulations of excessive partying and womanizing. “Your Song” provides a good track to just kick back and relax to, and the humor knit into Left Boy’s rhymes will keep you genuinely entertained.

Grab his free mixtape at:

Left Boy – Your Song

’Left Boy – Your Song’

Gone from the newcomer Donnis follows your usual hip-hop recipe for success, but where it differs in a very good way is the subtle auto-tune use, that delivers and undeniably catchy chorus, without it sounding like it could be sung by robots. The song has a lot of melodic potential, which is apparent by a remix of it being featured in the second iteration of A-trak’s famous “Dirty South Dance” mixtape.

Donnis – Gone

’Donner – Gone’

Not a usual choice as inspiration for a song, T.Shirt creates a flowing track, using nothing but movies as material for his lines. Though the combination is interesting and somewhat strange, the result is very enjoyable, and shows some impressive creative talent on T.Shirt’s part. His rough voice is perfectly complemented by the soft contrasting singing of Darwin Silva.

T.Shirt – 24 Frames (Movie Night) (Ft. Darwin Silva)

’T.Shirt – 24 Frames (Movie Night) (Ft. Darwin Silva)’

Let Loose by Oncue focuses on a topic anyone, anywhere can relate too, the need after working hard to just let loose. Oncue’s style provides smart rhymes with a rhythm that immediately hooks you in, and unlike other singers that claim to know the “tough life”, Oncue’s emotions clearly shine through his singing, to the point where you can feel his frustration and optimism right along with him. Life must be hard in Connecticut.

Oncue – Let Loose (Ft. Nickelus F & Theo Martins)

’Oncue – Let Loose (Ft. Nickelus F & Theo Martins)’

Click Clack has a simple beat throughout, which allows  Kid Sister’s lines to take center stage, lines which she absolutely murders. Kid Sister takes aim at those that have nothing else to show for themselves but their money, and simultaneously shows that she is a force to be reckoned with. She doesn’t listen to the haters, and encourages everyone to do the same and “never mind the haters”, and honestly after her witty flow, how could you hate?

Kid Sister – Click Clack (Show It Off)

’Kid Sister – Click Clack (Show It Off)’
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