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Filous talks Touring, Musical Roots, and Working with James Hersey [TMN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Austrian producer Filous is a reminder that age is not a factor of stardom; now a recurrent theme within the musicsphere. He has an impressive repertoire under his belt, amassing nearly 100,000 Soundcloud followers and well over 6,000,000 plays on his catalog. For anyone, let alone an 18-year-old, that is impressive.

For those of you who haven’t experienced his live show, know that the multi-instrumentalist plays effortlessly on stage mixing a combination of backing tracks with several instruments he taught himself. His first tour ever, with RAC, Big Data, and more, is also his first time playing for the public, with his NYC stop being his 6th live performance ever. We had the chance to catch up with him after just that performance, at the legendary Webster Hall.

TMN: How has tour been going so far? I hear this is your first time both on tour?

It has been very surreal for me. It’s my first time touring and playing in the U.S. Touring in a tour bus has been pretty incredible. I’ve been watching music documentaries and following artists for a really long time so now to be in that position myself is completely surreal. It has been awesome too because I’ve been traveling with so many professional people with so much experience and advice to offer, it’s be a really great opportunity.

’RAC – 3AM ft. Katie Herzig (filous Remix)’

TMN: Tell me about your roots, how did you shape your particular style?

I’ve been learning instruments since I was 10 years old. The first instrument I [learned] was bass and then after that guitar, keyboard, flute, harmonica etc. We were thinking about how were could do this live, I had the idea of just doing it the way we created the songs, me jamming on the guitar and then creating a beat to it.
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[Event Review] Mad Decent Block Party – Fiddler’s Green, Colorado

Photo: Shane McCauley

Friday afternoon in Denver treated the Ninja crew to Diplo’s eclectic lineup of Mad Decent label mates and friends during the Mad Decent Block Party. The stage was set at the 17,000 person venue Fiddlers Green, located about ten minutes from downtown. Over almost a 10 hour long party, the audience was treated to a revered lineup of old and new including; Flosstradamus with a few guest appearances, incredibly strong up-and-coming Mr. Carmack, Rif Raff, Griz, Diplo, Outkast, and more.

The newer recruits to the label and tour like Jodi High Roller (making a quick departure from Katy Perry apparently), Liz, Djemba Djemba and Mr. Carmack took the stage masterfully with a lineup of big beat, trap, g-rap, and even funk at the beginning of the day as the sun started to fade off. The three o’clock start time didn’t stop the audience from getting rowdy right off the bat. The setting was packed full of young and old that made the atmosphere actually feel like the original concept held in Philadelphia.

After the crowd was fully warmed up, trap stars Flosstradamus (less Autobot) came out to start the train of guest appearances. The duo, who have been on a perpetual roll since their re-emergence a few years ago dominated the trap scene for the night. It was full blown damn son where’d you find this one, see what I did there? Once J2k started to get into his element, Waka Flocka popped on stage dreads-a-shaking to smash out a hip-hop trap set. To finish things off Dominic Lalli of Big Gigantic came out for a final note prepping the audience for fellow sax player and former tour mate Griz. HDYNATION was out.

Griz, always a well received musician amongst the Denver crowd, played a set right on par with the HDYBYS, prepped graciously for ringleader Diplo. In true Diplo fashion the tempo was driving, the sun had set, the party got turnt and the audience was into it. The label head tuned the crowd into his signature high speed and big drop style seamlessly from the multitude of genres performed previously throughout the night. After catching shade from some of his previous block party stops about banning Kandi and glowsticks, the unphased veteran put out a flood of new remixes and releases. DJ Snake’s ‘Turn Down For What’ moved the more mainstream crowd, his remix of Lorde’s ‘Tennis’ ebbed from his remix of Calvin Harris’ ‘Summer’ and landed on his own track ‘Revolution’. Diplo knows his audience so clearly it’s almost laughable if something happens to deter their attention for a second.

Hats off to you Thomas.

Outkast, whom finished the night, almost can’t be captured by words anymore. The enigmatic duo recently emerged for their reunion tour starting off with the likes of Coachella and progressively capturing the younger audience at each stop they’ve made. The duo have kept the formula the same recently with their faster pace classics, a black jumpsuit worn by Andre 3000 engraved with a plethora of quotes, and the same low-slung funk, fluid raps and gritty Southern soul. The two hour long set brought out all the staples; ‘Kryptonite’ flowed into ‘Ghetto Musick’ into ‘Hey Ya!’, ‘Player’s Ball’, ‘Int’l Player’s Anthem’, and a guest spot from Killer Mike during ‘The Whole World’ while Andre 3000 did pushups during Big Boi’s entire verse to end the whole party. The two haven’t lost it in 22 years now. More clear than ever, that isn’t going to change anytime soon.

Needless to say, we’ll be back, and take another half day of work off.

’Mr Carmack – fan
cy girls FANCY girls’
’2 GiRLS 1 PiPE REMiX (feat. Frankie Palmeri From Emmure)’
’Slippin Into Darkness (GRiZ Remix Ft. Jessica Breanne) – Lettuce’
’Lorde – Tennis Court (Diplo’s Andre Agassi Reebok Pump Remix)’
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[TMN EXCLUSIVE] Anna Lunoe Interview


Going from public local radio to world tours seems like the ingredients for a great smoothie. Anna Lunoe has had a hell of a career this far. Collaborating with some of the biggest names in deep house, techno, nu-disco, and most recently, rap covers. She’s just wrapped up a massive tour with Bag Raiders, covered J. Cole records with AC Slater, and has records coming out on new labels, with new people, in a new game.

On a recent Tuesday, Anna is in LA working with her team on her next tour. Three days later, she’s in Denver performing to a sold out audience. Although relatively new to the scene, she looks relaxed and focused while methodically choosing each part of her eclectic set.The audience isn’t just receptive; they’re glowing. The essence of the deep house / nudisco genres is resonating between bodies, and they’re in sync. Needless to say, it’s fucking beautiful.

TMN: Talk to us about your transition from Sydney’s youth station to your current status.

AL: I was doing radio for a year or two, then I started programming music and djing. That was like a stepping-stone that was really great for me because I had to listen to a lot of promos and had to decipher what I liked and didn’t like, and my opinion was essentially what carried me through. I didn’t really have a large audience at first because I grew so organically. Obviously, I was really nervous, but worked really hard slowly build steadily.

TMN: Was there a big transition from Australia to the US?

AL: The transition wasn’t that bad! I’d been playing in America for the last few years but once I got here it kind of settled in how risky it all is. Luckily the gigs have been rolling in, I didn’t think about it at first but I’m confident with where I’m at.

TMN: You’ve now worked with Wax Motif, Touch Sensitive, Flume, and now AC Slater.

AL: Working with everyone has been really fun; everyone has pretty much been friends and every time is different. I either come in with a preconceived notion of what I want to do or go in and wing it and see what happens. When I originally brought a little sketch to Flume he bounced off that and I gave him the session. ‘I Met You’ was originally like a late 90’s Janet Jackson–esque track and he changed the whole vibe into a disco thing and then we rewrote, rehashed etc. Touch sensitive and I went in with no idea what we wanted to do, and out popped Real Talk.

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