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[Bass] Dr. KattyWompus – Whip It

Dr. KattyWhompus, a seasoned veteran in the music industry, has carved out a unique niche with his deep-seated passion for both music and visual art. With a background as a recording engineer, lighting designer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, his skill set is as expansive as it is impressive. Preferring anonymity, Dr. KattyWhompus lets his high-caliber work speak for itself. His performances at iconic events like Burning Man and various San Francisco clubs just begins to describe his story, particularly in the realms of dirty bass music and drum & bass.

His latest single, “Whip It,” shines light on his ability to blend humor and intensity seamlessly. This track originated from a creative partnership with director Andrea Tseng, whose vision aligns perfectly with his own. They drew inspiration from a wild desert party at Burning Man, amidst a dust storm, which sparked the idea for an epic HD stock footage project. The track stands out, in part, due to the cloud imagery and whip crack effects, which adds an unexpected layer of entertainment.

“Whip It” will premiere with a music video on August 11th at the Enchanted Loft, an LA micro-festival series dedicated to uplifting rising artists. The filming process was an adventure in itself, with Dr. KattyWhompus experiencing a few accidental whip cracks but remaining in character throughout. 😉 The use of smoke bombs and fog machines to create a white-out effect added to the video’s unique aesthetic, soon to be revealed.

Beyond “Whip It,” Dr. KattyWhompus’s recent track “Warm,” featuring Nataly Michelle Wright and Shaina E. on violin, showcases his songwriting chops. This release highlights his ability to constantly introduce fresh ideas while maintaining a cohesive groove. Dr. KattyWhompus’s approach and craftmanship go above and beyond the call of duty – “Whip It” is no exception.

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[Tech House] dEVOLVE x Smith & Sorren x King Kismet – Me & You

Smith & Sorren, the innovative Tech House duo, have been steadily making waves in the electronic music scene. Originating from their shared passion for pushing musical boundaries, Smith & Sorren have built a reputation for their unique sound. They have been recognized for their ability to blend deep grooves with intricate melodies, capturing the attention of both fans and critics alike.

Their latest project, “Me & You,” is a collaboration with the acclaimed dEVOLVE and King Kismet. This track is a fresh take on Cassie’s early 2000s hit, transforming it into a modern Tech House anthem. Smith & Sorren’s production skills shine through in this track, as they seamlessly integrate the classic elements of the original with their signature rhythmic beats and high energy.

“Me & You” has already made a significant impact on Beatport, debuting as a Top #3 Overall release and clinching the #1 spot in the Tech House category. The track’s momentum was further boosted when dEVOLVE premiered it on his weekly radio show “The Launch,” which airs on SiriusXM’s “Diplo’s Revolution” channel every Wednesday night.

Smith & Sorren continue to innovate and impress within the Tech House genre. Their collaboration with dEVOLVE and King Kismet on “Me & You” is yet another example of how far they’ve come and where they are going. As they move forward, Smith & Sorren are set to become key figures in the tech house world, consistently delivering tracks that both honor their roots and push the genre forward.

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[Wave] Spoken Bird – Worlds Collide

Spoken Bird has just dropped his latest single, “Worlds Collide,” a track that’s already making waves in the music community. This new release, now available on, features a seamless blend of hip-hop and R&B influences with the ethereal elements of wave music that Spoken Bird is known for. The intricate drum breaks and inventive synth patterns, laced with a touch of psychedelia, offer listeners a captivating sonic journey.

The magic of “Worlds Collide” lies not just in its production but in the story behind its creator, Alex Gonzalez, better known as Spoken Bird. Hailing from Berkeley, California, Alex’s musical adventure began in college where he was initially drawn to the decks as an electronic music DJ. The sounds of dubstep and glitch hop were his early influences. However, his quest for a deeper connection with music led him to study music theory and electronic production. This academic pursuit gave him the tools to transform his DJ sets into original productions, marking the birth of Spoken Bird.

Spoken Bird’s journey from a college DJ to a revered producer in the wave music scene is marked by numerous accolades. He has amassed over 1 million streams, with tracks like “Hold On” and “Beginnings” resonating deeply with fans. His live performances have helped build upon his story and reputation, having shared the stage with notable artists such as CharlesTheFirst, CloZee, and Phaeleh. A highlight of his career includes a memorable performance at Symbiosis Oregon Eclipse, where he played to a audience of over two thousand people.

Spoken Bird’s rise in the wave world shines light on his relentless passion and spirit. Each release, including the mesmerizing “Worlds Collide,” demonstrates his ability to push the boundaries of wave music while staying true to his artistic roots, and then some.

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[Album] SCARLET VEIL – Every Fantasy

The much-anticipated full album “Every Fantasy” by the electronic duo Scarlet Veil has been released, marking the culmination of an impressive rollout that began in December 2023. Over nearly five months, Brandi (Sodie) and Jerrod (WARLOK) captivated listeners with bi-weekly single releases, each building momentum and anticipation for this expansive collection.

The journey started with “Sunder,” setting the stage for standout tracks like “Enshaedn,” “Strings,” “Repose,” “Kraken,” “Spirit Caller,” and “Fervent Sigil.” Each track contributed a unique thread to the complex soundscape that defines “Every Fantasy,” showcasing the duo’s creative depth and narrative skill.

“Fervent Sigil,” the latest single, presents a deep, resonant bass paired with ethereal sounds, highlighting Scarlet Veil’s ability to blend cinematic elements with robust electronic rhythms. “Spirit Caller” features a moody melody and live drums, drawing listeners into a mystical realm. “Kraken” explores darker themes with an intense introduction and atmospheric synths, embodying the duo’s distinctive style.

“Enshaedn” captures the essence of Scarlet Veil’s vision, inspired by fantasy literature, while “Repose” revisits their witch house origins with a unique structure. “Strings” brings an energetic pace, pushing the boundaries of their established motifs.

Scarlet Veil’s dedication to storytelling and world-building is evident throughout “Every Fantasy,” inviting listeners to explore something truly new. This album reflects a long journey that is now immortalized forever on. Beautiful.

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[Chill] Carter Fox – Sit Back And Lift Off

Carter Fox enchants with his latest release, “Sit Back and Lift Off,” which is now out. Known for his remarkable talent and innovative approach, Fox consistently delivers music that resonates deeply with listeners. His career spans collaborations with icons like Freddie Jackson and Grammy-winning artists, and so many others, showing how far he’s come and where he is going.

Fox’s journey in music began at 15, and since then, he has built an impressive portfolio as a musician, songwriter, and producer. His solo projects have garnered global recognition, achieving millions of streams and topping charts. His recent book, “How to Effectively Release & Promote Your Music as an Independent Artist,” has been well received and a needed tool within the industry.

“Sit Back and Lift Off” is a standout track on the upcoming Lofi & Chill Vol. 3 compilation, set for release on May 3rd by Millennium Jazz Music. The track features soothing piano melodies, complemented by a harmonious blend of drums and bass. Its minimalist arrangement highlights the beauty of musical restraint, creating a warm, inviting groove perfect for relaxation and contemplation.

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[Hip-Hop/Rap] GhostThaKid – ICEMANE

In the underground rap scene, there’s a new track that’s turning heads – “ICEMANE” by GhostThaKid. This single isn’t just music; it’s a journey into a world where beats and lyrics intertwine to tell a story. GhostThaKid’s approach is raw and real, and it shines through in this latest release.

“ICEMANE” stands out for its deep exploration of emotional desensitization, a theme that many can relate to. It’s about how life’s continuous challenges can numb us. But GhostThaKid doesn’t just tell you about it; he makes you feel it with every beat and word.

The musicality in “ICEMANE” is something special. It blends melancholic, sad-type beats with haunting piano melodies, all set against a backdrop of a deep, trap-style bass. This mix is captivating – it’s like GhostThaKid is painting a picture with sounds. His voice adds to this canvas, gritty and raw, fitting perfectly with the atmospheric beats. It’s a throwback to classic rap styles but with a modern twist that keeps it fresh and exciting.

What’s cool about “ICEMANE” is how it takes you on a narrative journey. It’s more than just catchy hooks; there’s a story in each line, a glimpse into deeper themes and emotions. It’s this storytelling ability that makes the track stand out in the crowded rap scene.

Listening to “ICEMANE” is an experience. It’s not just about the lyrics or the beat; it’s about feeling the music and connecting with the emotions it conveys. GhostThaKid has a way of pulling you into his world, making you part of the story he’s telling. This track is definitely a must-listen for anyone who loves rap that’s not just heard, but felt.

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[Future Rave] Revaeon – Feels Like

The electronic dance music scene is buzzing with anticipation for Revaeon’s newest single, “Feels Like,” set to be released on December 15 by Seal Network label. This release follows his successful tracks “Flashback” and “Fell Into You,” which have already made a mark in the music industry.

Revaeon has done it again with this December 2023 release, blending different styles to create something fresh and exciting. His new track “Feels Like” combines elements of electro house and future rave, promising to be a hit among fans of electronic music. This song is expected to continue his trend of creating stand out electronic dance music with a powerful edge.

“Shine,” Revaeon’s debut track, was released under Peak Hour Music, and his subsequent release, “Breathe,” showcased his evolving sound and complex production skills. His collaboration on “Flashback” has been a significant success, with over 230,000 streams on Spotify. His music has received support from well-known artists like Matoma, Ship Wrek, Morgan Page, and coverage from major dance music outlets like We Rave You, EARMILK, and CULTR.

Revaeon’s live performances are known for their energy and diversity, blending progressive, electro, and bass house music. He has opened for artists like Haliene, Vavo, Gattüso, and Autograf, demonstrating his ability satisfy a wide-array of audience types. With “Feels Like” and more music on the way, Revaeon keeps making his mark on the scene in a positive way.

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