Let Her Go (Kygo Remix) Free Download

Boy have we got quite the lovely, uplifting electronic tune for you Ninjas today. 22 year-old Norwegian Kygo has retooled Passenger’s lovelorn, acoustic ditty “Let Her Go” into a mature and sensuous house ballad which stands miles apart from the original. Kygo’s remix begins with an almost contemporary 80’s feel à la early Genesis, riding on a hollow rim-snare kick and poppy highs before a low and lush synth is worked on top of  the entire production. Furthermore, the work done vocally – pitching them down, folding them into an airy but profoundly rooted synthesizer melody and working them in as a welcome and distinct addition to the entire fold – is just stunning, and enveloped every aspect of my senses along the 7 minute listening journey. It was high time Kygo earned his own writeup after a couple appearances on our always amazing Chill Dojo and there is no doubt that we will see this burgeoning talent once again grace the pages of TMN in the near future especially after such a captivating start. As an even brighter bonus, the remix is up for free download on Soundcloud, so please go get your listen on.

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