Happy Friday, Ninjas! Once again we’re here to bring you an arsenal of party-inducing tracks that are not only free, but all released in the past week. We have a nice mix of some up and coming producers and a few more well known acts (ahem, The Glitch Mob).

With that being said, we have an important announcement to share with you regarding Clayton’s Friday Party Playlist. Next week marks our two year anniversary of this particular playlist.. That’s right. 104 playlists will have filled you with the need to dance, and we have something special planned to celebrate. That something special is a surprise guest curator, but we’re not spilling the beans just yet.

Once we get through next week’s special guest curator though, I will be gracefully bowing out of the party playlist role and passing the reigns to one of our newest ninjas, Brooke Ferguson. As you’ve come to expect with my playlists, each week will contain at least 10 of the latest party tracks out there. We know that her desire to rage hard will radiate through all of you with each and every playlist she puts out.

One last thing before I go.


’Matt Lange – I Can’t Forgive (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix)’
’I Got It – Nicholas (Jam Master House rework) ‘
’Space Jump Salute – Under’
’Lush & Simon – Banshee (Original Mix)’
’U Take Me Home (HELENA Mashup)’
’Bombs Away vs. Adrian V, Lefty – Big Booty Buffalo (Kastra Edit)’
’Michael Jackson – Beat It (Rio Vegas & Eran Hersh Remix)’
’Eminem ft. Nate Dogg – Shake That (Moët & Ledeux Remix)’
Drop It Low (Original Mix)’
’The Glitch Mob – West Coast Rocks (2014 Mix)’
’Kicks N Licks – Lost & Found’
’Kennedy Jones – INTL (Original Mix)’
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