Oliver Heldens
Melody (StevenLee Remix)

“Melody” by Oliver Heldens got swooped up by the New Yorker Steven Lee whose name should be familiar to fans of the duo Lee Cabrera. On his own, Steven worked up a cool take of “Melody,” fusing electro and deep house for a cool club sound. Of course, you’ve gotta throw a melody in a song with that very name, and we’d fair to say that his is even more catchy than the original’s. It’s a deceivingly simple track that has subtle components that really do a lot for the song, even if they aren’t the main elements; for example, the growly pad in the chorus that hits on one. It seems as though Steven is just getting started with a big push for the top. The time has come for his next musical chapter, and this is a page in that book. It’s one you can download for no charge.

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