Living in the present is not the easiest thing to do. We tend to let all the things we need to do, the things we did, or the things we should be doing run circles in our head. Most of the time we probably end up missing out on all the cool shit that is happening right in front of us and that’s gotta change. Yeah, training our brains to embrace something new can be a difficult. So, lets start simple. Sit back, chillax and let the indie dojo soundtrack your NOW. Not your potential tomorrow, not your “in the dust” yesterday, but this minute (or 30) in time you just now became aware of. Enjoy.

’Mont Oliver – 19’
’Nathan Ball – Echo’
’LANKS – Green Light’
’Pin Tweaks – Girl On The Wire’
’The Rebel Light – Strangers’
’Wonderson Slater – The Day’
’Castanets – Out For The West”‘
’Childhood – As I Am’
’Spooky Black – dj khaled is my father (bonus) (prod. Psymun & Spookyblack) *VIDEO IN DESCRIPTION*’


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