In a little over a week, we’ll be heading out to SXSW, and one of our stops amidst the madness is the DJs For Climate Action SXSW showcase on 3/19 in Austin, Texas.

This organization has been around since 2008, using the visibility and cultural capital of DJing to raise awareness about climate change. Through year-end charitable drives, DJ4CA urges the community of touring DJs to take responsibility for their impact on the planet by raising money for the global good.

The showcase goes from 2PM – 7PM and features a solid lineup of artists, including: Mike 2600, Smalltown DJs, Sammy Bananas, Michna, and Soul Clap.

If you’re heading out to SXSW, come down and support a very worthy cause with us.

’Tema Do Canibal (Mike 2600’s Journey Into Sound)’
’Justin Martin – Buggin (Smalltown DJs & Lambo Remix) ‘
’Money Time ft. Antony & Cleopatra (Radio Mix)’
’Michna – Solid Gold (feat. MNDR)’
’Soul Clap – “So Sedated” feat. Dayonne Rollins’
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