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[House] Born Dirty & Anna Lunoe – Badass

Born Dirty & Anna Lunoe

Born Dirty and Anna Lunoe are bad asses without question. It makes sense that they’d come together for a collaboration which is just what they’ve done with “Badass” on Mad Decent. You wouldn’t necessarily think such a club banger would have been started during a pregnancy, but you’d be wrong.

After the initial start and a little hiatus, Born Dirty and Anna Lunoe came back together to finish this party starter. The liberating record simply asks for you to let your inhibitions fall by the way side so you can live it up and dance. The retro-inspired tune has everything going right for it from the grooves to the vocal to all the minor little details that might go unnoticed upon first listen. If you wanna feel “Badass” then you’re about to thanks to this record. Get your copy today.

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[House] Sleepy Tom – Pusher (ft. Anna Lunoe)

Sleepy Tom
Pusher feat. Anna Lunoe

Do you want good house music? Because this is how you get good house music. Sleepy Tom and Anna Lunoe just linked up for an absolute scorcher of a fresh original with mainstream appeal but underground attitude. With Anna providing the crystalline vocals for each verse and build up, Sleepy Tom crescendoes the track perfectly through each drop with pummeling synths and an old school edge. IF you’re looking for that dose of energy for a slow Tuesday, Pusher is just the kick in the pants you’ll need to finish up your day in a better mood and an attitude that says, “Sure, I’ll dance out of my office today.” Enjoy the tune above and get grooving!

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Anna Lunoe: Real Talk EP

Aussie’s know how to get down. Let’s start with the sexiest track on the EP titled “I Met You” featuring Flume on the beat and Anna Lunoe’s vocals that are extremely easy to fall in love with. Flume creates a summertime vibe that complements Anna incredibly well with a funky bass line and catchy melody that is easy to get lost in. The official video they did for “I Met You” features some trippy double vision video work, as you follow Anna and Flume frolicking in the forest. Real Talk is a collab with yet another Aussie. This time Anna teams up with Touch Sensitive who throws down a funky house jam with some amazing vocal splicing. The first remix on this EP is from Late Night Tuff Guy who remixes “I Met You” into disco heaven, he also released this one for free. The last track is a remix from DJ HMC delivering a very chilled out house vibe, this one is more low key but still solid. Cheers.

Anna Lunoe & Flume - I Met You
Anna Lunoe & Touch Sensitive - Real Talk
Anna Lunoe & Flume - I Met You (Late Nite Tuff Guy Disco Dub) (FREE DOWNLOAD)
Anna Lunoe & Flume - I Met You (DJ HMC Dirty House Dub)
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