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Wongo – Crunch [TMN Premiere]


“Crunch” is here and it is going to make you dance. Thanks to the good people at IN / ROTATION, we’ve got an exclusive first listen for you of Wongo‘s new single in the dojo. If you’re not ready to move your body for whatever reason, no need to fret as this will override whatever it is that is hindering you.

Wongo went all out with this, creating an extremely cathartic record that will get even the most stagnant and shy individuals up and grooving. It’s just too damn fun. The bassline is quite simple, but it’s nothing short of genius on Wongo’s part. “Crunch” is the festival track we’ve been waiting for in that it’s not the typical “hands up!” crap we tend to see. It’s just an amazing record with great energy that will get people dancing without hesitation. You’re going to want a copy of this one, which you can get from the digital store of your choosing today.

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