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[Music Video] Anabel Englund – London Headache

Anabel Englund has just launched her solo project; with skill and grace we might add. We knew she already had those qualities from her previous collaborations, so we were excited to see that she was venturing out on her own. To get things started, she dropped a single and music video through Defected Records.

“London Headache” is her debut song. Anabel is being deemed house’s pop princess, so you can imagine the style of the record. It’s deep, it’s catchy; it’s wonderful. The video? The same could be said of it. The visual portion of “London Headache” centers around Anabel in various locations, including her hotel room and a performance. If only all headaches were like this, everyone would be doing everything they could to get one. Luckily to get this one all you need to do is head over to Beatport and buy it! PS, there are remixes and an acapella you can grab too.

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