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[House] Ben Phipps – Mrs Mr ft. Lizzy Land (JackLNDN Remix)

Ben Phipps 🐘
Mrs Mr ft. Lizzy Land (JackLNDN Remix)

Ben Phipps‘ single “Mrs Mr” with Lizzy Land was a nice change of pace from the usual Summer releases. Lizzy’s powerful performance was one of the most memorable of the season and Ben’s electro-infused instrumental was grade A. Now all the components that made the song great have been flipped by JackLNDN.

As smooth as the original was, this one is even smoother with Jack’s groovy, infectious sound. He gets down with a housey take with a deeper, more modern sound than the original. Ben’s was a more a classic, Euro electro sound, whereas JackLNDN delivers his usual fresh, contemporary club sound. This is a track you’re going to want to grab a copy of, or at least add it to your Spotify playlists for Fall. If either of those are what you’re looking for, head over to the track’s platform page today.

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[Electronic] Ben Phipps – Mrs Mr feat. Lizzy Land

Ben Phipps 🐘
Mrs Mr ft. Lizzy Land

Anything by Ben Phipps is worth a listen. The same thing goes for Lizzy Land. Recently the two came together on a track that is not only worth the listen, but worth the purchase from digital stores. Their collaboration on “Mrs Mr” is an electro meets pop treat.

“Mrs Mr” brings together the more European, midtempo bass sound with a mainstream topline. The bond isn’t one you’d expect, but together it makes for a wonderful original single. It has a chill mood to it despite the bassline being somewhat dark. Lizzy contrasts that with a bright performance, something she does time and time again. All together “Mrs Mr” is an amazing single that sees Ben make his return after a few months of no releases. He’s made up for that with this gem though!

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[House] Sam F x Yntendo – All We Got feat. Lizzy Land

Sam F x Yntendo
All We Got ft. Lizzy Land

When we first heard that Sam F and Yntendo were coming together for a single, we were beyond stoked. Then, Lizzy Land hopped on board and Dim Mak signed the tune. Everything came together for what can only be described as a smash hit. Today, it’s out in full for fans to enjoy.

“All We Got” is going to be a song we come back to until the end of the year. It’s extremely catchy, from the grooving bassline to Lizzy’s extraordinary performance. If she doesn’t get picked up by more producers for collaborations, we’ll be surprised. Together, all the acts worked in tandem bringing their A game. There isn’t one single note in this song that is lacking. From beginning to end, your ears will be satisfied to a high degree. As if things couldn’t get any better, “All We Got” has been released as a free download. Don’t sleep on it.

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