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[Music Video] Protohype – Lights On Feat. Malcolm Anthony

The British poet Alfred Tennyson famously once wrote “Tis better to have loved and lost, Than never to have loved at all.” Many of us have gone through the difficult time of having lost an important relationship in our lives, whether it be with a friend, significant other or even family member. Protohype‘s single with Malcom Anthony, “Lights On” shares the sentiments of being in such a situation, but now the song has a music video to go along with it.

Within the video we see what happens when a person loses something they once loved, in particular, a significant other. From the moment it’s over, through the phase of reliving those cherished moments to the hard times of waiting for them to come back, this video covers it all. It even dives into both perspectives, to paint a real picture that will hit right at home for may viewers. Not only is it a great video, but the song is just as powerful. “Lights On” is a part of Puppy Crew, which can currently be purchased through digital stores. Lastly, Protohype and Firepower Records are currently holding a creative contest for fans to show what they leave the light on for. Submit your video via Instagram by using the hashtag #ProtohypeLightsOn.

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[Trap] TastyTreat – Wayward EP

Ever since we heard TastyTreat were releasing an EP on Buygore, we have been extremely excited. We were teased with the collaborative single, “My Crew” with Malcom Anthony, and now our fiendish appetite for more has been satisfied by the other two records.

If you didn’t catch “My Crew” when we posted it previously, don’t fret, as we have it for you below. All you need to know about that one is that it is hotter than a fevered volcano. But before you get to “My Crew” you have to go through “Ascension” which is just as hot, or even hotter. “Ascension” has some ravishing bass sounds that are going to melt your ears, and get your body grooving. It’s not just a banger, it’s a dance-able hit record that has immense depth and energy. To close the EP, TastyTreat delivered their collaboration with YLTI and Gino Diggs called “Struggle.” The only struggle you’ll enter into with this one is trying not to throw this one on repeat. Hip-Hop is an influence that the duo has in their tracks, but here they were able to go full hip-hop and smash it. The Wayward EP is more than we even hoped for, and we hope it satisfies you as much as it did us. If it did, head on over to Beatport for a copy.

’TastyTreat – Ascension’
’TastyTreat – My Crew Ft. Malcolm Anthony’
’TastyTreat – Struggle Ft. Gino Driggs & YLTI’
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[Trap] TastyTreat – My Crew Feat. Malcolm Anthony

My Crew Ft. Malcolm Anthony

Twerk music is one of our guilty pleasures here at Music Ninja. Recently, our friends over at Buygore put out a record called “My Crew” that fits that booty-shaking sound. We knew it was going to be a doozy when we saw it was by TastyTreat featuring Malcom Anthony. After having a listen, we weren’t disappointed.

In fact, it was even better than we imagined. “My Crew” is a hands-down party anthem. There is no way around it. It’s perfect mix of hip-hop meets electronic is undeniable and its energy is off the charts. Twerk’s prime time has passed, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t gems like this one coming out, blowing away the competition. With this single, TastyTreat has everyone on their seats and ready for their upcoming EP, Wayward, that is dropping May 20th. If the rest of the songs are this good, then TastyTreat may be putting out one of the biggest projects of the year. Until then, stream “My Crew” and head over to iTunes to wait impatiently for the rest of the EP.

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