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FOMO – My Love (feat. Aybe) [TMN Premiere]

My Love (feat. Aybe) (Original Mix)

Today is Valentine’s Day if the mass amount of advertising didn’t make you aware already. To honor this holiday we’ve partnered up with Warpaint RecordsFOMO to premiere the single “My Love” with Aybe. Share it with your loved one while you celebrate today. More importantly, take it with you in the future to help show your love on any given day.

“My Love” is an inspiring tune if you don’t happen to fall in the category of people with a significant other. After going through a break-up himself, FOMO ended up finding love again and created this song as a token of gratitude to the realization that there is indeed a soul out there meant for you. Besides being a deeply emotional song, it’s a really amazing tune even if you’re just looking to dance. FOMO and Aybe make quite the pair and we’re glad they came together on this special song. Download it today for free.

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[Pop] Trudy- All My Love

All My Love

Leeds’ most romantic outfit Trudy is running with their new single ‘All My Love.’ Full of hopeless lyrics written by the boys whist crying, Producer Tarek Musa of Spring King joined these bunch drunks in molding their enchanting product. Vocalist Oliver Taylor skates across his glassy guitars as we sway back and forth to the beat. The throwback vibe feels so refreshing. A cover of the Beach Boys single Help Me Rhonda is their only other release (video is a must-watch) to date. This record will stir the pot for a while, but we’re expecting more to eat soon. For all news, offers, and first calls be sure to join their Mailing List.

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