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[Hip-Hop] Noah North – WASSUP (prod. by Paul Couture)

Noah North
WASSUP (prod. by Paul Couture)

If you’re in need of some good hip-hop, you’ve come to the right post. Noah North comes in to satisfy your craving with his new single “WASSUP” produced by Paul Couture. Paul is a familiar face around the dojo, but who he comes with this time is soon to be all the same.

Usually I’m not a huge fan of this style of rap, but Noah North came in so hot we couldn’t even deny it. “WASSUP” is a laid-back heater that may take you by surprise as it did us. It’s catchy in its own unique way, embedding itself into your mind until you’re singing the lyrics without even having the track playing. Litt Music released this track as a free download, so there’s really no reason for you to miss out on it.

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[Pop] Xavier White – A Wonder

Xavier White
A Wonder (prod. by Paul Couture)

“A Wonder” sees one of our favorite R&B artists in Xavier White teaming up with Paul Couture yet again for another solid single. This one comes to us through the imprint Lush Records who has backed both of these artist’s work several times before. These three parties are a match made in music heaven.

Usually we get a very edgy, hip-hop meets R&B sound from Xavier. This time around, he brightens things up with a bit of a more pop-centric tone. Wavy and light, “A Wonder” shows a new side to both artists involved, giving us a glimpse of where their sounds can go. We’ve said this many times before and we’ll continue to say it: keep your eyes and ears on Xavier. We can’t stress enough that he’s got what it takes to go to the top.

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[Music Video] Xavier White x Paul Couture – Bad Blood

One of my personal favorite R&B tracks from this year is “Bad Blood.” Xavier White and Paul Couture dropped this one back in July, and now they have a music video to supplement the song.

We thought things couldn’t get any better, but they do. It only fits that one of the dopest songs gets one of the dopest music videos. From the song and video, there’s certainly some influence from Drake in it, which isn’t a bad thing in this case. Xavier keeps cool with his own unique style and sound, that’s much darker than his mainstream counterpart. One of the things that the song had that really was interesting was its slow-motion feel; which is expressed to a tee in the video. All around, this is kick ass. If you haven’t grabbed the free download yet, do it.

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[R&B] Xavier White X Paul Couture – Life For You

Xavier White X Paul Couture
Life For You

Xavier White and Paul Couture make quite the pair. Their previous collaboration on “Bad Blood” was one of our favorite R&B tracks of the Summer, and now they’re back with another single together. This time it’s “Life For You” that has been released as a free download on Lush Records.

“Life For You” has more of a robust sound than their last song together. What’s interesting about “Life For You” is that it’s structured like a dance record, with the ebb & flow of the build, drop and breaks, but Xavier sings throughout and remains the centerpiece of the record. It’s the perfect mixture of several styles, from R&B, to soul, to trap and beyond. Paul Couture hit another home run with his production work on the single. We haven’t been disappointed one bit with these two, and we hope to hear more work from them again in the near future! They’re truly something special, and they’re on the cusp of really going somewhere with their music. Stream their newest single, and don’t forget to download it for free!

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[R&B/Soul] Xavier White X Paul Couture – Bad Blood

Xavier White X Paul Couture
Bad Blood

Lush Records just came out with with a huge new single from Xavier White and Paul Couture. Their work on “Bad Blood” is just what the crossover R&B style needs at this moment in time. Nothing is watered down, and we get a real work of art from some talented individuals.

“Bad Blood” meets in the middle of a crossroad between R&B, soul and trap. Instead of watering down each element and creating something that doesn’t identify as unique, Xavier and Paul worked to have their single stand out. From the get-go, the piano chords grab your attention, and things only get more enticing as the song moves forward. Paul’s work on the instrumental is as good as it gets. That leaves us with Xavier’s vocal. The same can be said for his performance. His voice encroaches on perfection for this type of song, and he even flexes his pipes towards the end showing just where he can take things. “Bad Blood” is the one song you need today. Great thing is, it’s out now as a free download.

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