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[Music Video] Taylor Grey – MIAMI ft. Spencer Kane

Taylor Grey is making all the right moves. The Northern Californian is only gaining speed with each step she takes to the top of the music industry. Her latest comes in the form of a music video for her single “MIAMI” with Spencer Kane.

As we said before, the future pop song is a guilty pleasure of ours. Now instead of simply listening, we can catch Taylor and Spencer in visual form performing the song. Some background dancers and the setting of a bad ass house make this one visually appealing. It’s shots are quite minimal, but each scene strikes the eyes in a different pleasureful way. If you haven’t copped the single yet, do so on iTunes.

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[Pop] Taylor Grey – Space Case LP

We’ve been following Taylor Grey for a bit now and she hasn’t disappointed us even the slightest yet. In fact, she keeps surprising us, with the biggest surprise being the creation of a full fledged album. Space Case is that album and it is packed with a dozen of her singles, including the previously released “Never Woulda Letcha.”

Space Case isn’t your average pop album. With it Taylor takes listeners to different sonic arenas, showcasing an edge of diversity that not all pop artists can or do express in their music. One thing that plays well in this project is the electronic crossover sound that tracks like “Miami” and “Don’t Wanna Wake Up” have. Overall it’s a fun project that anyone can enjoy, whether you like pop or electronic music. It’s got just the right amount of both, a balance that may take Taylor to the top very soon.

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[Future Bass] Taylor Grey – MIAMI feat. Spencer Kane

Taylor Grey
MIAMI ft. Spencer Kane

The young pop prodigy Taylor Grey is back with another single, this time bringing in a bit of a different style from her previous release. This time around Taylor brings a friend to the party, Spencer Kane. Together these two do a modern duet on the future pop single “MIAMI.”

“MIAMI” has the vibe you may expect: fun, light-hearted and party-ready. Summer is almost here and Taylor is ushering it in with a smash hit that has become our favorite song of hers. It’s still got her usual pop flair, but the dance music elements can’t be denied. This could have been a dance track on its own, but with Taylor spear-heading the project, the accessibility of this grows tremendously. It’s one of those tracks that anybody can enjoy, even if someone says they don’t like electronic music.

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[Music Video] Taylor Grey – Never Woulda Letcha

Stanford University’s Taylor Grey is looking to take over pop music. As if finishing school at one of the country’s most prestigious schools wasn’t hard enough, she’s aiming high in an industry that’s anything but easy. The thing is, she’s on track to accomplish both her girls.

Recently she came out with her music video for the single “Never Woulda Letcha” that is directed by the award winning Sarah Mclogan. Before we get to the video, we’ll touch base on the song whose pop/electronic hybrid style has unlimited potential in today’s music landscape. The laidback, melodic sound is just what fans are looking to hear in sets, as well as on the radio. With the video, we see Taylor star across Sean O’Donnell of Unbroken. We get to see into the life behind the lyrics, a relationship between two people that is up in the air. It’s an emotional song with a simply striking video. Check it out today and head over to iTunes for a copy of the single.

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