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[Trap] SAYMYNAME – Drop It

Drop It

At The Music Ninja, we LOVE Fridays. Not only does it mean we get to relax, have fun and sleep in, but most importantly, it means new music. This is also why Friday is one of the hardest days for us. With so many incredible releases, it’s quite difficult for us to tackle all of those newfound singles in one day. That’s why today we are going to share one of our favorite Friday finds from hard trap pioneer SAYMYNAME titled “Drop It.”

The Los Angeles-based producer had us on the edge of our seats with his blood-pumping single. Bass lovers around the world are bound to fall head over heels for the original’s dirty demeanor. The excitement doesn’t just end with the release though. “Drop It” comes with the exciting news of SAYMYNAME’s recent announcement of his US What’s My Name Tour. Make sure to snag a ticket while you can here. We can only say that this tour is one you won’t want to miss, and his latest single is a perfect reason why.

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[House] JRabbit – Give It To Me

Give It To Me

Moving away from his dubstep roots, JRabbit brings us something in the house realm through Thrive Music. “Give It To Me” has the producer bringing his quality sound design to more club-style music. It’s a little on the aggressive side as far as deep/tech goes, but it certainly pulls influence from those sounds. Things start off very upbeat, with a chopped vocal and piano stabs leading the way to the breakdown, where the build subsequently takes over. Eventually, we reach the point of no return and a hard bass pounds away through the speaker, creating a groove that you’d be hard pressed not to move to. We hope to hear more tunes like this from the Cali producer who has already had a lot of success in the bass game.

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