[Vibes] SG Lewis – Shivers (Delusion Remix)

SG Lewis
Shivers (Delusion Remix)

German producer Delusion is making waves with his latest remix of SG Lewis‘ “Shivers”. Talk about vibes – he spices up the original tune with a dance outfit and absolutely crushes it. The soothing vocals go perfectly well with the muted synth melody, while adding character to the soulful atmosphere. It’s a song you can easily jam out or relax to at the same time. The suspenseful buildup towards the middle is another highlight of the track, and it definitely shows how versatile his style can be.

We simply can’t wait for more music from Delusion. Give the track a listen and vibe away with us.

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[Future] Pham – Movements feat. Yung Fusion (Delusion Remix)

Movements feat. Yung Fusion (Delusion Remix)

Here’s a tune to help get through your Wednesday struggles. Delusion fused soulful keys with Yung Fusion‘s rap verse, resulting in a remix of Pham‘s “Movements” that perfectly showcases the producer’s sound. The tune gets kicked up a notch at the beat drop, which has a subtle house beat that’s mixed in with distorted synth. The intricate drums and masterful sampling skills are barely scratching the surface of what the young producer can do. It goes to show that dance music is not exclusive to big room, but also to chill vibes and other “lighter” music.

We are very impressed by this release by Delusion. Make sure to tune in as we’re expecting more music coming your way.

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Viceroy (ft. K. Flay) – Back At The Start (Delusion Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Back At The Start (Delusion Remix)

We’re no stranger to Viceroy and his newest K. Flay assisted hit, “Back At The Start.” Today, however, we’re excited to show you a fairly fresh face that flipped the tune on its head into a smooth and futuristic groove. Delusion has remixed Oh Wonder and Odesza previously, which are equally as gorgeous and silky, so he isn’t afraid to tackle prime source material. This new endeavor knocks with purpose, but is balanced out by a softer side that sets itself apart from the original in the best way possible. It’s as strong as it is seductive, and every element across the song’s spectrum is dutifully placed with purpose and poise. Delusion has commanded his sound within only a few tracks, so there’s no telling how far he’ll be able to go. Give yourself a much needed break before the weekend hits with this stunning remix by Delusion, and be ready to hear his name around much more often.

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[Electronic] Oh Wonder – Body Gold (Delusion Remix)

Oh Wonder
Body Gold (Delusion Remix)

When this stunning remix begins, you stop for a second…is this Adventure Club? Possibly Odesza?


It is the young and beyond impressive producer Delusion who continues to blow us away with his sultry remixes. His latest twist on Oh Wonder’s ‘Body Gold’ is everything we expect from him and then some. Adding some slow electronic melodies mixed with soft tone of the vocals, this remix allows us to get lost in the beat and the words. It is a song about finding that special someone, who makes you see things you have never seen before, you makes you feel bigger than you have ever felt, you allows you to wear the rose colored glasses and know it is all real. Delusion just adds to that feeling, he helps us embrace the love in this song and makes us want to find that person who will paint our body and mind with gold.

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[Electronic] Odesza – Say My Name (Delusion Remix)

Say My Name (Delusion Remix)

So many Odesza remixes, so little time to listen to them all.
But there are a few that stick out, that catch your ears from the first beat, and do justice to an already captivating song.
Delusion is one said artist, putting his personal spin on Odesza’s ‘Say My Name’, the young German artist reminds reminds us of Flume. Delusion puts a twist on this song by adding vocal renditions higher and lower than the original, a repetitive electronic section of intense beats, and an overall mix of sounds that put a cherry on top of this song. Delusion is a newer artist but shows us with this remix that he is here to put his mark on music.

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