[TMN Resident Artist] Le Castle Vania and his Top 5 Songs

It is almost September, hard to believe how fast summer has flown by and how much good music TMN has been listening to. Before we let Le Castle Vania go, we had to ask him about his five favorite songs right now, and boy, did he pick some great ones. Throw each of these into a playlist, sit back and reminisce about all things summer.

Knife Party – Resistance
Dyro – Sounds Like
I Am Legion – Choosing For You (Nightwatch Remix)
Oliver – Fast Forward
Nero – Satisfy
’Knife Party – Resistance’
’Dyro – Sounds Like’
’I Am Legion – Choosing For You (Nightwatch Remix)’
’Oliver – Fast Forward’
’Nero – Satisfy’
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[TMN Resident Artist Interview] Le Castle Vania on Atlanta, his label, and the possibility of wearing a cape on stage

On a sunny afternoon last week we got to sit down with our resident artist Le Castle Vania and talk to him about all things music and much more.

TMN: First off, Dylan, thank you so much for being our Resident Artist this month!

LCV: Thank you guys for having me.

TMN: Now let’s rewind to the beginning, I’m talking about before there was even a Le Castle to be heard of, back to when you were just a little guy. Did you come from a household where music was present? Were you involved in any musical activities such as piano lessons or being in a choir when you were young?

LCV: No, I actually didn’t really start getting involved in music until I was about 16. Really there were no musicians in my house, I mean we enjoyed music but I just kind of started liking music more and more and tinkering with it when I was 16. The first instrument I got was drums, so played those for a while but then started messing with electronic music and started messing with midi-gear before I had a computer. Over time, learning to DJ, I enjoyed electronic music more and more, and experimenting with how to create it that is how I grew into my music. It was all very natural and self-taught, years of doing it and meeting other people and trading production secrets with one another, that’s really where it all comes from. Surrounding yourself with talented people and learning from one another.

TMN: I think a lot of kids really grasp the idea of music and liking bands when they reach middle school and high school, can you remember who you were listening to back then and why you liked those particular people and/or groups?

LCV: Smashing Pumpkins and Nine Inch Nails, it was an interesting time to because that is when bands who were big at that time were starting to experiment with electronic elements. Like Smashing Pumpkins had that one whole album where they used drum machines. I was also into stuff like the Prodigy and The Crystal Method. Electronic music was pretty new in the United States, everyone called it ‘techno’ (laughs). Any way I became interested and inspired by the freshness of those sounds.

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Le Castle Vania
Nobody Gets Out Alive Part II

Holy shit, ninjas. It seems like just yesterday we were welcoming in our Resident Artist for May, casually talking about the sunny summer months that lied ahead. Well, as it seems to go every year, summer is passing us by without so much as a glance, and will soon leave us wondering why the hell it’s already so cold out.

As we look into the final weeks of summer, it’s important to remember two things. One, there are still a few weeks left for your warm-weather debauchery. Two, Le Castle Vania is going to close it out like it’s nobody’s business.

Few artists can electrify a stage, bringing endless energy, showcasing what is ultimately a culmination of years of experience. This Hotlanta-based recording artist, DJ, and label owner does so with ease, bringing hard, relentless, and unforgiving electro styles that have a rock-infused edge to them. With an original sound founded in razor sharp synths and driving basslines, this storied artist has carried through years of an evolving scene, always maintaining a unique presence and a defined sound.

Starting back in ’06, LCV was asked to remix “Black Eyes,” his fellow ATL-musician kin Snowden’s track. After tagging the name Le Castle Vania in association to the remix, the name once associated with the 1986 video game was about to have an entirely new identity associated with it. Fast forward to just a few months ago, the world was left wide eyed and ready to dance as he dropped his debut EP, Phrophication, on deadmau5‘ mau5trap label. With that in the rearview mirror, LCV’s fanbase had only a quick window to catch their breath, as Feels Like Fire came out a few short months later.

Hitting a lengthy stride, Dylan Eiland, seems to be charging ahead with no intention of letting his foot off the gas. We couldn’t be more excited to be showcasing him all month long during this thrilling time in his career. Stay tuned with us all month long as we feature everything that is Le Castle Vania.

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[Funky] Cee-Lo – Fuck You (Le Castle Vania Remix)

No, I wont force you to listen to one of those overly saturated “electro” version of Cee-lo’s Fuck you mash ups that just doesn’t make sense. Not every single song needs to have an upbeat crazy bassline in order to shine at the dancefloor. This is where Le Castle Vania comes in. DJ Dylan Eiland aka Le Castle Vania just dropped a sexy disco funk dress that comfortably wraps around the tracks original curves, producing a much provocative remix ready to experience the nightlife.

Cee-Lo – Fuck You (Le Castle Vania Remix)

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