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[Big Room/Electro] Ryan Otter – The Rocking Asian Girlfriends (TRAG)

Ryan Otter
The Rocking Asian Girlfriends

Up and comer Ryan Otter delivers a fiery big room electro house banger with TRAG (The Rocking Asian Girlfriends). Reminiscent of acts like Swanky Tunes and Dyro, Ryan Otter has proved with this tune that he can run with the biggest.

Euphoric big room progressive melodies give way to a simple yet incredibly catchy bass hook that is sure to get peaktime crowds moving. Ryan’s past work includes collabs with DJ Carnage and The Cataracs and with an already impressive portfolio, Otter is one act to keep your eyes on.

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[House] Equal ft. Gary Jules – Lost In The Evening (Follow Me Remix)

Equal ft. Gary Jules
Lost In The Evening (Follow Me Remix)

If you have readily visited our site over the past year then you should be well aware that with each and every one of their subsequent releases, we here at TMN have become increasingly fond of the group known as Follow Me. When it comes to deep, sensual house music that makes you weak in the knees with nostalgia, very few can shake a stick at the Brooklyn duo. Their tropical flavored synths and pads translate into something much deeper than just another collection of harmonic sound waves. Their creations are emotive, hypnotic, and sophisticated. Their latest rendition, a remix of Equal‘s ‘Lost In The Evening’, dabbles at the interface of disco and house; transforming the original into a dazzling piece of art that will have you instantly bobbing your head in approval. As usual, the Brooklyn boys are giving this gem out for free so make sure to grab the free download and show them your gratitude by giving them a like on Facebook here! Enjoy.


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[Money] Johnny Stimson – Daddy’s Money (Follow Me Remix)

Johnny Stimson
Daddy's Money (Follow Me Remix)

Just a couple weeks ago, we featured a massive two hour mix from our friends Follow Me and today it is our pleasure to bring yet another amazing project from the Brooklyn duo. Remixing Johnny Stimson‘s ‘Daddy’s Money’, Follow Me ditch the chilled out vibes of their latest mixtape and revert to their 80’s influenced roots. Supporting Johnny’s vocals with dazzling synths and just the right amount of flair, Follow Me’s remix is pure gold. Grab the free download and make sure to give Follow Me a heart over on Hype Machine. Enjoy.

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[Summer Nostalgia] Follow Me – Sophomore Year Mix

Follow Me
Sophomore Year Mix

As we transition back to school and work, Follow Me, the kings of sensual deep house and nu disco, are back again with their “Sophomore Year Mix” to help make the transition a bit smoother. Follow Me‘s “Sophomore Mix” features a wide array of unreleased records and remixes from the duo alongside some of their favorite deep cuts from the past few months. Stream the mix below. Enjoy!

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[TMN Premiere] Follow Me – Somethin’ Bout You (Inner Worlds Remix)

Follow Me
Somethin' Bout You (inner worlds Remix)

For the past few months, TMN favorites, Follow Me have been basking in the glory of their debut single “Somethin’ Bout You” and the slew of top-notch remixes that have followed. Today, it is our pleasure to premiere the final remix of their single from none other than the Brooklyn duo’s close friend, Inner Worlds. Supporting the original vocal sample with a lush background of dreamy, swelling synths, Inner World’s rather eclectic remix spins the original in a completely different direction. Pulling from a myriad of genres, Inner World’s rendition is nearly impossible to classify but still manages to make one thing evidently clear, his music and creative vision know no bounds. Grab the free download, this tune is a must have. Enjoy.

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[Smooth] Follow Me – Somethin’ Bout You (Satin Jackets Remix)

Follow Me
Somethin' Bout You (Satin Jackets Remix)

If you’re familiar with our Chill Dojo then you should know that the thought of combining TMN favorites Follow Me and Satin Jackets on one record may just be the best thing to happen since sliced bread. Satin Jackets, who have garnered acclaim for their dreamy fusion of deep and disco house have given their dazzling spin on Follow Me’s sensual original, “Somethin’ Bout You”. Slowing the BPM of the original to inject their own fanciful melodies and 80’s flair, Satin Jackets breathe life into the Brooklyn duo’s stellar tune. Stream the track and make sure to grab the free download as well! Enjoy.

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[Deep House] RÜFÜS – Take Me (Original Mix)

Take Me

Since the release of their self-titled EP in 2011, Australian indie dance number, RÜFÜS, has gained quite a bit of attention as the trio has continued to expertly hone their craft. Combining live instrumentation with effervescent pop melodies and electronic undertones, RÜFÜS has continually demonstrated that producing infectious dance tunes has practically become second nature. Their latest release, “Take Me”, is the first single off of their forthcoming album ATLAS which is set to drop sometime mid 2013. Take Me, a quintessential fusion of deep and tropical house, layers wistful vocals over a combination of shimmery melodies and resonant bass. If you aren’t longing for summer yet, this track will undoubtedly change your mind. Enjoy.


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