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[Moombahton] La’Reda – Boombox ft. Ava Ali (Original Mix)

Summertime Bikini Dropper indeed! That is the only description under this Moombah banger’s Soundcloud page, and I agree that is all that is necessary. For those that are new to La’Reda, this duo, comprised of Brion Topolski & Nathan Barbour, are two electro house producers that are on a ridiculous spree of summer bangers. La’Reda has a good mix of electro sounds and underlying grooves that is the Latin-inspired moombah tone. Plus Ava Ali‘s vocals are a great subtle addition reminiscent of Yo-Landi Vi$$er vocals in Die Antwoord. Included below is another stellar track from La’Reda this summer, “Synthasorus Rex,” which, as you might’ve guessed, is heavy on the synth, blending smoothly as it moves from a fast pace progressive intro into a moombah drum style beat.

’LaReda – BoomBox Ft. Ava Ali (Original Mix)’
’LaReda – Synthasorus Rex’
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[Disco House] Shelby Grey – Wild Youth (Moonchild Remix)

Moonchild has to be one of my favorite and consistent Disco House acts. I love the beats and style Moonchild offers. His remix of Wild Youth is very calming and upbeat at the same time. I love those horn shots! This is just a great Disco House track, If you were to get into Disco House, this track would be a great start. Goldroom also delivers his stellar remix below as well!  Listen. LOVE <3 Enjoy!

’Shelby Grey – Wild Youth (Moonchild Remix) (Holographic People)’
’Shelby Grey – Wild Youth (Goldroom Remix)’
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[Moombahcore] Autoerotique – WTF (Bring The Noise Remix)

Summertime is the perfect time for some Moombahton. But sometimes as your splendid Summer shindig moves into the twilight and further into the star speckled night time, you want to turn up the ‘rage’ and really get your party-goer’s jumpin’! That is where this ‘Bring The Noise‘ remix of Autoerotique’s WTF comes in. Spicing up the original moomba beat with some added bass and glitch effects! Guaranteed floor filla!

’Autoerotique – WTF (Bring The Noise Remix)’
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[Name That Track] Michael Woods – Independence (Original Mix)

Listen up, we have exciting news… The guys over at Michael Woods are giving you, the fans, the chance to name Michael’s next track, not only that but Michael is giving the track away free to celebrate the 4th July in the US! So how do you get involved? It’s simple, listen to the preview of This new track, think up a good name and write it in the comments section of this Facebook note: On Monday they will select five runners up and then it’s back over to you guys to vote for the final winner…there are a whole host of goodies up for grabs for one lucky winner and the five runners up…what you waiting for??

’Michael Woods – IndepenDANCE’
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[Seriously Funky] The Beatles x Carlos Santana x Griz x Gramatik – Don’t Let Me Change (Ego Mashup)

DJ Ego calls this new tune a Mash-up, but the truth is that the track is a piece of turntablism similar to C2C or The X-Ecutioners. Really a fabulous track. Really, this track is a mash-up with a mash-up, Ego using Gramatik’s  Beatle’s mash of ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ (listen below). The addition of Griz + Santana is pure funkadelic genius!

’Dont Let Me Change (Ego Mashup) – The Beatles x Carlos Santana x Griz x Gramatik’
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Teen Daze – Brooklyn Sunburn (Lushlife Remix)

This track stirs sunshine to dirty analog and nostalgia. The original artist, ‘Teen Daze’ whom I had the pleasure to see live recently, has a chill yet upbeat synth-pop sound, and the multi-talented Philly rapper, Lushlife provides a mix that really takes the ‘summery’ sound of the original, and adds just enough of a ‘dirty’ or sound to really encapsulate the idea of a hot summer day in the heart of the concrete jungle.

’Teen Daze, Brooklyn Sunburn (Lushlife Remix)’
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