Together (Beckwith Remix Extended Mix)

Swedish duo Cazzette certainly needs no introduction around these pages. The pair, who helped shape the current landscape of what we’ve grown to know as EDM over the years, first landed on TMN all the way back in 2011 (be forewarned, our writing and genre tagging has become much more desirable in the last 4 years), and most recently touched down last month with an alternate glimpse of their deeper and proper house production prowess on “Together” (a much more solid read, trust us). It didn’t take long for the savory remix package to trickle out either as NYC House slayer Beckwith has warped “Together” beautifully to fit into his refined aesthetic. Beckwith ditches Cazzette’s original major-key tonality, instead bending their original fist-pumping stems around a lucid take on club-house sonority and fleeting sub-bass for a darker, more melodic alternative to Cazzette’s. Not to forget, Beckwith’s exquisitely haunting and wobbly break works wonders inside of the original. Needless to say, we’ve been busily devouring this one since first listen and it was high time we shared that addiction with our readers as well. Stream Beckwith’s “Together” remix above.

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