Now that Miami Music Week is over and we’ve had time to recover, we’re back in (somewhat) full swing. This week may have been tough for many, whether it’s because of midterms, recovering, or whatever else you got yourself into, but now it is the weekend. It’s time to relax, or even better: start the party again! This week we were feeling a bit edgy, so we collected some darker and heavier tunes than usual. This doesn’t mean we didn’t give you some lighter party tunes to groove to. This week we have work from dEVOLVE, Parker, Ducky, HAEZER, Crankdat and MUST DIE!, as well as collaborations between Havok Roth x LEViT∆TE and Walshy Fire x Bad Royale x DJ Puffy. That’s not all, as there are a few more singles yet to be mentioned as well as a mix from Aston Shuffle to close things out and give you that extra bit of music you need. Lastly, don’t forget to #danceirresponsible while you’re out tonight!

’Monsters On The Horizon – Whirlpool’
’SLDE (dEVOLVE Remix)’
’Parker – Soup’
’Havok Roth & LEViT∆TE – Burial Grounds’
’Ultimate Rejects – Full Extreme (Walshy Fire x Bad Royale x DJ Puffy Remix)’
’Ducky – I Can Do It Myself’
’Virtual Riot – In My Head feat. PRXZM (Jack Squire Remix)’
’Counterstrike – Missing Channel(HAEZER remix)’
’Mija – Secrets (Crankdat Remix) ⚙’
’MUST DIE! – Tactics’
’Jackal – Gunshot ft Jammin (AFK Remix)’
’GLD – armz_’
’Aston Shuffle – March 2017’
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