[Indie Folk] Simone Felice – War Movie

Make no mistake, autumn is in the air. As summer comes to a close and the sun loses some of his lasting light and warmth, there are those music fans who lean toward mood-matching music. While some cling to that wild-and-free feeling that lingers toward season’s end, colder and darker days encourage some of us to become less energetic and more low-key, introspective. For those of you who can relate to this feeling of winding down, lend a listen to a track called “War Movie” by former Felice Brothers drummer, Simone Felice. His solo project will grab you by the ears, and its story will make you pause and even think for some time, and its mellow mood matches the lyrical meanderings about the war-like elements of life. You owe it to yourself to hear Felice out.

Simone Felice
War Movie

You can hear more from Simone Felice if you check out his earlier material with The Felice Brothers, his current band endeavors with The Duke and The King, or you can follow his new solo work (of which includes “War Movie”) when he releases New York Times: a digital EP set to release October 22nd via Reveal Records.

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[Hip-Hop] Kreayshawn – Like It or Love It (ft. Kid Cudi)

This morning  Kreayshawn let loose likely the most anticipated collaboration from her upcoming album featuring Cleveland’s lonely stoner, Kid Cudi. In a recent interview, Kreay described this as a “punk inspired” cut on which Cudi provided guitar riffs and the two artists worked together to produce the right sound. The result actually does carry a punk vibe with an instrumental driven mostly by heavy drums and erratic delivery from both emcees often associated with the genre. Cudder assists on the instruments and vocals of the chorus as well as delivering a verse with his always unconventional, introspective bars omitting the aura of a rock star.

Stream the creative “Like It or Love It” below and look out for Kreayshawns, Something About Kreay, due out on September 18th as well as Kid Cudi’s features on G.O.O.D. Music’s Cruel Summer, which officially drops the same day.

Like It or Love It (ft. Kid Cudi)
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[Preview] Avicii – Tim (Unreleased)

Avicii has done it again, not straying away from his classic style of production. This preview features some very uplifting chords, to create yet another infectious melody. This track has yet to have a confirmed name but rumored to be called “Tim”. Definitely sounds like some of his older productions, and the was the Avicii we all fell in love with so enjoy. We will be all over this full release so stay tuned. Best of all this short preview is free! Cheers.

Tim (Unreleased)
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[Progressive House] Avicii – Last Dance (Instrumental Mix)

Yet again Swedish wunderkind Avicii a.k.a Tim Bergling unleashes his signature feel-good, 128-BPM big room sound with “Last Dance” (Instrumental Mix), and it certainly delivers. As one of the unofficial global ambassadors of the exploding EDM scene he displays a little more versatility by incorporating an insanely catchy whistle lead, something that shows his allegiance to deep house yet willingness to push his own musical confines. After the aural assault that was “Levels” it is a relief to hear something new and exciting from this guy. Buy the song on Beatport today.

Avicii - Last Dance (Instrumental Mix)
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[MASSIVE] Crystal Castles – BAPTISM (Sound Remedy Remix)

Sound Remedy is becoming the new dance nomad, and while Bassnectar strongly holds that title, it is clear this Los Angeles producer has evolved with every single release. It is almost unprecedented the musical growth Sound Remedy has achieved since his very first release and today he teases the world with another experiment. Trap music is becoming a controversial genre, like most new sounds, attracting a lot of criticism from all sides of the spectrum. And yet every day it is finding strength from well known producers (Dillon Francis, Diplo, Bassnectar). Sound Remedy takes the thrilling melodic note progression from “Baptism” by Crystal Castle and layeres it with seductive bassline that is sure to convert many non-believers. Packing enough swagg (a term I am trying to not use often) he delivers another amazing remix.

Crystal Castles
BAPTISM (Sound Remedy Remix)
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[NEW] Lapalux – The Hours

British producer Stuart Howard, AKA Lapalux, cooks up a chill, yet hypnotic track flushed with a kaleidoscope of well-layered synths, vocal samples, bits of sax and piano, and other little goodies. All the various elements in “The Hours” charge in at a growing pace with heat, only to slowly cool down and retract themselves again, simulating an intensely ear-pleasing ebb and flow.

Lapalux’s forthcoming EP, Some Other Time, drops October 16th via the Flying Lotus-created label Brainfeeder. Though “The Hours” will not be on it, it’s certainly an excellent preview of what’s to come, so snag the free download below!

The Hours
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Reflections – Prelude (Michael Woods Edit) [Preview]

We have come to associate Michael Woods with huge big room anthems with his brilliant use of strings. From his energetic remixes of “Balance” by Sem Thomasson & Siage and “Diamond Rings” by Jed Harper, Dzeko & Torres to many of his originals (most recently “We’ve Only Just Begun”. Today Mr Woods returns with Diffused Music releasing an edit of Reflections‘ “Prelude”. From the well crafted leads and the big breakdowns, Michael Woods continues to have a strong showing this year in the dance scene and there is no sign the UK producer is slowing down.

Prelude (Michael Woods Edit)

“Prelude” Release date will be Friday 14th September on Diffused Music

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