[Chill/Pop] Roosevelt – Small Hours (John Martyn Cover)

Small Hours

Cologne upstart Roosevelt has been a blip on our ambitious radar for over a year, notably behind this writer’s favorite EP of 2013 Elliot, but today he’s peeled back yet another layer of production prowess, offering a smooth cover of John Martyn’s 1977 classic “Small Hours” which begs the attention of an entire blogosphere. Roosevelt cuts the original running time down significantly, routing his cover with a syrupy sweet downtempo melody and a focus on perhaps one of the most beautiful chorus line we’ve consumed in eons. “Keep on Lovin’ while your love is strong/Keep on lovin’ til your love is gone…away” may be simplistic on paper, but such a highly emotive vocal sang by Roosevelt stirred our pot in the perfect direction and adds an entire new dimension of depth to the ambient original. “Small Hours” is being pushed as a single on Joe Goddard’s tastemaking imprint Greco-Roman, and judging by the fact that we adore most anything from their camp, we were plenty excited that they were the genius music minds behind its release. So stream Roosevelt’s cover of “Small Hours” above, slink back somewhere comfy and let this absolutely gorgeous tune point you in the right direction.

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TMN Talks Cyborgs, Hall and Oates and Daft Punk with El Ten Eleven [TMN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

El Ten Eleven
Nova Scotia

ETE - 12.14.13 - EL REY - DEBI DEL GRANDE - LA RECORD 1Over the years, we’ve come to learn that there are two types of interviews. One interview is very cut and dry, making sure to stick to all the necessary press points set out by a publicist or label. The other is completely non-conforming conversation that goes every which way except for what you planned. The latter is always more entertaining, and when it comes to El Ten Eleven, that’s the one you should expect.

After two twenty minute interviews with Kristian and Tim, we’ve come to find out that a conversation with these two is much like a conversation with two of your good friends. The laughs are abundant, the random references flow naturally, and you could never plot out exactly how it’s going to go.

We had a chance to once again sit down with this instrumental duo, and what ensued was nothing short of one of our favorite interviews.

TMN: Hey guys, thanks for taking some time to sit down with us again. Strangely enough, this is the same place we spoke two years ago! Let’s kick things off by asking you a very serious question. Are you guys cyborgs sent from the future for the sole purpose of touring constantly?

K: How did you know that? WHO TOLD YOU?

T: Maybe. I haven’t really figured out what my purpose is.

TMN: Speaking of touring, you guys seemingly always have a heavy presence in Colorado. We’ve seen you guys listed in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and some mountain venues. Is this one of your favorite states to hit?

T: Definitely. There’s so many different places and generally speaking, except for the kid who shot out our window in Colorado Springs, everyone has been awesome in Colorado. Seriously, the venues, the people who work there are cool, and it has beautiful white mountains.

TMN: With all that touring, you guys have to be loaded up with some good tunes. Do you have anyone in particular you’ve been into as of late?

K: I just discovered a internet streaming thing from London called NTS, I think. They’re really good. They play electronic music. There’s a lot of electronic music in the van, and a lot of hip hop. No post-rock, ever. We used to listen to a lot of comedy, but we’ve gone through everything we could find.

Chris (Tour Manager) plays Flume a lot.

T: Yeah, Chris drives most of the time, so he controls the radio, which is cool because he has good taste in music. Today he was listening to like Ludacris and Mase. It was kind of a 90’s hip hop trip. Which those are like my two least favorite rappers in history of rap, but that’s what headphones are for.

TMN: One thing we’ve often heard is that the lack of music is actually quite nice when touring across the country in a van/bus. You guys just touched on listening to stand up comedy, but what do you do to pass the time?

K: I usually just try to sleep. I’m also working on a book right now. I try to work on it every day, but a lot of times I’m really tired and I think “I’ll just take a nap and work on it later.”

We have our little positions in the van. Chris will get in the driver seat, you’ll (Tim) will get in the passenger seat. I get on the back bench. You’ll (Tim) end up with your laptop open, working on Logic, and I’ll end up falling asleep. It’s kind of a standard picture of the van.

TMN: Let’s chat about “Transitions.” It’s been out for a little while now, and has had a really warm reception. Talk to us about the overall concept behind that album, and the kickstarter to get it funded.

T: We did do that, but just for vinyl. That was the second time we did that, and the first time we had done it with vinyl. It was crazy. I still think it’s a great way to pre-order music. Everyone wins. Especially for vinyl. It’s really expensive to get made, so it’s one of those things that’s great to see if people really want it. If they do want it, then you get some money up front.

Usually what happens is: we’ll be getting vinyl made, re-upping CDs that we sell, and then trying to leave for tour all at the same time, so whatever money we do have gets drained before we leave. And then you’re rolling around, trying to make money as you go because you’re completely broke. So, it’s nice to get the money up front because people were going to buy it anyway and we get it on time for the tour.

TMN: If we remember correctly, you guys did some really fun and different rewards. You did a lifelong guest list reward, a helliopter ride, etc.

T: We tried to make it cool and fun, not just music and merch.

K: No one bought it though (the hellicopter ride). It was really expensive. Not because we were trying to rip anyone off, it’s just expensive to rent a hellicopter.
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[Indie/Synth-Pop] Wye Oak – Glory

Wye Oak

Until now, we’ve only heard one track, “The Tower,” from Wye Oak’s forthcoming album Shriek. While the Baltimore duo’s resumé currently boasts three classically charming and dreamy indie rock records, “The Tower” is unlike anything we’ve heard in the band’s seven-year existence.

As Wye Oak move into the next chapter of their musical endeavor, they have decided to leave their guitars at home and plug in the keyboards instead. In an interview with SPIN last year, frontwoman Jenn Wasner explained how she and bandmate Andy Stack grew tired of their “indie folk” brand and needed something to help them get over the creative wall they had hit.

Their latest track “Glory” follows in “The Tower’s” footsteps of synth-infused melodies and bass-driven beats. Precision basslines and airy, elegant synth radiate over Wasner’s phasing vocals, while Stack unleashes a fury of sweeping electronic riffs, guaranteed to make your face melt.

Shriek is available April 29 via Merge Records.

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Toyboy & Robin – Beneath The Cold ft. Femme (MTA) [TMN PREMIERE]

Toyboy & Robin
Beneath The Cold (Ft. FEMME)

Whether you hit it hard for St. Patrick’s Day, or your just faced with the typical Monday grind, we have the perfect tune to soothe away whatever it is that’s ailing you. Coming off of their newly released EP, “Better Places,” Toyboy and Robin have dialed up a super smooth gem that will have you forgetting that blinding headache and uneasy feeling in your stomach.

Featuring vocals from Femme, “Beneath the Cold,” offers up a smooth bass deep house bassline, subdued percussion and a slow-building groove that could work for either chilling out or getting ready for a night out. Press play and get lost in the fluttering synths and lovelorn lyrics.

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Buffalo Killers – Don’t Cry to Me [TMN EXCLUSIVE VIDEO + SONG PREMIERE]

Buffalo Killers
Don't Cry for Me

With SXSW at our backs, and spring just around the corner, we’re patiently awaiting the tracks that will be mainstays in our cars, homes and headphones throughout the summer. Today we’re excited to feature a little slice of Americana by way of Cincinnati based, southern rock four piece, Buffalo Killers.

As if destined for a roadtrip playlist, “Don’t Cry to Me” boasts classic elements of music that we’ve come to know and love. It’s as familiar as a slice of apple pie, serving up piping hot lyrics primed and ready to be sung along with. With guitar riffs reminiscent of familiar giants like the Foo Fighters and Tom Petty, and a dusty, saloon dance floor appropriate tempo, Buffalo Killers have developed a southern rock sound with gleefully approachable pop elements.

While we don’t have any road trips planned just yet, you better believe we’ll be jamming this with our windows down come summer, even if it is just around the block.

If you have a chance to catch these guys live, we highly recommend you do. They’re on tour for the next few months. If you can’t catch them live, make sure to pre-order their upcoming album.

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[MP3 Playlist] The Chill Dojo #76

chill dojo

Well it’s been a minute since we introduced you to the wonderfully alluring sounds of Kappa Kavi, and he’s piqued out interest again with a release that could easily be mistaken for a bonus track off Cashmere Cat’s Wedding Bells EP. ‘Chokoretu Rabu’ encompasses everything that has quickly made us fall in love with the young producer’s sound, and despite the similarities that can be drawn to other artists, there is plenty that makes this style distinctly his own. Oriental sampling and masterful pitch bending are again the heroes here, and they’re elements we’re likely to be hearing in plenty of playlists to come. Another young prodigy we promised you’d hear more of is Canada’s Tennyson, and he makes a swift return to the dojo as predicted with something that defies all expectations. In under 3 minutes he takes us on a journey spanning all seasons, from warm jazz to chilling ambient soundscapes, all woven together with deep and distorted vocals from Daughter. Genre bending and mind-blowing, this is one artist you won’t see boxed in to any form of labeling. When there’s new Bondax on the playlist though, you can be sure they’ll always bring some heat, and that’s exactly the review for their latest remix of Duke Dumont’s ‘I Got U’. Tropical vibes steadily build towards some trademark breakout funk that make us yearn for summer dancefloors, preferably in some form of island paradise. Sydney’s Kilter knows all about these summer feelings, and he gives the steel drums a slower treatment for a remix that is infused with an infectious care-free attitude. Sometimes a live edit works so well that it screams to be made into its own track, and that is the result of the latest release from our favourite bootleg champion DJ AA. Ellie Goulding and deep piano are a powerful combination of pure emotion, and we certainly couldn’t help being captivated by this one. London’s KAASI knows how to wield a similar weapon of beauty, and in case you missed this feature from last week, here’s another dojo reminder to check his latest downtempo delight.

As always the talent doesn’t end there, so make sure to get all the way through the list to make sure you don’t miss the gems spread throughout. Peace out.

Chill Dojo #76 zip

Kappa Kavi
Chokoreto Rabu
Smother (Tennyson Remix)
Duke Dumont
I Got U ft. Jax Jones (Bondax Remix)
Duke Dumont
I Got U (feat. Jax Jones) (Kilter Remix).mp3
Ellie Goulding, HK, Nick Kech & Vgn
How Long Will I Love You (AA Una Mattina Bootleg)
Lucy Stone
Kenzie May
Hide & Seek (Warren XCLNCE Remix)
Bo Saris
Little Bit More (Bodhi Remix)
Le Roi Crocodile
Amsterdam (Lost Empires Calling to You Rework)
Daniele Di Martino
Coming (Original Mix)
Frames & Forrest
Dont Mind
De Hofnar, Mr. Belt & Wezol
Small Rooms (Original Mix)
Thinking About You
RJ Tripps
Morning Light
At Home
Freud and Emmet
Better Days.mp3
Cafe aka DM
Que faco.mp3
Walking Arpeggiator
Reaction (featuring JMSN)
Parkinson White
Moose Dawa
Altitudes & Love
Ruby Dime
Teen Daze
Tokyo Winter
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Sunday Night Soul [Vol. 18]

Sunday Night Soul

St. Patrick’s Day might be tomorrow, but your luck has come early tonight in the form of a brand new edition of Sunday Night Soul. Coming to you live from the TMN headquarters (well, not really), we have a splendid mix prepared for you: one that’ll be sure to make all your friends green with envy. Leading us off tonight is the birthday girl herself, Jhené Aiko, who brings us a sultry new single, gifted to her fans in order to commemorate the momentous occasion. Also joining in for tonight’s festivities are Ally Rhodes, Stacey, Tutu SweeneyEsco Williams, D/C, Tory Lanez, Bodhi, SangoNight CruiseALIZZZ and a gaggle of other notable guests. There’s no need to go chasing rainbows (or leprechauns) just yet, because we’ve got plenty of gold for you below.

Jhene Aiko
My Afternoon Dream
Persian Rugs (Ally Rhodes Remix)
Leaving (Prod. Curtis Heron)
Calling Me (YDID Mix)
Cookiee Kawaii
Darkroom Prod. by King Corn Beatz
Muzzy Legault
BlackRose (Prod. By Plue Starfox)
Elli Ingram
C Dawha (Prod. Felix Joseph & Aston Rudi)
Evil Analog
Sweet Poison (Ft. Anna Krista)
Gent Mason
Touch The Rock
Harry Fraud x The Internet
Better Liar
starRo X Mr. Carmack X Teeko X Mikos Da Gawd
Catch Me (ft. JusMoni)
Tutu Sweeney
Upside Down
Esco Williams
Oh Jordan
Jack Freeman
50 First Dates (Produced By Chris Rockaway)
Rags To Riches
Chris James
Tory Lanez
Crew (Prod. Tory Lanez X The Mekanics)
Courtney Noelle
Just Fuckin (feat. Ty Dolla Sign)
Tory Lanez
Summin (Prod. Daniel Worthy X Tory Lanez)
Sevyn Streeter
Next Remix (Feat. Kid Ink)
Anthony Lewis Ft. Billy Bang
Candy Rain
K. Michelle
Starlite (Prod. by AstroLogical)
Youre My Star
Justin Garner
Cross the Line
Daughter, Daughter
No Romance
Fucking With My Heart
Allie X
CATCH (Billboard Remix)
Jacques Greene
No Excuse (Phantom Vibrate EP Out April 28th)
Skin (SertOne Remix)
Waiting Game (Loston Rework)
Smother (Tennyson Remix)
Pushin On
Bo Saris
Little Bit More (Bodhi Remix)
Asia Cruise
Selfish (Annie Starlight RMX)
Furthest Thing (Subdaio Remix)
Only One (Joe Kays Slowed Sade Edit)
Tall Black Guy
Sades Taboo(Sweetest Taboo Blap Up) 83bpm
Sitting Up In My Room(eLans Throwback Remix)
Duncan Gerow
Janet Jackson + IAMNOBODI = Someone to Call My Lover
Missing U
Rey Ruccio
Janelle Monáe
What Is Love (Sango Remix)
Justin Timberlake
+++ Suit & Tie (T.I.Ps Let Me Love Rework)
Beyonce // Usher
Say My Name / Climax {Vesha Mix}
Sky Ferreira
You´re Not The One (Cid Rim Remix)
Persian Rugs (salute Edit)
Night Cruise
Mah Body (Say My Wat)
I C U (feat. Santell)
Sunset Blvd
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