[MP3 Playlist] The Trap Dojo: Volume #4

This is quite a post, so prepare  yourself for relentless BASS. This first track is from TrapZillas who are one of the biggest upcoming Trap artists, and this Original Mix has an infectious beat to match these epic samples, ROUND OF APPLAUSE. “Make It Ben Dem” remixes are going to be everywhere for a while, but Bass Mechanix throw down a unique bass heavy remix.  Next is the newest release from Stratus and it’s Part 2 of “Jaspers Theme” featuring some massive 808′sand filthy vocals edits that hit at all the right times. This track feautures one of our own incredibly sexy Ninjas, Nicole Figueroa AKA nikkimarie on the vocals, and D!RTY AUDIO on the beat…ASS ASS ASS ASS ASS. Now for RiFF RaFF changing it up and spitting over a trapped out remix of Major Lazer‘s track “Get Free”, mixed by TrapZillas. ONE4ALL remixes J.Cole and Missy Elliott‘s track “Nobodys Perfect”, and he reworks it to an instant classic while still staying true to the original. +verb is another upcoming artist that has been killing it lately, and this Rerub of Trill Murray‘s track “Lust” is just one example of his euphoric sound. Enjoy the rest of these on your own, and make sure to click “Buy” because pretty much all of these are free. Cheers.

Skrillex & Damian Marley
Make it Bun Dem (Bass Mechanix Remix)
Jaspers Theme Pt. 2
D!RTY AUD!O feat. nikkimarie
Drop That Ass (Original Mix)
Riff Raff & TrapZillas
Neon Freedom
J. Cole (ft. Missy Elliot)
Trill Murray
Lust (+verb Rerub)
The Dirty Heads feat. Matisyahu
Dance All Night (Simplystics Remix)
West Side Playur
Kanye West feat. Jay
JumoDaddy feat. Sandro Lion & Snoop Silva
The Real Lalala Shit !!!FREE DOWNLOAD!!!
TRΛPИʘLʘ₲IC (DL link in description)
Benny Bennassi
Trapisfaction (Mr.Vaᴎdal Rmx)
Titan (Slander & Omeguh Remix) Master
Ellie goulding
Lights (omeguh trap bootleg) Free DL
Little Dragon
Twice (Joneses Remix)
Ookay & Yung Ouij4 Board
Whoopie (Original Mix) ///FREEDOWNLOAD///
Neo Fresco
Jack Uzi feat. KorovΔ
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[Dance/Dubstep] DJ Fresh ft. RaVaughn – The Feeling (Hadouken! Remix)

DJ Fresh, the UK drum and bass legend has without a doubt established himself as one of the most prolific electronic producers to date. With each release showcasing his innate productional ability and finesse, DJ Fresh’s original tracks and their remixes — from some of the largest names in all EDM — have crushed dance floors all across the globe. “The Feeling feat. RaVaughn”, a DnB banger that highlights DJ Fresh’s impeccable ability to blend sensual vocals with energetic bass, gets the royal remix treatment from none other than Hadouken!. Hadouken! transforms the original from an upbeat and sporadic drum and bass tune into one of their signature dub-infused dance tracks featuring dark synths and heavy basslines. Hadouken!’s unique perspective rejuvenates this hit in a completely new light so make sure to give this one a listen! If you’re a fan, as always make sure to hop over and show Hadouken! your appreciation on Facebook.

DJ Fresh ft. RaVaughn
The Feeling (Hadouken! Remix)
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[Hip-Hop] Captain Murphy – The Killing Joke (Prod. Flying Lotus)

Captain Murphy took to his Twitter this morning to release a new track with LA-based experimental producer Flying Lotus. On “The Killing Joke,” Lotus loops a haunting carol-like sample with dark undertones setting the mood perfectly for the ominous, low-pitch vocals of Murphy, who at times sounds suspiciously similar to Odd Future frontman Tyler, the Creator. All speculation aside, the Captain delivers like a veteran of the game mixing his darkest thoughts with the bravado of an accomplished emcee. Check out and download this awesomely creepy collaboration below and keep an eye out for this enigmatic, animated character.

Captain Murphy
The Killing Joke
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[Electronic] Saint Lou Lou – Maybe You (CFCF Remix)

Canadian producer CFCF recently took on the somber, simmering synth-pop track “Maybe You” by Swedish/Australian duo Saint Lou Lou. Dropping various atmospheric bits that sparkle, echo, shiver and chime, CFCF turned the original into a beautifully dark electronic remix, its sense of romanticism amped to a ravenous, high degree.

Check out both versions below. Saint Lou Lou’s “Maybe You” EP is out now on Kitsuné.

Maybe You (CFCF Remix)

Saint Lou Lou
Maybe You
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[NEW] Marijuana Deathsquads – Tamper, Disable, Destroy Mixtape

Happy Wednesday, guys. We’ve been nicely rewarded for reaching the hump day: the large and ever-evolving supergroup Marijuana Deathsquads have unleashed a free mixtape packed with appearances by nearly 50 collaborators, including Bon Iver, GAYNGS, Doomtree, Solid Gold, and Poliça. Pieced together at the renowned April Base studio in Wisconsin, it’s a diverse and experimental 10-track collection built on warped electronic sounds and hard-hitting raps, borrowing beats from folks like Lazerbeak and Gonzobean. It’s nothing short of mind altering and in-your-face. Best thing about it? It’s free. So check out a few tracks below and if you dig, head over to Marijuana Deathsquads’ official website and download the entire thing.

Marijuana Deathsquads
We Do This

Marijuana Deathsquads
Top Down 1

Marijuana Deathsquads

Marijuana Deathsquads
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[Dubstep/Crunkstep] Chief Keef – I Don’t Like (Aylen & Dotcom Remix)

Keith Cozart AKA Chief Keef, an American rapper hailing from Chicago, Illinois forged his way into the limelight of the Hip-hip scene this year with his hit single “I Don’t Like”. Chief Keef’s single, noted for its ominously dark production eventually gained the attention of Kanye West, who decided to remix the track and thrust it to a new level of stardom. Now, a few months after the original release, “I Don’t Like” has undergone an intensive make-over thanks to the likes of Aylen & Dotcom. Aylen & Dotcom take the original up a notch complimenting the 17-year-old’s mediocre lyrics with some aggressive wobbles and thunderous bass. This is pure crunkstep and best of all Aylen & Dotcom are giving this gem out for free! Give the song a listen, grab a free download and make sure to show these artists some love on Facebook.

Aylen’s FaceBook | Dotcom’s Facebook

Chief Keef
I Dont Like (Aylen & Dotcom Remix)
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (September 2012 Round #2)

Ever have one of those whirlwind weeks where everything seems to pile up around you?  Where it honestly feels like there is a negative amount of hours in the day because you just can’t get shit done? Where everything goes the opposite of right basically? And then one day, it all subsides. The things you needed to be done are somehow magically done, yet it’s all a blur when you look back on how. The thing is, we shouldn’t be living life in a blur. What we need to realize is that things will always get done. Maybe not always the right way, but even when you do things wrong you learn and move on. So, unless you are a Doctor, most of us aren’t out there saving babies. Take a deep breath, throw on an Indie Dojo, and relax. Things will always pan out and life will always move on…

Download zip: Indie Dojo (September 2012 Round #2)

Little Lo
Wounded Knee
Patric Lindvall
Still I Run
Queen and the Sultan
The Reflections
Summer Days
Cars & Trains
Mother Falcon
Alligator Teeth
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