[Festival House] DVBBS & Borgeous – Tsunami (Ahzee Remix)

DVBBS & Borgeous
Tsunami(Ahzee Remix)

Our favorite, up-and-coming New Yorker is back at it again. This time around he stayed true to form, choosing to tackle one of the biggest tracks in EDM at the moment. “Tsunami,” by way of DVBBS and Borgeous, lit up festivals and the blogosphere in a matter of days, with it’s larger than life, anthemic structure. Ahzee has done the track justice, paying homage to the original and putting his own spin on it at the same time.

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Skylab Chats with Morgan Page [TMN EXCLUSIVE]

Morgan Page
In The Air

Morgan Page is one of those household EDM names that you can’t help but get excited about. With a long list of impressive releases and sets at every major night club and festival, an interview with this storied producer is always something to look forward to. As the imposing Skylab party launched in Denver just a few weeks ago, we were happy to take a moment to sit down with the Vermont native before his insane 3D set up.

TMN: Hey Morgan! Thanks for taking some time to sit down with us today. Welcome to the Mile High City, a place you’re very familiar with. Your set at Red Rocks two years ago was definitely one of our favorites!

MP: Awesome. Thanks a lot.

TMN: Alright, let’s talk about the elephant in the room. You brought with you a 3D visual system for your set tonight, something you just started playing with recently. Explain what exactly it is, and what brought it about.

MP: Basically I wanted to do something different than everyone else was doing. No DJ has brought hi res 3D LED wall on tour. Primus has brought a wall, so one band has done it. But we heard about it and thought, “this could be a really cool vehicle to express the songs, use it with lyrics, immersive landscapes.” I wanted to take the music to another level. And it’s crazy because it might change the way I compose music. It’s like a festival at an IMAX.

TMN: This tour you’re in the midst over spans 55 cities across North America. That’s a pretty daunting number. How do you prepare yourself from being away from home for that long?

MP: Ignorance (laughs). I don’t know. I’ve never done a bus tour before, of any size, so there’s been lots of fights. It’s very different. You go to bed, you wake up in the next city. I prepared as much as I could, but it’s the only way to bring the 3D wall, merch and production out.

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[TMN EXCLUSIVE] Tigerlight Interview

Tigerlight presents Tigermix 01

We recently caught Tigerlight at Beta Nightclub with the ever-so-entertaining High Rankin. In all honesty, we were expecting your usual opener/headliner set from these two, and what we got was nothing close to that. In its place, we caught a perfectly orchestrated tag team set that had the crowd dancing from a wide array of genres. After seeing that, we were more than excited to hear a little more from this London based producer.

TMN: Is this your first time playing in Colorado?

TL: It is my first time! Everyone has been so friendly I’d love to stay longer

TMN: What are your thoughts on playing this highly acclaimed venue?

TL: Everything about the venue is awesome; the sound system is amazing as are the crowd, the staff, the lights, the gear and layout.

TMN: You’re a multifaceted artist, with experience all over the place. You’ve been a vocalist, DJ, songwriter, producer. Solo Artist & collaborator. Out of all of those, what do you seem to gravitate to more?

TL: My voice has been my instrument since I was 7, so as a form of musical expression, it’s been with me for the longest but I wouldn’t say I gravitate to one instrument or role more than an other it’s more project/creativity dependant on what is pulling at me or needed from me at a certain time to produce whatever musical activity needed. The source comes from the same place inside me so it all gravitates from the same place.

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[Electro House] Robin Thicke – Give It 2 U (Pistols & Pints Remix)

Robin Thicke
Give It 2 U (Pistols & Pints Remix)

Not too long ago we posted Pistols and Pints first release, and we’re happy to be back at the keyboard talking about them once again. Aside from our affinity for their moniker, we’re pretty much hooked on these guys’ production.

Just two hours ago, this Los Angeles based duo (we’re assuming) released their take on Robin Thicke’s “Give it 2 U.” This sexually charged dance hit was primed and ready for a big remix, and P&P served up just that. Turn this bad boy up, and enjoy the big buzzing electro house synths, and gorgeous melodies.

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[Gorgeous] Fractures – Cadence


Sultry, seductive, and overwhelmingly inviting are just a few of the things we could use to describe this latest release from Fractures. We find ourselves getting deeply lost in the emotion rich lyrics and soft repetitious guitars. It’s beautifully simple, yet layered and well produced.

Instrumentals aside, we can’t help but feel a deep connection with the lead singer’s voice. He’s painfully remembering a situtation that’s familiar to any guy. Coupled with the ethereal back up harmonies, this is a soulfully charged tune that begs for a set of headphones, glass of bourbon and some deep reflection.

I’ve got you stuck on mind,
and it’s driving me crazy.
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[Hip-Hop] Vic Mensa – Innanetape


We’ve already professed our love for Chicago’s hip-hop scene countless times over, but we’ll do it once again here. You’d be hard pressed to find a place in the world right now that’s doing it better than the Windy City. Today, we proudly present to you INNANETAPE, the debut solo project from SAVEMONEY affiliate, Vic Mensa. The highly anticipated mixtape represents the perfect opportunity for the former Kids These Days frontman to flaunt his skills on the mic, and prove why he’s primed for a breakout just like his homie, Chance The Rapper. The 14-track tape features Mensa showcasing his headlong flow and eccentric punchlines alongside such names as Chance (obviously), Joey Purp, BJ The Chicago Kid, Ab-Soul, Rockie Fresh, Hit-Boy, Thundercat and many many more. Check out a few standout tracks below, and make sure to download the full tape when you’re done.


Vic Mensa
Tweakin (Ft. Chance The Rapper)
Vic Mensa
Magic (Ft. Jesse Boykins III)
Vic Mensa
Holy Holy (Ft. Ab Soul & BJ The Chicago Kid)
Vic Mensa
Fear & Doubt (Ft. Kenna & Joey Purp)
Vic Mensa
RUN! (Ft. Thundercat)
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The Beauty Surrounds

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