[Sexy] Wet – No Lie (Noah Breakfast Remix) (Feat. Spank Rock)

Wet EP
No Lie (Noah Breakfast Remix Ft. Spank Rock)

Xaphoon Jones is no more, and Noah Breakfast finally emerges to take his place. It’s kind of like when Robin split from Batman, and embraced the identity of Nightwing to ironically spread his wings and vanquish evil on his own, except in this case our hero stays steady slaying remixes. Comic book comparisons aside, we’re glad to welcome Noah in with open arms as he serves up this sultry remake of Wet‘s “No Lie.” In contrast to the ruminating, restrained nature of the original, this spunky revamp is a blipped out, glitchy affair with a sticky bass that’ll force you to want to loop endlessly “on and on and on and on…” Also featuring a worthy verse from Philly’s Spank Rock, this tune makes for a perfect listen at the beginning or end of your night. Peep the single above, and treat yourself to a free download as well.

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[Lovetrap] The Chain Gang of 1974 – Sleepwalking (Just A Gent Remix)

The Chain Gang Of 1974
Sleepwalking (Just A Gent Remix)

Many of you out there probably recognize The Chain Gang of 1974‘s “Sleepwalking” as that song from the GTA V trailer last summer. From henceforth, this remix by Just A Gent shall be known as that song that knocked you out of your seats the instant you pressed play. Originally conceived as an uplifting synth/electro pop record in the same vein as M83, Just A Gent really wakes the song up, invigorating it through sped up vocals, an unrelenting bassline, melodic piano keys, and an unbelievable refrain that sounds like it was ripped straight out of a video game of its own. We know we probably say this quite a bit, but this one is definitely a MUST LISTEN. Stream the awesome track above, and grab a free download in exchange for liking Just A Gent on Facebook (it’s totally worth it).

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[Indie Pop] Tennis – 100 Lovers

100 Lovers

“100 Lovers.” Upon first glance that might sound like a daunting task to some, but this single from Denver indie pop darlings Tennis is less about a Wilt Chamberlain inspired conquest, and more about reflecting on a heartbreak from the distant past. Singing in an oddly cheery, yet almost sardonic tone, Alaina Moore provides us with a dreamy landscape on this reflective tune plucked straight from the duo’s Small Sound EP. Despite the project being out for a few months already, it seemed to have got lost in the shuffle, prompting the group to upload this latest ditty to their SoundCloud page. Despite its subject matter, “100 Lovers” is one of those songs that instantly warms your soul, and has us begging for the weather to follow suit. Check out the single above, and grab yourself a copy of the 5-track Small Sound EP, available on iTunes now.

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[Get Crunk] Clayton’s Friday Party Playlist (Vol 87)


Hey hey, ninjas! It’s that time of the week again. You know that time. It’s that time where your back starts aching, your wrists hurt from typing (at least ours do), and your eyes are burning from gazing at a computer screen (once again, these are all things we’re experiencing).

Regardless of how exhausted you are, how difficult of a week it’s been, or how ready you are to go home and pass out, we encourage you to press play and think twice.


Latch (LaReda Remix)
August Alsina
Sucka (DJ Sliink & DJ Hoodboi & Trippy Turtle Remix)
Get A Grip featuring Gibbz
Pumpin Blood (The Chainsmokers Remix)
Snowflakes (Original Mix)
Airwave (Ashley Wallbridge unofficial Bootleg Remix)
Gareth Emery & Ashley Wallbridge
DUI: Ashley Wallbridge US Festival Edit
Underworld vs Tom Staar
Staar Cowgirl
Mineral Drive (3LAU Bootleg)
Deformaty & Koyote
Rocket 2.0 (Original Mix)
Ganxta (Original Mix)
Breathless ft. Michelle Quezada (Candylands OG Remix)
Lil Jon
Outta Your Mind (Candylands OG Marquee Remix)
KING S#!T (Original Mix)
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[Synth-Pop] Salt Ashes – Somebody

Salt Ashes

 Salt Ashes may be a name slightly foreign to our savvy readers, but rest assured it should not remain so for much longer. Much to our delight, rising 22 year old synth-pop starlet Veiga Sanchez just released her debut single “Somebody” under the Salt Ashes handle on Radikal Records, which is a brooding but ultimately uplifting allotment of pop instrumentation. “Somebody” immediately touched on this writer’s inner fanboy with a distinctly Giorgio Moroder roused MOOG synthesizer line, but not before Sanchez’ recurrent vocal hook teases its way into the fold to fully open the door on her powerful intonations. By the time the vocal track is completely unveiled, it incites celestial visions of “Wuthering Heights” era Kate Bush, but still pulses the right amount of sweaty dance floor images and excess as if you were seeing her perform at a super-club like Berlin’s temple, Berghain. Salt Ashes’ blend of dark Italo-Disco production and four to the floor rhythms pushes the singer’s soaring voice directly to the forefront of her music, and “Somebody” more than wrapped itself into our in-office playlist for an indeterminate amount of time. Stream “Somebody” above, and if it’s tickling your fancy like ours, purchase the mini EP here.

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[Indie Pop] Years & Years – Real

Years & Years

The UK youth movement is very real. With groups like Disclosure, Bondax and AlunaGeorge garnering widespread acclaim over the last year, the floodgates have opened for similar artists to emerge who meld elements of modern R&B and garage house to produce infectious pop melodies that the rest of us will eat right up. Calling this new single from British trio, Years & Years, infectious isn’t really doing it justice however; it’s downright addicting. Repeat lessons are a necessity once lead singer Olly Alexander‘s comforting vocals grace your eardrums for the first time. Give the gorgeous single a listen above, and keep an eye out for the group’s upcoming Real EP, set to drop on February 17th.

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[NEW] James Blake – 40455

James Blake

James Blake has recently taken residency as a DJ on BBC Radio and, as part of his inaugural show, the talented U.K. artist shared a brand new track of his own. “40455” carries the feel of Overgrown with its deeply emotional vocals and Blake’s incredible, often haunting work on the keyboard. Zone out to this one below and look for a few James Blake crafted remixes to surface from the recent BBC1 Radio installment in the near future. If only our radio stations (NPR excluded) could be as cool as BBC…

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