[Music Video] Gallo – Truth or Dare

Gallo is coming in hot with yet another stunning release. Another great video accompanies an equally great song with “Truth or Dare” coming in as the sophomore single. This shares a similar wild vibe with the first project, but tones things down a tiny bit to fit a different vibe.

“Truth or Dare” has a retro element to it, both in the song and video. It’s something that’s not easy to pull off, but Gallo does so with talent and precision, not missing a beat anywhere. She seems to be creating her own universe in everything she does, which is something that we’ll continue to see grow as time progresses. Gallo’s not just an impressive artist, but she’s a true creator bringing much more to the table than even your above average musician.

“I wrote “Truth or Dare” about relationships that you know are never gonna go anywhere but in that “failure” was exactly what you might’ve wanted and seemed more of a success to you. It’s a topic my girlfriend’s and I always discuss. You tend to see guys wanting more casual relationships without any definition but when you see a girl wanting that it’s thought of much differently and that just got me thinking. That’s the train of thought I was on when writing this song. It’s not about being a tease but feeling empowered with the understanding that there’s no shame in giving into someone intensely just for a few moments and not feeling lessened by it.”
– Gallo

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[Electronic] Internet Friends – 24/7

Internet Friends

Most of us have internet friends, but now you need to get familiar with THE Internet Friends. Recently the duo released their single “24/7” that some might just be playing that long. Amsterdam is home to a lot of great talent which has just expanded itself with the recent addition of Alex and Boris who just launched their project.

“24/7” is a laidback pop meets electronic treat. Leading with a strong vocal, the track gets where it needs to be – stuck in your head. The instrumental is equally as catchy with subtle, but identifiable grooves that you’ll connect to instantly. The radio is full of music that is trying to do what Internet Friends have done, so don’t be surprised if these two end up on the airwaves as their project progresses.

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[Trap] Whethan – Love Gang (feat. Charli XCX) (Candyland X Filip Remix)

“Love Gang” by Whethan and Charli XCX got a major remix treatment from one of our favorites, Candyland, and the Swedish Filip. Released as a free download, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be all over this track.

Smooth, suave and oh so sweet, this remix is all magic. We already know what Candyland can do on her own and every collab she’s released is pure fire, this one definitely included. With Filip the result is the perfect Summer flip of a hit that was made for festival season. The vocal chops are the definite highlight, but everything they brought to the table is impressive. Starting with Charli XCX’s vocal isn’t a bad place to begin either; she’s always got the heat. Listen and download this jam today.

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VOLAC Talks New Track and Japanese Drift Cars [TMN Interview]

Wait A Minute ft. Peazy 616

This Russian producer and DJ power duo has been making waves with releases on Tchami’s label Confession, AC Slater’s Night Bass and have joined forces with LA-based DJ/producer DESTRUCTO to create a G-house infused anthem “What I Got” which received over 1 millions streams on Soundcloud. Now VOLAC brings us a brand new track released on Night Bass and a tour announcement.

“Wait a Minute,” the duo’s recent track, continues to incorporate their G-house and hip-hop infusion to bring us another dark clubby hit that features the vocals of Peazy 616 and keeps us falling more in love with their over all production style. We got the chance to ask them about their No Love tour which kicked off in the US August 3rd in Santa Barbara, the new track, their thoughts on the Holy Ship debacle and more. Make sure to check out the track and click here for a list of tour stops and tickets.

TMN: How did VOLAC come to fruition?
VOLAC: We’ve been friends since childhood and both started listening to and loving electronic music early, so we tried making tracks together. When we were very young, we were creating a very different kind of dance music from what we produce now. After two years, we started to prefer deep house. Then, we continued on to do some G-house and bass house music. Volac was born very simply! One day we were making a track with a lot of vocals, and when we were saving it, we used the wrong two letters—“L” and “C.” We saved a track with the title “Volac” and loved the name!

TMN: Any previous background in music?
V: Volac is our first project as a duo. In the beginning we tried to making more EDM type music… but this wasn’t for us. We’ve been growing step by step though 😉 Started from the bottom hahaha

TMN: You have had some releases on same amazing labels such as Confessions, Destructo’s Hits Hard, and Night Bass – How does it feel to be recognized buy such strong producers? 
V: To get respect from great labels and high profile producers is always really cool. We definitely feel a responsibility to create really solid tracks for each release on these taste making labels, and love putting together our best tracks for these releases.

TMN: You have a tour kicking off this weekend – what are some of the stops you’re most excited for? What are the feelings you like to induce on the crowd with your music during shows?
V: We are super excited for each show, but we’re probably the most excited for HARD fest, and Elements festival coming up this weekend. When we play we love moving the crowd with bass heavy tracks – we mostly enjoy playing our own music.

TMN: Any opinion on the news of Live Nation trying to push out Destructo
from Holy Ship?
V: We know that Holy Ship is one of the best boat parties in the world and that Destructo is great promoter and we don’t know exactly why this is happening. We hope that everything with his career will be cool and look forward to playing some of his parties in the future and continuing to collaborate with him!

TMN: I really dig the new track, the incorporation of the hip-hop vibe really stands out compared to other tracks- how’d this track come about?
V: We always try to combine house and hip-hop styled music. This is something we’ve been doing for some time now, and we love combining these two elements. “Wait A Minute” started with an awesome vocal from Peazy 616 and we built a super heavy beat around it – we’re really happy with how it came out.

TMN: In such a now saturated market what’s your advice to producers on making music that stands out in general?
V: Everyone should focus on crafting their own unique style. Copying anyone else just leads to more of the same music; you really need to work on creating something special and new. Spend as much time in the studio as you can!

TMN: Anything special on the horizon other than the tour and new track releases? 
V: We have a bunch of awesome VOLACAST guest coming up and the videos are getting even crazier & funnier. Other than music, we’re thinking about buying an old Japanese drift car lol – we’ve wanted to
get one of those for so long haha.

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[Music Video] EMBRZ – Heartlines feat. Meadowlark (Acoustic)

“Heartlines” by EMBRZ and Meadowlark was a superb single released by Ultra Music that we played over and over when it came out. Now, we’re doing it again, but this time around it is the acoustic version of the song we’re jamming to. Not only that, but we get to see the musicians play it live with a video.

Beautiful would be an understatement for this. It’s something you have to experience to truly understand just how special it is. We thought “Heartlines” couldn’t get any better, but then they go on ahead and swoon us with this. If you’re starstruck like us, you might want to grab yourself a copy of the acoustic version from digital platforms today.

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[Pop] SAN – Ultraviolet


As of right now not much is known about SAN. The pop singer just launched his project with an original released called “Ultraviolet” on Lush Records.

“Ultraviolet” is a bit of a genre-blend, with echoes of R&B, pop and electronic music. The mixture sits well, which should come as no surprise given the song was produced by Paul Couture whose work with Xavier White is nothing short of outstanding. The same thing can be said for SAN whose performance on this first release is spectacular. There’s more to come and we’re ready for it. Take a listen to SAN today and prepare yourself for what’s to come.

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[Pop] Gabrielle Aplin – Waking Up Slow

If you’re asleep to the talent that Gabrielle Aplin brings to the table, then you better wake up quick. If you’re just joining the show, she’s got a new single out that will sweep you off your feet. “Waking Up Slow” will grab your heart and body only to never let go.

Gabrielle mixes pop and house with this glorious single. Her bright sound shines brighter than the current Summer sun that is beating down upon the Earth. Before the first listen is over you’ll be singing and dancing along to Gabrielle’s sweet voice and the song’s vibrant melodies. Give it a go and if you like what you hear, head over to a digital store to get a copy.

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