LACEI – Sufferer [TMN Video Premiere]


Ready for the first viewing of the new music video from LACEI? You better be because we’ve got you covered with the premiere of “Sufferer,” the Los Angeles duo’s single. “Sufferer” comes off the group’s previously released EP, 11:11, that was released on October 20th, 2016.

LACEI are recognized for their indietronica sound and engaging live show. Within the music video, you get a real sense and understanding of just why that is. The visually striking music video has a simple concept, yet in execution it is quite profound. In expanding “Sufferer” the duo showed their range in creativity, while paying homage to a style of video that they knew as youngsters. It has that old-school edge to it that many act’s don’t dare try to replicate in their own way. Check it out below, along with a short quote from the band talking about the video.

We and director Andrew Choi, created a visual that showcases the live energy of the band as well as conveys the storyline through interpretive dance.

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J Cole – G.O.M.D (Riddim Commission Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Riddim Commission
G.O.M.D (Riddim Commission Remix)

Comprised of  BBC Radio 1Xtra & Rinse FM host Marco Del Horno & Dirtee Stank Recordings regular DJ Swerve, UK duo Riddim Commission have begun firmly entrenching themselves as two of the most sought-after tastemakers toiling under the proper House umbrella. From genre-bending original singles which showcase Riddim Commision’s infectious blend of house, garage, & grime to official remixes for the likes of Drake & Iggy Azalea, Riddim Commission have dotted their name across a number of aural aesthetics; proving their production prowess reaches far beyond that of the underground. The latest from the active pair is a brand new bootleg of J.Cole‘s “G.O.M.D”, and we’re ecstatic to be rinsing it first here on TMN.

On Riddim Commision’s jacking revision of “G.O.M.D.”, the pair successfully alter and carefully scale back J. Cole’s lyrical samples behind an effortlessly subtle dose of swooping staccato synth work and rhythmically choppy vocal reshuffling. Their version’s dominant melody & prevalent groove sit front and center amongst a sea of permutated electronicism while maintaining the essence of J. Cole’s original. Shuffled hi-hats skip along like a couple of merry schoolgirls cutting class on a Friday afternoon, while a dose of jackin’ sub bass never quite relinquishes its icy grip throughout the tune. The quickly ascending pair manage to keep their hot streak alive with their latest offering, and suffice to say, if you’re looking to add a bit of pep to your step, we’ve got you covered with Riddim Commision’s “G.O.M.D” remix above.
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[Future Bass] SMiTHMUSiX – Try (feat. Tomi)

Try (feat. Tomi)

Lush Records is one of the best boutique labels you can find. Their most recent release, a free download by SMiTHMUSiX called “Try” is a hit through and through. The tinge of R&B in this one is so incredible, but it’s not surprising coming from a release on a label that specializes in pushing music of that style and caliber.

“Try” isn’t solely the work of SMiTHMUSiX as Tomi contributed to its creation as well. Together they churned out a radio-friendly single that is as silky as it is smooth. It’s a bit future, a bit R&B, but all dope. The quivering synth work alongside the vocal chops can be a bit overplayed in future bass, but these two manage to really excel with what they offer up. “Try” is a juicy concoction that you’ll be enjoying on a daily basis. You have no reason not to, as this has been released as a free download.

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[Future Bass] Max Styler & Colt Matthews – Heartache (smle Remix)

Max Styler & Colt Matthews
Heartache (smle Remix)

The duo smle has been putting smiles on our faces ever since they launched a couple years back. Whether it’s with their originals or remixes, like their brand new one of “Heartache,” their work is always something we look forward to. Not only do we look forward, but we’re not disappointed once we have what we desire.

Max Styler and Colt Matthews’ single got flipped from its indie dance sound to a future-friendly one. It wasn’t too much of a leap given the style’s influence on the original, but smle made it their own in a huge way. We thought the original couldn’t get any better, but this one may take the cake. Whenever that discussion even comes up, you know you have a bangin’ remix on your hands. Leave it smle to rival the original, which they’ve done countless times. It’s no wonder they were picked for an official remix!

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[Techno] Klön – Coil


There is a brand new artist on the scene that goes by Klön. The Melbourne producer kicked off his project with the smooth single “Coil” that showcases his tech-savvy sound. As if there weren’t enough great Australian acts, we get yet another one, but we are hardly upset about it.

“Coil” does everything right. Although it is a lengthy single, as most techno is, it never reaches a point where things get dull. It’s pace and groove keeps your ears entertained and your body in motion. Klön’s songwriting is masterful; the structure of this track was put together with a meticulous precision that is lost in other producers. We don’t usually get too excited over projects like this, but Klön has us all worked up. See if “Coil” tickles your fancy just as it did ours.

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[Indie Dance] The Golden Pony – Lost In Illusion (feat. Megan Vice)

The Golden Pony
Lost In Illusion (feat. Megan Vice)

There’s no way you’re going to be passing up “Lost In Illusion” by The Golden Pony. Released today on Uprise Music, this dance-friendly single features the vocals of Megan Vice. Together these acts kicked out a freely downloadable single that is an absolute jam.

We couldn’t resist the charm of “Lost In Illusion.” Megan’s voice is strong and engaging, while the instrumental laid out by The Golden Pony is equally as enticing. It’s something we can easily imagine being played over the radio airwaves and we’d like it to be. The Golden Pony have always put out great records and this is easily near the top of their catalog. They’ve shifted their sound a bit, but have always stayed true to who they are as artists. That’s something we can respect. Check out “Lost In Illusion” and don’t forget to grab the download.

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FayRoy – Life and Death [TMN VIDEO PREMIERE]


It shouldn’t take you long to fall in love with this Indian Rocks Beach-based four-piece. With a tasteful blend of psych and garage rock, New England occult, and 1960’s surf culture, they have a brand and sound that stands out above the noise that clutters pages of blogs and publications on a day-to-day basis.

FayRoy Members Zachary Hoag, Kyle Fournier, Greyson Charnock (Someday River), and Dallas Eubanks (The Jackettes) accomplish this through highly engaging lyrics, clean, spacey guitar work, and well-pronounced basslines. “Life and Death,” which is dropping on their upcoming debut LP, is a perfect example of that. Smooth riffs give a laidback beach vibe, yet the expansive soundscape complete with epic instrumental breakdowns are perfect for getting blissfully lost. Instrumentally, the track does have somewhat of a somber mood, which ties in perfectly to it’s underlying meaning.

This song pretty much stems from a proverbial slap in the face of perspective we had before a show. We were with a big group of friends outside of the venue and all witnessed a group of teenagers get into a fight across the street. The scuffle appeared to just be another Friday night for these kids until we heard a gunshot and watched one of them fall to the ground as everyone else scattered. It happened so quickly that many people in the surrounding bars had no idea that it even happened. Life and Death is about a realization that the world has billion of situations constantly happening at the same moment, and for the most part, you are just one of them. We all share that. It’s a scary thought, but also incredibly liberating, depending on your perspective, of course.

Sit back and enjoy the official music video for this stellar track, then head over to their Facebook to keep up with news on the release, upcoming shows, and pictures of the always gorgeous Gulf Coast.

Directed by Michael Joseph Azcui

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