[Music Video] SHIVV – Vande Mataram Feat. Viraj Bahri

Vande Mataram Ft Viraj Bahri

Did you know that India has a new age National song? Well, now you do. SHIVV, an artist some Americans were introduced to on the main stage at Ultra, created the single “Vande Mataram” featuring Viraj Bahri that has made so much noise in the artist’s home country that people are starting to take serious notice elsewhere.

“Vande Mataram” has been the National Song of India for some time, but now it’s gotten an update by SHIVV who brings the single into contemporary times with a strong melodic makeover. It must have been a daunting task, attempting to re-imagine such a powerful song, but not only does SHIVV do that; he created a music video for the song to celebrate the continued independence of India. “Vande Mataram” can be translated to “long live the mother[land” or “I bow down to thee, Mother.” SHIVV and Viraj really did a tremendous job getting this project together, and the result is something that can live on to represent their home country with style and grace. Check out the music video below, and head over to iTunes if you would like a copy of the song.

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[Moombahcore] Goja – The Ballad

The Ballad

Awwwww, moombahcore; it’s been a while since I’ve whipped that term out. Thanks to Goja and their single “The Ballad” it was possible. Released on WOLV Records, “The Ballad” is a bass booming midtempo record that features the vocalist Chantelle Paige.

Goja has quickly become a go-to act in the bass music scene. Their past few releases with WOLV Records have been absolutely killer, and they have even more dope tracks beyond that. With “The Ballad” we get a tantalizing original that first lures you in subtly, then drives some heavy low frequencies into your ears and body. The groovy rhythms in the bassline are not only strong, but they are catchy. With school just starting for many of you, “The Ballad” is what is going to be popping into your head when you are spacing out in class. Then once you’re done, you’ll be playing it in your spare time, especially if you are partying during leisure hours. Stream “The Ballad” today, and if you want a copy, several digital stores can oblige.

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[Music Video] LARCY – Thinkin, Drinkin


As if we didn’t love LARCY enough for her work, she does something that blows our minds. Recently she put out a music video for her single “Thinkin, Drinkin” that will be a part of her upcoming EP. This isn’t just any music video, as there are some recognizable themes present. Oh yea, and she put it together all herself.

The video for “Thinkin, Drinkin” centers around lost love. The video, which is entirely comprised of Snapchat cuts, is supremely intimate, as though you are a friend of these two. LARCY is featured in the video, alongside a male counterpart, and we as an audience get to see their relationship’s past, and the results of its demise. Many of us have been through this situation, so it’s going to hit close to home. If you don’t get at least worked up a little bit, you might want to see a doctor. “Thinkin, Drinkin” is an emotional single, and in conjunction with the music video, it is doubly so. Watch it today and prepare yourself for LARCY’s upcoming EP!

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[Indie] Flawes – Consolation / Don’t Wait for Me


At this point, London-based Flawes doesn’t really need much of a push from us. After a “Track of the Week” selection from BBC Radio 1, smashing up Spotify’s Viral Charts, and getting massive air time on Fox’s hit television series “Lie To Me,” the world already has their ears fixated on this impressive up-and-coming band.

The two-track selection we’re offering up below should be more than enough to get your feet wet. In all honesty, you’ll pry dive head in after the first track, much like we did, giving in to larger-than-life nature of both “Consolation” and “Don’t Wait for Me.”

Before you get your suit on, know that these are two massively different tracks, even though they fall into the same neat little box, stylistically. “Consolation” reminds us a little bit of one of our favorite artists, Jack Garratt, showcasing a powerful range of vocals behind artfully crafted basslines, guitar samples, and rhythmic percussion.

Conversely, “Don’t Wait For Me” has a more delicate nature to it, brought forth by digitally treated acoustic guitar riffs. It has an air around it that could easily cross over between a dusty, middle-America saloon, and high-end speakers from the most discerning music snobs.

That’s the beauty in these tunes though – they cross over effortlessly, bringing a massive appeal to those who don’t have their head buried in the music blogosphere and those that do. And, for us, we can’t help but think that’s a recipe for tremendous success.

You can find these two on the bands EPs, Ctrl and Unspkn, which are both out via Red Bull Records.

’FLAWES – Consolation’
’FLAWES – Don’t Wait For Me’
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I have to give a major shout out to LA-based Joyryde. It’s been a good, god damn, long time since I’ve had the urge to dig around in my downstairs closet, nostalgically rummaging through piles of Tidy Trax records, over-sized Triple 5 Soul pants, and rave posters from the start of this millennium. Yet, in listening to “Hot Drum,” I simply can’t help myself. Consider it a done deal, as soon as I’m done writing this up.

This absolute monster of a track beckons back on a time where hard house reigned supreme, much like Bobby Flay in the Iron Kitchen. Yes, the BPM is at a much more digestible pace, at least in terms of today’s dance music, but the meticulous sampling, especially in reference to whirring sirens and reverberating lazery synths, bring everything back to a time where you had to call a phone number to find out where you were raving that night. That’s something most of you won’t get, but we’ll bet dollars to donuts Joyryde does.

For those of you who weren’t around back then, or of legal age to attend, a modern spin has been added with crafty bass house techniques that call on associations of industry darling, Jauz. Intertwined with those heavy bass hits is an impeccable use a wide variety of percussion, including a collection of steel drums that had me grinning ear-to-ear. Yet, as modern as it is, we’re consistently brought back to former legends of the game like DJ Keoki with impressive vocal sampling and sound effects.

Joyryde, if you’re reading this, you’ve officially brought on a flood of memories for this old timer. If you’re ever in Denver, you might just convince me to hit up some underground afterparties with you. My only stipulation is this – we have to pregame to “Hot Drum.”

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 212)


Unfortunately, the American ninjas don’t have another three day weekend. Fortunately, there was no lack of dope records coming out this week. As we do each Friday, the ninjas gather in the dojo to put together our favorite free downloads from the week that you can use to help get the weekend parties started, or continue. Here you will find twelve records from producers all over the world. They each have two things in common: we loved them, and they’re available for free download. Producers like Jeremiah Red, Kai Wachi, Havok Roth, Bro Safari, Delta Heavy and more grace the playlist this week with their incredible work. Check out the records today, enjoy the weekend, and don’t forget to #danceirresponsibly.

’Subsurge – Candy Flippin’
’Kai Wachi – TWI$T’
’Havok Roth & TYNVN – Vessel’
’Bro Safari – Reality feat. Sarah Hudson’
’NovaSpectrum – Take Me’
’ASDEK – Halo’
’Mark Khuzam – Pulse (Original Mix)’
’Corg – Enforcer’
’Delta Heavy – Punish My Love VIP’
’Dodge & Fuski – Bring it Back’
’Steve Void & No Mondays – Chemistry (ft. Clara Mae)’
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[Pop/R&B] TIDES – Take My Hand

TIDES - Take My Hand
Take My Hand

Here at TMN, we love innovative sounds that blend genres together. TIDES is the emerging duo of Dan and Innocent. These two are no stranger to production, as they’ve collaborated in making music since 2009.

“Take My Hand” features Innocent’s R&B vocals, incorporated over an electronic beat. The emotionally-driven melody fuels the feel-good vibe of the track, taking in influences from the likes of D’Angelo and Anderson Paak. The tune really embodies a positive message and makes a great song among friends and family. Peep the music video below and let us know what you think about the Rush Hour duo!

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