[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (October 2014 Round #2)


Making a playlist can be a tough job. You have to find the right songs, place them in the right order, and make sure they have the right flow. Some come out a little more artistic than others, but you find yourself making one every mood/event in your world. Now, if you tend to use the right side of your brain more than your left, don’t you fret. The Indie Dojo is more than happy to paint the pictures for you. Feel free to hang them on your fridge.

You Look So Good To Me
Magic Bronson
The Mispers
Diamond Thug
Walk My Way
Western Scene
See What You Want to
Magic Giant
Glass Heart
Freddie Dickson
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[Indie/Rock] Naomi Pilgrim – It’s All Good

Naomi Pilgrim
It's All Good

Swedish/Barbadian artist Naomi Pilgrim has released the stream of her new single ‘It’s All Good’. Pilgrim turns up the melody on this song with a much quicker beat than her previous releases. She shows her vast strengths and how she is a multiple talented artist, a sophisticated singer who can also ‘talk’ clearly through her songs, a producer who can keep up with any combination of instruments/beats put before her, and one who tells a specific and telling story through her vocals. Like this new single, about time wasted on a relationship that wasn’t meant to be but having no regrets and continuing to live her life fully, something many of us need to be reminded of in our own relationships. Always a pleasure listening to this artist, she really shows us it is all good.

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[Beautifully Unique] Tove Styrke – Borderline

Tove S
Tove Styrke

Touch of reggae anyone?
Swedish artist Tove Styrke is back with her unique flair on her single ‘Borderline’. The title track from the forthcoming ‘Borderline’ EP due out the end of November mixes Styrke’s unique voice with the melodies of reggae mixed with indie/pop. It’s an addicting song, one you have to listen to a few times to feel the depth of the lyrics and really embrace the beauty that is Styrke’s voice. She takes you on a musical journey, telling the story of how she is borderline good and borderline bad, a trait many of us can relate to. A song and voice that are sure to stick in your head and keep you coming back for more, we are excited to hear this beauty’s full EP at the end of next month.

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[Deep-House] Indian Summer – Shiner ft. Ginger & The Ghost (option4 Remix)

Indian Summer
Shiner ft. Ginger & The Ghost (option4 Remix)

After storming our pages last week with an utterly groovy remix of Sammy Bananas’ “Money Time” on Fool’s Gold Records, the underground street king of Denver Dance, option4, is back on yet another international tastemaking label, Australian based Sweat It Out, with a deep and glossy remix of Indian Summer’s “Shiner”. option4 rolls the cadence up a bit to suit what has quickly become a stellar signature blend of soul-fueled house and indie-dance while also slathering on a generous helping of punchy kicks and a swinging bassline to the original. With option4 creating such textured and danceable soundscapes with the refined ease and regularity of a twenty-year veteran while simultaneously dragging his fans into deeper waters; it’s no wonder why his layered remixes have been cropping up on some of dance music’s hottest imprints. We’ve been more than tickled with one of our favorite underground dance curators’ more emotive output as of late, and his “Shiner” remix is no different. Stream option4′s remix of Indian Summer’s “Shiner” above and equip that old sweat band (get it?) just in case.

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[Chill-Step] We Are Twin – True Love (White Cliffs Remix)

We Are Twin
True Love (White Cliffs Remix)

While much of electronic music’s rising stars are cashing in on the influx of fist-pumping teens and college students flocking towards ‘big-room’ EDM tents at festivals and larger than life, build-up wielding stadium sized tunes; some purveyors of the widespread genre are busy crafting forward thinking, melodious arrangements and expressions. Such a case study is debuting beatsmith, White Cliffs. Rather than assaulting his listeners with the same production kits used within every inch of the mainstream dance community, White Cliffs’ remix of We Are Twin‘s “True Love” is a breath of freshly composed air which receives its luster from a slick two-step drum inflection, subdued high-end percussion and just an utterly gorgeous vocal from We Are Twins. For a premiere track, White Cliffs’ subtle use of vocal chopping resonates across like a true professional musician, keeping the original’s indelible energy intact while fully communicating an educated albeit understated electronic musical point of view. This one can be swiped as a free download here, and we’re highly suggesting you do.

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I'll Pray (Original Mix)

We love this industry as a whole, but there are a few things that stand far above the rest. Landing a huge interview is always great. Covering an epic show is always fun too. However, the one thing that really makes us grin ear-to-ear is when we get to premiere the debut song from an act. There’s just nothing better than being able to say, “you heard it here first.”

Coming out of the Venice of the North, MAINS is a brand spankin’ new synth pop act made up of two Dutch producers. As with a lot of new acts these days, this duo is taking a enigmatic approach, remaining mysterious about their identity. However, these two were once a massive European act that did a world tour, including countless major festivals from the likes of Glastonbury, SXSW, and more. The only thing is, no one knows which act they were. That really won’t make a difference though, as “I’ll Pray” holds its own, regardless of any previous projects.

While inspirations from the early 80′s are stil apparent, this duo has reinvented themselves by incorporating a very modern vibe. Bringing in influences of trop house acts like Klingande and Thomas Jack, MAINS brings in elements of indie synth poppers like Tanlines and Brothertiger, crafted by incredibly charming vocals. Coupled with a groovy four-to-the-floor rhythm, we’re left in a equatorial fusion of several genres, creating something that’s truly their own and simply infectious.

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[MP3 Playlist] The Chill Dojo #103

chill dojo

A mix of tropical vibes and seductive sax is always a winner when it comes to the Chill Dojo, so there’s no overlooking this feel-good remix by one of our recent favorites in Boehm. The Romanian producer is another to add to the ranks of artists crafting quality beachside sounds, taking the sensitive original and lacing it with the sensation of a setting sun. The talented Autograf has also thrown his hat into the tropical ring this week, bringing a complex mellow sounding spin that many would recognize as “future”. No matter what you want to label it, it’s one of the best Lorde mixes we’ve heard, and we’ll call attention to it as much as we can. Moving into even deeper territory now and one of Germany’s finest in Daniele Di Martino has teamed up with a fellow countryman in Max Joni for a stellar take on the iconic ‘Open’ from Rhye. The dreamy lyrics of the original take on a completely new life in this brooding interpretation, driving the listener further and further into the hypnotic, addictive groove.

Speaking of vocal power, this next tune from Belgian-born BABEL is an absolute delight. You’d find it near impossible not to hang on every word from the heavenly Wrenn for the first minute and a half, until the stunning atmosphere takes control and brings this creation into the realm of perfection. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, sweet sweet sax. There are plenty more feels to give where that came from though, and the cult favorite tennyson is just the man to be dishing them out. The appropriately titled ‘With You’ is a track dripping with sultry flavors from the get-go, and it’s not long before that leak bursts into a wave of utter smoothness and desire. Not sure about you, but could you really go for a cigarette after listening to this or what? In any case, what does go down really well afterwards is the latest mind-trip from Saturn. ‘Looking Glass’ is one of those songs with the ability to break consciousness in a snap and transport you to whichever dimension the astral soundscape chooses.

Let that journey continue even further with the rest of these delicious selections chosen for you. Peace out.

Chill Dojo #103 zip

Mr. Probz
Nothing Really Matters (Boehm Remix)
Team (Autograf Remix)
Open (Max Joni & Daniele Di Martino Remix)
Incredibly Close feat. Wrenn
With You
Looking Glass
Zackery Wilson
RIGHT Off The Bat (Harrison Remix)
Truly (Go Yama Remix)
Promise (Demicat Remix)
Promise (tofubeats Remix)
Lovers (EASTGHOST Remix)
Goodbye (Grimecraft Remix)
Lost Feat. Muri ( 813 Remix )
Dj Rafik
Hide (AObeats Remix)
Dark Matter ft. a l l i e
You Are The One
XTC (Feat. Marti Ann)
5 Reasons
Shine For Me (ft. Vijee)
Take You Away
All That I Need
You Were Mine
Obey City
Lost Empire
The Way I Feel (Original mix)
Calvin Harris Ft John Newman
Blame (Good Life Cover)
Hold Me Down ( LCAW Remix )
How Does It Feel
Dream Beach
Missing Peace
Brandy & Monica
The Boy Is Mine (The Theorist Remix)


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