[Pop] TRXD – Crazy


If I could teleport, I would likely go straight to the Warner Music Norway offices and hug everyone there. They’ve got some of the best talents in the world, pushing pop music that is anything but ordinary. Just take “Crazy” by TRXD as one example of their incredible taste for accessible music that isn’t watered down a bit.

“Crazy” happens to be one of our favorite songs from the major label’s catalog, with TRXD pulling no punches with their explicit future bass-faced hit. Everyone loves catchy melodies, deep grooves, memorable lyrics and the F word. “Crazy” has all that and more, which is why it’s a song we just can’t stop playing. We’ve decided to spread the infection further to you, so check out the song today and prepare to go crazy in the best way possible.

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[House] Eko Zu – Now That We Found Love / How Deep Is Your Love

Eko Zu
Now That We Found Love / How Deep Is Your Love (Medley)

Medleys done well always make for fun listens. Just take the remix/cover/medley extravaganza that Eko Zu created. Now if you don’t know the tracks involved, we’re sorry, you need to go back in time and experience them in the glory days. Today, “Now That We Found Love / How Deep Is Your Love” is one product that will ease your week.

Groovy, light-hearted and ever so seductive, the trio’s creation here is just the right thing needed to honor classics. Eko Zu take the songs and reformat them in a completely new fashion, making them fresh to the ears in such a way that it almost feels like their own original. It’s just over three minutes of excitement with a taste of nostalgia to take you back. Eko Zu’s single isn’t something that we’re used to seeing often, which makes it even sweeter.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (June 2017 Round #1)

Listening to music can sometimes feel like traveling in a time machine. Certain songs can take you back to some of the best (or worst) times. And you can always continue to travel with every new song you add to your library. So let’s make some new memories with some new indie jams on the latest Indie Dojo. Life long motto: Never stop traveling.

’Alex the Astronaut – Already Home’
’The Wild Now – Run For Your Life’
’Haiva Ru – Work It On Out’
’Low Island – That Kind of Love’
’Wovoka Gentle –

’Will Heggadon – Falling Up (Single)’
’Daudi Matsiko – Houston In The Blind’
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[Music Video] Kormac – I Believe

Dublin-based producer Kormac has got a cure for any Monday blues with his latest single “I Believe” and its accompanying visuals. The minimalist video, which was directed by Benn Veasey and produced by Rufus Pinkerton, details a sequence in which a young woman rises to her feet to give chase to the ocean. Those of you that have ever tried to run in a dream can certainly relate to the feeling evoked by our heroine’s journey to the water. The visuals tie in perfectly with the driving piano syncopation, working together to create anticipation and excitement.

This jazzy dance track follows two successful albums, Wordplay (2010), and Doorsteps (2014). It is Kormac’s most recent attempt to diversify his auditory palette. The distinctly lo-fi sampling is a musical deviation from his normal production sound– it is said to have taken inspiration from “spiritual jazz and old gospel recordings”. You can certainly hear these influences come through on the brassy horn and choir-clapping that interweave with the piano beat. With kick drums and cymbals keeping the pace steady, the track recalls a classic house sound. 

Check out this video if you need a little auditory/visual motivation this Monday, and keep an eye out for more funky dance tunes to come from DJ Kormac.

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[Trap] Matoma & MAGIC! – Girl At Coachella Feat. D.R.A.M. (Crankdat Remix)

Matoma & MAGIC!
Girl At Coachella Ft. D.R.A.M. (Crankdat Remix) ⚙

If you follow our Friday Party playlist, then you’re well aware of how Crankdat likes to turn things up. He’s been one of the best remixers of the past several years, grabbing some of the hottest tracks and making them even hotter. He’s just done that again with his official remix for Matoma and MAGIC!’s “Girl At Coachella” featuring D.R.A.M..

With this remix, we get a heavy dose of hybrid bass. Crankdat straddles the line between trap and dubstep with his savage re-imagining of the soft-skinned pop single. Now, “Girl At Coachella” has an edge it never would have gotten from the original creators. Want a copy of his remix? Get it on the digital store of your choice today. Crankdat will soon be releasing his first solo original single as well, so prepare yourself for that however you need to.

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[Indie] Absofacto – Endless Summer

Endless Summer

Wouldn’t a Summer with no end be nice? Although that can’t happen, Absofacto gave us the track “Endless Summer” to dream with. The beautiful record does put you in a dream-state as it is both captivating and soothing all at once.

“Endless Summer” has a unique indie electronic sound that isn’t something you come across often. It has the ideal balance of each, something Absofacto is well known for putting together. ABsofacto has a handful of records, with more coming, but “Endless Summer” is our favorite song so far. It’s simple, surreal and engaging in with both the instrumental and the vocals. All around it’s an amazing piece of music.

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[Electronic] Wu Wei – Automated Shadows LP

If you were looking for something a bit off the beaten path, then you’ve come to the right post. We’ve got a special LP called Automated Shadows from Wu Wei to share with you. The album came out recently through Insight Music and features ten singles that are anything but ordinary.

The Humboldt creative brought a whole lot of substance with this project. It’s a vast collection of cerebral beats and soundscapes that don’t necessarily abide by one specific genre. Instead of honing one genre in with the songs, Wu Wei brings influence from various sources and combines them with his own style. Picking a favorite on this project isn’t easy, as one can’t simply be singled out. They all belong together, one cohesive musical journey that you get to experience here in the dojo.

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