[Music Video] Fox Stevenson – Comeback

Fox Stevenson
Fox Stevenson

Sometimes Spinnin’ Records surprises us with a really top quality record. A few times within the past year, they’ve pushed singles from Fox Stevenson, a bass act that you wouldn’t really expect to have releases with this label. He’s been a fresh act with them, revitalizing their catalog with dope tracks, including his newest one “Comeback.” Besides creating a boisterous glitch production that he also lent his superb voice to, the crew decided to make a music video for the track. Featuring none other than Fox Stevenson himself, the music video follows a couple individuals leading up to one of Fox’s shows. It’s a tasteful visual that is a nice addition to an extremely fun song. Check the video out below and head over to iTunes to grab the extended mix for yourself.

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[Electronic] Imad Royal – Troubles

Imad Royal

With a recent signing to Nice Life, Imad Royal, formerly known as Royal, knows exactly what he wants to accomplish. “Troubles” is the second original that followed up his impressive Cycles project from the beginning of this year, and the tune bolsters his trademark mesh of pop and electronic into a short, but sweet package. Stuttering and strong synths sliver beside his massive drum work, which you may notice is similar to his side project with SoySauce, and his foray in utilizing his own vocals has become one of the most prominent features of his releases. Imad Royal continues to intrigue, and his journey with Nice Life is set to be exceptional.

His sights are set on the future, his loyalty goes unquestioned, and he prides himself on his friends and the accomplishments they’ve managed to capitalize on together in his lyrics on “Troubles.” It makes a lot of sense, as he has worked with quite a few auspicious artists up to this point in his career, and has even been involved in producing a Panic! At The Disco song. Needless to say, 2015 has been Imad Royal’s year, and “Troubles” gives us a thrilling glimpse into this new chapter that he’s opening up.

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[Alternative/Rock] Sunflower Bean – Wall Watcher

Sunflower Bean
Wall Watcher

Manhattan-based Sunflower Bean has caught our attention with their latest single off their debut album Human Ceremony. Describing themselves facetiously as “night music” in their bio, the track “Wall Watcher” indeed sets a perfect tone for the cool kids jammin’ in the moonlight in an indie daze on your local street corner. You would just want to be their friends. Very reminiscent of the all-hailed Joy Division, the drums in this track give this song an edgy English rock flare. And with the title of one of New Order’s best hits in their album name (“Ceremony”), we’ll really never be able to get away from that comparison. Blessed with some rock-goddess vocals mixed with the perfect amount of reverb, the lead singer adds a delicate touch to the otherwise grunge-y tune making it a great listen for most any ears the entire time. Keep up the good work, Sunflower Bean. We’re looking forward to seeing where this album release takes you.

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Tors – Good Times [TMN PREMIERE]

Good Times

It’s Monday. There’s no way to shake the fact that we’re once again left staring down five full days of work. There is a way to ease the pain, though, which involves a carefully concocted remedy of strong coffee, your favorite set of headphones, and the incredibly infectious indie rock anthem from Tors.

Brothers Matthew and Theo, along with their bandmates Andrew, Jack, and Sam, make up this London-based outfit, which should perk the ears for people who enjoy acts like Kodaline, The Decemberists, and Mumford & Sons. After just one release, many have already taken to their gifted songwriting abilities, playful song arrangements, and well-crafted lyrics, and we’re pretty sure you will too.

With “Fool on the Floor” experiencing notable success over the past four months, it’s now time to focus on the undeniably charming vibes of “Good Times.” The title really says it all, as it encapsulates the toothy-grin-inducing, sing-along nature that listeners experience throughout a memorable four minutes. The nostalgic air that surrounds it makes it immidiately enjoyable, calling back on warm, indie pop tracks we’ve all come to know and love, yet maintaining a fresh and authentic sound.

To help get you singing along with this anthemic tune a little quicker, we’re also pleased to premiere a lyric video along with the song itself. To be honest though, with lyrics like these, you probably would have picked them up without it.

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Khary – Ambidextrous (Lege Kale Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Ambidextrous (Lege Kale Remix)

Rhode Island native Khary‘s lyrical dexterity has never been called into question, but if there’s one thing he has over his competitors it’s his ability to adapt to any set of circumstances, as proven on his most recent single “Ambidextrous”. Sticking with that theme, this brand new remix from Lege Kale switches things up considerably, screwing up the vocals and laying them atop a bass boosted instrumental complimented by some lilting guitar rifts. It makes for a clever, yet fun reinterpretation of the original, though hopefully not the last, as the Swim Team captain has released the a capella for any audacious young producers out there looking to create their own renditions of the tune.

“Ambidextrous” serves as the first single from Khary’s upcoming project intern aquarium, which will be available sometime in 2016; in the meantime you can check out the official visuals for the track below. Also, if you’d like to hear what else Lege Kale has to offer, make sure to follow him on SoundCloud, where you can find even more dope remixes along with some original material as well.

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The Chill Dojo #156

chill dojo

After a heavy week of news there is great comfort in music, so hopefully this week’s edition can help to provide the right feelings to get us through whatever hardship we may be facing. An emotional piece from Lendrox has captured our hearts as he crafts beautiful piano and a chill beat to accompany the longing vocals from Noctilucent’s ‘All Alone’. At only 15 years of age, it’s one thing to create such an enchanting reinterpretation of the melodic bass-filled original, but it’s something else entirely to have your work released on MrSuicideSheep. Clearly there are big things in store for this talented youngster. A little further on in years, Grimecraft recently celebrated his 26th birthday in style with a fun rework of ‘Make Me Feel’. Incorporating a number of different quirky influences from slap bass to Zelda samples, this bouncy jam has given us a much needed smile this week.

A Dojo newcomer in DZZ keeps that happiness flowing with a charming song that encapsulates the bright creativity that exists within his mind. Jumping between styles and tempos, it’s hard to pin down exactly what makes this tune so mesmerizing, but there is definitely a uniqueness to it all that can’t help but be admired. It’s equally as difficult to settle on one definition of groove, but as we concluded a few days ago, FKJ is one artist who wields the art with soulful finesse. ‘Better Give U Up’ is just another example of that signature smoothness he brings to all of his irresistible concoctions.

And with that, we’re reminded that despite everything, the joy in this world can never be drowned out. Peace out.

All Alone (Lendrox Remix)
Lolica Tonica
Make me Feel (Grimecraft Remix)
Build Me
Better Give U Up
Basic Tape
Not Afraid
Meghan Trainor ft. John Legend
Like Im Gonna Lose You (Kue Remix)
High Tide (ft. Aaron Taos)
Snakehips ft Tinashe & Chance The Rapper
All My Friends (99 Souls Remix)
Drake feat. Conor Maynard
Hotline Bling (Papermind Remix)
Here (Thoughts From A Tour Bus)
Metaphysical (Daktyl Remix)
Jordan Andrew
Queen B
Crazy in Luv (Dabin Remix)
senojnayr + madbliss
Anderson .Paak feat. ScHoolboy Q prod. by POMO
Am I Wrong
A Dance With You
Scavenger Hunt
Kiss Me Clean (Satin Jackets Remix)
AK & Mapps
Life Cycle (AK VIP)
Prince Club
Swimming Away ft. Geoffroy
För Alltid
High (ft. Sarah De Warren)
cosmos (thank u for 70k)
Rilla Force
Aii Papi
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[Electro-Pop] Limbic Void – The Doghouse (feat. Iben Bjørg Anton)

Limbic Void
The Doghouse (feat. Iben Bjørg Anton)

Norwegian producer Limbic Void and Danish vocalist Iben Bjørg Anton are a spectacular team. Artists with smaller followings continue to provide a myriad of songs that shape a community of forward thinking style and structure, and these two have devised a glistening electronic pop marvel titled “The Doghouse” that substantiates this exact point. Iben Bjørg Anton’s voice carries a resemblance to Lana Del Rey, albeit with a considerably less bleak delivery and approach. It’s here where the tune finds its footing, and the weight of the brooding production by Limbic Void crashes around her voice with grit and gusto. Alternative and electronic pop cover an expansive spectrum, and this cold, calculated sector of it obtained a significant new addition with “The Doghouse.”

Limbic Void has already been producing for a couple of years, which is evident of his SoundCloud history, and his refined construction of this song speaks volumes to his capabilities and potential. We were lucky enough to have this sent to us yesterday, and it’s been in heavy rotation since. If you catch yourself enjoying it, be sure to explore the sunnier side of his work by listening to the insanely catchy Grandstander, where he even provides his own vocals. With all that being said, be sure to show Limbic Void any support you can and enjoy the tune above!

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