[Multi-Genre] LEViT∆TE. – Mecca 004


The final phase of Mecca is here. LEViT∆TE. has pushed out three sets of songs taken from his album with the fourth and final being brought last week. Today, we deliver the installment to you.

If you have been following this release schedule, you already know these tracks are available for free. The whole album is free. It’s not something you want to sleep on either. Haven’t checked out the rest of the album? Make sure you do. For now, we’ll focus in on the four songs that close out the project. The first is the collaboration with Ian Delile and Taane Jr on “Let Me Go,” an emotionally charged song that is one of the most unique on the album. “Air Raid” comes next and continues the more laid-back style, which is furthered by the title track; one of the best on the album. Lastly, we come to “Finale” which starts with some potent piano chords, then develops into something entirely unexpected. This one is another favorite of ours. As we said, check out the whole project, follow LEViT∆TE., and download everything; all thirteen. You need them.

’LEViT∆TE – Let Me Go (feat Ian Delile, Taane Jr)’
’LEViT∆TE – Air Raid’
’LEViT∆TE – Mecca’
’LEViT∆TE – Finale’
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[Dubstep] Ray Volpe – Overflow


The young stud Ray Volpe is currently making moves. He’s always been making great records, but now the next phase in his journey has begun. He’s been picked up by the good people over at Slvyvll, and just released his first record since being signed to his new management. That single is “Overflow.”

One thing that may be overflowing soon are requests for more Ray Volpe, whether it be for his music on the internet, or in real life via shows. With “Overflow” we get Ray’s classic sound, an upbeat, emotional work of dubstep that the he even lends his own vocal to. An all around talent, Ray is someone who is going to be doing some really big things over the course of 2017. Personally, it’s been a pleasure seeing him grow for so long, and we wish only the best to him. For those of your reading, do yourself a favor and follow this dude. Secondly as far as favors go, Ray went ahead and did you a solid by dropping this as a free download.

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[Electronic] seekae – turbine blue (swindail remix)

turbine blue [swindail remix]

Anything Future Classic gets behind is something worth listening to. If they end up reaching out to you directly for a project, you should feel honored as a music producer. One person to receive that honor was swindail, who was commissioned for an official remix of “turbine blue” by Seekae.

If you read the song’s description on Soundcloud, swindail says, “hope you can enjoy this song atop a cup of tea with biscuits or patting ur dog if u have one;” which just goes to show the intriguing nature of the song. It’s a bit weird, very chill, and (not) surprisingly awesome. For nearly three minutes, you’ll be rendered relaxed as swindail’s captivating composition delivers funky rhythms and eccentric tones to your ears. This official work is out now, so if you’re looking to add it on iTunes or Spotify, you can do so now.

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Two Can – Holding On To You (NEUS Remix) [TMN Premiere]


Obviously, if we’re going to premiere a song for you, it’s going to be really dope. Today, we give you an exclusive listen to something that is exceptional even by our standards. French producer NEUS comes in with an official remix for Two Can‘s “Holding On To You” and it is nothing but pure, unadulterated fire.

Like we’ve stated before, pop meets moombahton is coming to the forefront. NEUS brings those styles together in his own unique way and we think it is nothing short of extraordinary. This is a great song even if you don’t call yourself a lover of electronic music. It’s got that catchy appeal you look for in a song, along with a sound that isn’t something you’ll come across often. We’re absolutely digging this one; no doubt it will be on repeat throughout the day and likely through the weekend. Huge props to NEUS on putting this one together for our friends down under.

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Zanski – Soul [TMN PREMIERE]


Following a successful string of releases that have racked up over three million streams on Soundcloud and Spotify, the now Toronto-based Zanski is ready to offer up his debut EP, Collapse.

This five-track collection is coming your way January 13th, but we have an exclusive sneak peek at the first single. “Soul” is a groovy little number, featuring funky guitar licks, heavy, thumping basslines, and a playful balance of alternating versions of Zanski’s own voice. Creating his own vocal harmonies with separate recordings, he’s able to blend RnB and pop seamlessly, bringing together the best of both worlds. His impassioned delivery can be felt throughout, a testament to what this track and EP mean to him.

Since moving to Toronto, I’ve had a lot of time to take in everything around me and really hone in on my music making process. ‘Soul’ is about feeling alone; like you’re not moving. It’s a feeling I had before I arrived. The song encapsulates the stagnation that artists can feel and the release that you get when there is a change of scenery.

Make sure to keep up with all the release by following Zanski on Facebook, Soundcloud, and Twitter.

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[Electronic] St. Albion Feat. Max Frost – Ghosting

St. Albion
Ghosting feat. Max Frost [St. Albion Private Stream]

While St. Albion is still somewhat of a new name in the electronic scene, he’s quickly rose among the Spotify and Hype Machine charts. Albion’s original work has featured Perth vocalist Teischa, Brisbane producer Feki and now US vocalist, Max Frost, and the finished product has been nothing short of unique.

One of the best parts of this track is its lack of ability to be pigeonholed into one sub-genre. Between the indie sound of Max Frost’s vocals, the dance melody, and climactic intro into what is more of a future bass sound there is nothing cookie cutter about this original work. The majority of the track was written in a day and that quick turn around work boasts the authenticity this budding producer is looking for and we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next. Stream on Spotify or purchase on iTunes.

Me and Max sat down and wrote the song together, It’s about ending a relationship – or getting away from something – that’s toxic. It’s not strictly about a boy and girl breaking up, it could be about anything: a bad business relationship, a bad friendship. It’s a little bit fun, but there’s meaning to it as well. – St. Albion
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[Electronic] Nocturnal Status & Dillard – Death Stroke

Nocturnal Status & Dillard
Death Stroke

Fresh from the onomatopoetically named Whump Collective comes a masterfully deep and diverse single, “Death Stroke”, composed by Nocturnal Status and Dillard. “Death Stroke” is highly danceable, with a deceptively smooth and steppin’ beat riding over sub-flexing background bass. There’s innumerable sonic snippets and details in the track. They flutter in and out with varying impact, until becoming more apparent when the sub bass drops out. All elements come together cohesively, which is no easy task. As the track moves along, a vocal sample is choked and manipulated, and some particularly industrial whumps, assumedly from Dillard, take center stage before the act is through.

Clearly some skillful sound design went into this number. Both artists traffic in inordinate amounts of bass and glitch, and can create contemplative chill music as well as chest-thumping bass jams. “Death Stroke” has a great balance of both styles. A free download is available here.

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