SIKKIE – Assthetiks EP [TMN Premiere]

Enter the dojo today to get your scoop of Assthetiks from SIKKIE. We’ve got you covered on the exclusive first listen to the Oakland to LA emcee’s EP. Complete with four originals and a remix, this project will make your Monday not suck. It’s also a free download, so there’s that.

Assthetiks is a strong trap/hip-hop EP, one of the better ones we’ve come across this year. It’s got heavy influence from the Bay Area culture and sound, which should come as no surprise given SIKKIE’s roots. Strong, simple production can be a powerful thing, which is evident from this project. All of the originals are great to listen to on your own, or if you’re looking to keep the party going late into the night. Zipse’s remix adds a nice touch to close things out as well!

’Sikkie – Cookies (ft CalyBoi)’
’Sikkie – Im Tha Shit’
’Sikkie & JLoki – Silence Of The Lambos’
’Sikkie – Purple Eyes’
’Sikkie – Cookies (Zipse RMX)’
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[House] Ben Phipps – Mrs Mr ft. Lizzy Land (JackLNDN Remix)

Ben Phipps 🐘
Mrs Mr ft. Lizzy Land (JackLNDN Remix)

Ben Phipps‘ single “Mrs Mr” with Lizzy Land was a nice change of pace from the usual Summer releases. Lizzy’s powerful performance was one of the most memorable of the season and Ben’s electro-infused instrumental was grade A. Now all the components that made the song great have been flipped by JackLNDN.

As smooth as the original was, this one is even smoother with Jack’s groovy, infectious sound. He gets down with a housey take with a deeper, more modern sound than the original. Ben’s was a more a classic, Euro electro sound, whereas JackLNDN delivers his usual fresh, contemporary club sound. This is a track you’re going to want to grab a copy of, or at least add it to your Spotify playlists for Fall. If either of those are what you’re looking for, head over to the track’s platform page today.

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[Future Bass] Thoreau X Tina DeCara – Illusion

Thoreau X Tina Decara

There’s no illusion when it comes to how good Thoreau and Tina DeCara‘s collaboration is. Despite it being named “Illusion” there’s no trickery here. It’s 100% legit.

Tina gets things going with her stunning performance that has her owning the introduction of the song. Sometimes a vocal is the highlight in a lackluster production, but Tina and Thoreau stand side by side and push forward with an incredible record. Thoreau’s work on this is fantastic, bringing a cool take on future bass to the table. “Illusion” is currently on all digital platforms, so if you like what you’re hearing, go on ahead and get yourself a copy or add it to your Spotify playlist.

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[Trap] URBANO & Greg Gatsby – So Easy

URBANO & Greg Gatsby
So Easy

Boston and Philly teamed up by way of Greg Gatsby and URBANO. “So Easy” is their creation and it must have come together that way because it’s a seamless treat. With all the talent involved in this, you know you’re getting into something out of the ordinary.

“So Easy” is a hybrid trap single that takes some subtle influence from its heavier dubstep counterpart. In regards to the vocals from URBANO, we get a mix of the more poppy, sing-song style with hip-hop lines that give this song its extra dynamic edge. Get your copy of “So Easy” today from Beatport and stay tuned for more from both Greg Gatsby and URBANO!

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[Indie] Sumera – Faith


Some people say faith is all you need. Here in the dojo we’d say that “Faith” by Sumera is all you need. Released on Don Diablo’s HEXAGON label, this indie single is not what you’d expect coming from an electronic music producer’s dance imprint. It’s totally coming out of left field, but then again it strikingly fits.

“Faith” has a bit of an R&B feel to the vocal while the instrumental shares a different tone. Sumera takes the lead with her performance that will bring chills to your core. Musically this single is an atmospheric, almost industrial feeling product. It’s not even your average tune if you take out a dance music label part of the equation. It’s a unique tune that you should grab a copy of from digital stores just as we have.

This hair-raising tune by Sumera is part of a trilogy and the follow-up single to ‘Animal’ which I released earlier this year on my label. Sumera is an amazingly talented singer and artist in her own right and showcasing talent and passion is what HEXAGON is all about. Let’s keep pushing things forward.
– Don Diablo

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 266)

Let’s let the weekend wash over us and cleanse our bodies of the worries that plagued us this week. There’s plenty of things to do over the weekend, but no matter what you get yourself into, you’re going to need some music. That’s where we come in. Whether you’re a streamer or a downloader, we’ve got you covered with the Friday Party Playlist. Below you may find a batch of a dozen singles, all streamable and all available as free downloads. Music this week comes to the dojo from the artists Kaptain, Nazariff, Motoko, DISTO, Fed-Up, SIPPY and many more. Instead of writing a full paragraph about what you’re getting into, we should have just left it at the fact that there’s an “Ice Ice Baby” remix in the pile. Enjoy! 😛

’Whethan – Love Gang ft. Charli XCX (Maazel & Facade Remix)’
’Naxatras – Space Tunnel (Kaptain Remix)’
’Ekali – Babylon Ft. Denzel Curry (Nazariff Remix)’
’Motoko –

’Y4NN – Bass Cannon’
’/ˈlo͞osid/ –

’Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby (Mikey Sky 2017 Deep Down Remix)’
’DISTO & Holly – Cutie’
’Tisoki – Time Travel (Fed
Up Remix)’
’Would You Ever (SIPPY remix) – Skrillex ft. Poo Bear’
’Matroda – On My Mind (VIP DnB Edit)’
’Terravita X The Lifted – Temple’
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[House] J. Worra – Downtown Diva EP

The house head J. Worra just dropped a hot EP called Downtown Diva on IN/ROTATION this week. The Chicago to LA producer’s biggest project yet comes in at five songs in length. Together they make for a super solid EP.

J. Worra’s cool club sound is something that has garnered attention from impressive labels with IN/ROTATION being the latest addition to her supporters. Deep, techy and incredibly fun, all her tracks, including every single one on Downtown Diva gives the listener some lively grooves to dance to. As a producer/DJ, that’s the goal right? She meets the goal time and time again. What really makes this project stick out to us is sometimes bigger tech projects like this can get a bit stale, but J. keeps things fresh from start to finish. Get your copy today.

’Track of the Day: J. Worra “Downtown Diva”’
’J. Worra – Repeat After Me’
’Premiere: J. Worra ‘What’s Your Emergency’ feat. Matthew Anthony’
’J. Worra – BNCE’
’J. Worra – Breakdown’
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