[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 237)


As we inch closer to Miami Music Week, all the bangers are coming out. Producers are pushing out the party records they’ve been holding in and many of those are being released for free. Today we share with you twelve of those records, as well as a cool down mix to get your Friday popping. Works this week come to us from the likes of ARMNHMR, Jeremiah Red, Havok Roth, Arius, NGHTMRE and many more. As you go through our selections you’ll encounter some future bass, some electro, dubstep and trap. That’s not all, but all you need to know for now. Before we let you dive in, just remember one very important thing as you go through your weekend: #Danceirresponsibly.

’Adventure Club Ft. SONDAR – Breathe (ARMNHMR Remix)’
’Alison Wonderland & Lido – Messiah (Havok Roth & Kayoh Remix)’
’DISKORD – Electrify’
’Kayliox & CastNowski – Hold Me Back’
’Arius – Sugarcane’
’Porn And Chicken – Act A Fool (Original Mix)’
’LUMBERJVCK – LITM feat. Kat Nestel (MineSweepa Remix)’
’WAVEDASH & QUEST – Off Leash’
’MssingNo – XE2 (VALENTINE Remix)’
’Hijack Da Bass – Digital Wave’
’Goosebumps (NGHTMRE Remix)’
’TEREZA pres. BADUOLOGY. An Ode To Erykah Badu.’
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[Pop] Clairmont – Can’t Help Myself (feat. Mugisho & Julie Bergan)

Can't Help Myself (feat. Mugisho & Julie Bergan)

Seriously though, what’s up with Norway? Specifically I’m referring to the artists over at Warner Music. If they took over the US radio stations, we wouldn’t be mad at all. Nothing but gold is coming out of their camp and most recently we got a mega collaboration from some of their key artists.

“Can’t Help Myself” is the song and Clairmont, Mugisho and Julie Bergan are the artists. Together they put together what will certainly be one of our favorite singles of the year. It’s future pop sound is phenomenal. It has the perfect blend from each style, however it focuses on two unforgettable vocal performances. To say “Can’t Help Myself” is catchy would be an understatement. All three artists involved brought their A game and it shows big time. Get your copy through the digital service you prefer today. Even if you don’t buy songs, buy this one.

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[Electronic] Pham & sober rob – Alibi (feat. Madi)

Pham & sober rob
Alibi (feat. Madi)

Deadbeats Records sees Zeds Dead at the helm of an imprint. You can be sure to get top quality records, such as “Alibi” from Pham, sober rob and vocalist Madi that was released through the label today. This dark, bass-booming single is just the slow jam we need to offset the onslaught of Summer party tunes that are starting to be unleashed from nearly every one else.

“Alibi” is more than simply the sum of its creators. The young Madi, who has been on a string of top notch releases including most recently a Dabin collab, soars with one of her best performances yet. Pham and sober rob laid quite the backdrop with an instrumental whose blend of emotions will have your feels all in a twist. No matter which emotion peaks about above the rest, one thing you will know for sure is that you’re digging this amazing track just as we are. “Alibi” is available today through iTunes, so if you want a copy, hop on it.

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Chex – Purple Craze [TMN Premiere]

purple-craze_artwork_swl (1)
La Tropicál
Chex ~ Purple Craze

The trio Chex is entering the dojo to unveil their new single “Purple Craze” that features vocalist Lily Grieve. In this Music Ninja Premiere we get the group’s second single, a soulful electronic record whose pop tendencies could serve as the pivotal piece in launching these creators to stardom.

“Purple Craze” is a dashing single. Vibrant, yet soft, this creation is a medicinal dose of cool. It’s got the right chill vibe, but it’s also got dance-able rhythms and grooves giving it the energy it needs to be a record fans ache for live. Chex aim to give their tracks a live feel, so we can only imagine what they have cooking for their shows. “Purple Craze” will certainly be one of their go-to songs and we’re happy we have the chance to give you a first listen to it right here. Want the song for yourself? Download it for free through the new indie imprint Name The Game Recordings.

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[Electronic] ZEKE BEATS – Dispatch EP


ZEKE BEATS has always had some interesting music to share. Recently, the Australian came out with the four track EP entitled Dispatch. With other worldly sounds, ZEKE BEATS was able to put together one of the coolest projects this year. That’s no joke, in fact we’re going to link you to the digital services right now, where you can add these stunning tunes to your digital library. You’ll want it.

Dispatch is a journey to new fronts for bass music. There’s always been a huge spectrum of just how experimental or not bass music can be. This EP has the perfect blend of each side; some non-conventional sounds mixed in with a whole lot of accessibility. For whatever reason, there is a lot of groundbreaking music coming out of Australia and ZEKE BEATS is and has been a pillar in that community. Space age bass meets new wave trap throughout this EP, with each song breaking off a different slice of sounds. If we were to go out on a leap, we’d say “Payload” is the favorite, but even we’re not sure. Check out the EP and try and pick yours!

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[Hip-Hop] Isaac Lee – Money

Isaac Lee

“Money” is money. Isaac Lee‘s phenomenal single is a classically influenced smash hit that the radio waves need to hop on quick. It’s got just the right amount of stylistic influence from the electronic, hip-hop and R&B worlds with other subtler flavors thrown in the mix.

Isaac Lee is a dynamic creator that is establishing himself as a strong force in the music industry. After releasing his first single “U MAKE ME” we get “Money.” With these two tracks we see just the tip of the iceberg of an artist with a certain mystique around him. His darky and eary tone translates superbly well over into sound. “Money” is only the second example of his work, but it stands as a testament to what true artists can put together. “Money” is well worth your money, so head over to iTunes to get a copy.

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[Chill] Axel Mansoor – Wasted My Love

Axel Mansoor
Wasted My Love

Miami Music Week is rapidly approaching, and for those who’ve attended before, well, you already know what to expect. Those who’ve yet to experience this massive music event–let’s just say it’d be in your best interest to save up as much energy as possible beforehand. With that said, we were much more than lucky when we stumbled upon music underdog Axel Mansoor’s newest production, which puts us into quite a state of relaxation.

This past week, the LA-based singer/songwriter/instrumentalist graced us with “Wasted My Love,” a beautifully crafted piece that exposes the 24-year-old’s mesmerizing sound. Axel’s passion shines through his new single through velvety vocals that give way to heartfelt lyrics. His voice melts into the melody of “Wasted My Love,” led by soothing guitar strums and a downtempo rhythm. Take a minute to give this track a listen–you won’t regret it.

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