[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 217)


Who’s ready to party? If you’re not, you better get ready, because it is finally Friday. Enter the dojo to collect some epic free downloads that we have gathered for you over this past week. Although we post music daily, we always want to give you something special to kick off the weekend, which is where the playlist comes in. Download the freebies, or simply take us with you and stream. No matter what, you’ll enjoy all these high-quality tracks all the same. This week, we have records from artists like Kids Want Techno, Loosid, Mr. Collipark, Jantsen, graves and many more. Check out all twelve while you let loose over the weekend. Recharge those batteries for next week, but most importantly, #danceirresponsibly.

’Alive (Kids Want Techno Remix)’
’Bobby – Nourmand – D E E P in N Y (feat. D.O.C. & Goodmorning)’
’BROHUG – Hostage’
’Neon Steve & Basement Freaks – I Think A
Butt U’
’Loosid – Chaos’
’STRANGER X SWAGE – Droppin The Heat’
’NIGHTOWLS – Touch the Stars Ft. Fabian James’
’Riot Ten – Strapped’
’Space Race x Mr. Collipark x Mac Attack – Clique (feat. Fatman Scoop)’
’Wooli & Jantsen – DayDream’
’Jantsen & LUZCID – Submarine’
’graves & King Tadashi – Falkor the Luck Dragon’
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[Event Review] TMN Gets Transformational at Symbiosis Gathering


When we finally drove over the Bixby Creek Bridge in Big Sur, we were only riding on a couple of hours of sleep. My business partner and I were already sixteen hours in for the long trek from the Arizona desert to Northern California’s lush Symbiosis Festival. When we finally made it to the gate a few hours later I found myself surrounded by waves of exuberantly dressed people of all shapes and sizes; I couldn’t help but feel like an outsider looking in.

This was my first transformational festival, but definitely not my first transformational experience. Fifteen months earlier I was living and teaching my way through Asia. I’ve meditated with Tibetan monks in Dhramshala, India and trekked through the Himalayas in Nepal. I mean, what could Symbiosis really offer me that was new I found myself wondering.

Yet, when I finally broke through the line and got my wristband, I began to notice; it was like driving into a dream. Not just one dream, but a patchwork of other people’s dreams.

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[Deep House] Candyland & RICCI – Touch Me


Candyland has been kicking up the house game with several of her past releases, and we’re not mad at all. The past two, including the latest one “Touch Me,” have been pushed through Monstercat, which has been a perfect fit for the Santa Barbara producer.

“Touch Me” isn’t exclusively Candyland’s, as the Brazilian producer RICCI hopped on it as well. I’m going to be frank here, deep house doesn’t get much better than this. From the vocal, to the bassline, to the percussion, to every little detail; this song is on point. If you don’t want something to get stuck in your head, then turn back now, because this is guaranteed to takeover your brain. Candyland never disappoints, and with the help of RICCI, this track was taken to extreme heights. We can’t wait to hear what each act has coming next. For now, we’ve got ourselves a copy of “Touch Me” and you can to thanks to iTunes.

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[Music Video] Xavier White x Paul Couture – Bad Blood

Bad Blood

One of my personal favorite R&B tracks from this year is “Bad Blood.” Xavier White and Paul Couture dropped this one back in July, and now they have a music video to supplement the song.

We thought things couldn’t get any better, but they do. It only fits that one of the dopest songs gets one of the dopest music videos. From the song and video, there’s certainly some influence from Drake in it, which isn’t a bad thing in this case. Xavier keeps cool with his own unique style and sound, that’s much darker than his mainstream counterpart. One of the things that the song had that really was interesting was its slow-motion feel; which is expressed to a tee in the video. All around, this is kick ass. If you haven’t grabbed the free download yet, do it.

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[Secret Ninja Pass] This Week at Beta 10/13 – 10/16


Winter weather is right around the corner, which means it’s go time. You only have a few, fleeting months left of fall, before the white stuff starts barreling down. With that in mind, we strongly encourage you to get out of the house this weekend and head down to Beta Nightclub to check out another stacked weekend of beats.

Per usual, we’re making it incredibly easy for you to get off your couch and head down. Why’s that? Because we’re hooking you up with free entry.

Here’s how:
– Head to the front door and enter the club before 11pm on Friday and Saturday. Get there before 9:00 on Sunday
– Show this post to the cashier (Valid for 21+ only).
– The deal is valid for FRIDAY, SATURDAY, & SUNDAY this week.

Knife Party - 10/13
’Knife Party – Live @ EDC Las Vegas 2016 (Full Set)’
Dieselboy - 10/14
’W.M.F.D. by Dieselboy & Bare’
Manufactured Superstars - 10/15
Enzo Siragusa - 10/16
’Exclusive: Enzo Siragusa – Figain’
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L’ENFANT – Change [TMN Premiere + Q&A]


Live music is taking over the electronic world. One of the best labels pushing this crossover is Boogie Angst. One of their upcoming projects comes from L’ENFANT, whose EP fear of… is an absolutely stunning sonic experience. We can’t give you the full EP, but we can give you a first listen to the single “Change” as well as some insight into the project.

After listening through L’ENFANT’s EP, we decided to have a virtual chat with the brothers in the dojo. They dive into their EP, which is due out in a few weeks, as well as their live show, which is integral to their project as a whole. While reading through, enjoy the premiere of “Change.” The groovy, chill single will quickly have you on the edge of your seat and waiting for the full EP to drop. Don’t worry, it will be hear soon enough!

TMN: November sees you make with your debut EP for Boogie Angst. Talk us through the concept behind the EP and why you chose to return to the label for this one.

L: As we did before, we worked together with Studio Met/Zonder to create a concept that covers the music in combination with the artwork, titles etc. As we musically moved into another direction than we used to, we created a concept with Met/Zonder which fits our new sound and makes the EP one whole thing.

The title of this 7 track EP is: ’fear of…’ and is about daily fears every grown up has. Each track represents a single fear, and it all comes together with EP title and track title: Fear of change etc. These 7 different ‘fears’ each get it’s own artwork and video that will appear on social media, Youtube/Vimeo and live during our shows.

We gladly return to Boogie Angst with this EP! Besides of the other nice music they release, they provide great services such as studio time in Kraak & Smaak’s headquarters and lots of support for which we are very thankful!

TMN: Change marks the first single from the EP. What can you tell us about the inspiration behind the track and why you chose to lead with it?

L: After we finished working on our ‘Sit Back/Sell Your Soul’ EP, that got released early 2016 through Boogie Angst, we decided to approach this EP other than we did before. Since we both got completely different backgrounds, we decided to use that as a base.

Thomas graduated cum laude at the Conservatory as a jazz guitarist in 2015, and has been writing (mostly) jazz compositions before he started producing electronic music. Oscar is producing for several years now, and has been focusing on sound design in electronic music.

This combination is easily recognised in the ‘new’ sound, and Change marks the first track we made with this sound, and strongly influenced the rest of the EP. In addition to this new approach, we also started recording vocals with Suzanne Kipping, whom appears on 2 tracks.

TMN: As well as your studio output the project also involves a full seven piece live band. How was the live element of the project developed and do you feel the ‘live’ element is one that is missing elsewhere in music right now?

We started working on the live band around 2 years ago. Because the music then was more funk based, we had a completely different setup than we have nowadays. We kept shaping the live set for 2 years, and we’re really happy with it’s current state. Lately Suzanne Kipping (who also appears on Change) joined our live band, and now it consists of Guitar, Bass, Drums, 2x Vocals, Percussion and Synths / Effects.

The ‘live’ element is a really important thing to us, and sure is a thing that we miss a lot right now. Although more and more artists are making a move into creating a live set, which is great. For us, creating a live performance is as important as creating the music itself.
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[House] RÜFÜS DU SOL – Innerbloom (Lane 8 Remix)

Innerbloom (Lane 8 Remix)

Despite being released nearly a year ago (ages in Internet time!), RÜFÜS DU SOL‘s Bloom remains one of the TMN Staff’s most listened to projects. That impressive staying power has only been multiplied by the steady stream of quality remixes it has spawned. The latest comes from fellow Ninja favorite Lane 8taking on the album’s epic “Innerbloom.” In typical fashion, Lane 8 crafts an atmospheric, melodic tune drawing out the original’s most irresistible parts while leaving the stunning vocals in tact. Although it employs a more standard four-on-the-floor approach, this rendition certainly gives What So Not‘s incredible “Innerbloom” remix a run for its money. Get lost in this blissful tune above.

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