Saba’s Ascension Continues @ Slim’s, San Francisco 5/3 [Event Review]

Chicago natives Saba and Joseph Chilliams came through San Francisco this past Thursday night as a stop in Saba’s Care for Me tour. The two co-founders of Pivot Gang, an independent music collective, delivered electric performances in front of an all-ages audience from all over the Bay Area. The show marked Saba’s first return to San Francisco since his Bucket List tour in early 2017. Concertgoers that had attended the 2017 show remarked upon the noticeable improvement in his stage presence and live chops.

Saba reppin for San Francisco

Early opening support for the show came from Chicago compatriot Jean Deaux (check out that wordplay), who later returned to perform the track “Photosynthesis”, a track on which she features. Joseph Chilliams, who happens to be Saba’s brother, took over soon after. Chilliams presented tracks from his debut album Henry Church, named solely for the English translation of Enrique Iglesias’ name. The rest of Chiliams’ set was similarly “tongue-in-cheek”, with plenty of references to eating “groceries”. Chilliams’ set could best be described as a celebration of self and sex. His upbeat attitude and stage presence reflected those of an artist with much to celebrate– expect to be hearing much more from this guy in the near future.

Joseph Chilliams, Pivot Gang cofounder

Donning a topically conscious Kaepernick jersey in San Francisco, Saba blessed us with a relevant display of passion and emotion, drawn from his youth in westside Chicago. The 23 year-old showed why he’s the unofficial frontman of Pivot Gang by captivating the audience with a solid hour’s worth of bars. He let on some signs of an artist that’s still really coming into his own, occasionally seeming surprised at the audience’s familiarity with his discography. Attendees responded with reckless enthusiasm for older tracks like “World in my Hands” and “Westside Bound”, while “LIFE” off of his most recent album Care for Me was undoubtedly the floor-shaking highlight of the night. After two solid album releases in Bucket List and Care for Me and resounding live performances such as Thursday night’s, you can’t help but be excited for things to come from Saba.

Don’t miss out on the chance to see Saba live. You can find the rest of his tour dates here.

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Sunday Night Soul [Vol. 56]

You know it’s been a good week for music when you see Gallant in the lineup. With the weather outside finally starting to get warm across the country, this week’s playlist heats things up as well. A few of these may stretch the limits of the label Sunday Night Soul, but it’s all in the name of good clean fun. Check out this week’s assortment below, and don’t forget to follow the links to make sure you’re alerted as soon as we update the playlists on Spotify and SoundCloud!

Playlist Links:

SoundCloud || Spotify || Spotify Archive

vowl. – mahogany
toriasummerfield – Young
Lolo Zouaï — Desert Rose (Prod. by Stelios)
Marcella – forever
raveena — Honey
ZAC APOLLO – Star Lovr
Hunnah – Think About It
Crayon – Home Ft. Malia Lynn
Amber Mark – Love Is Stronger Than Pride
Gallant – Doesn’t Matter
Siaira Shawn – Wrong Speed (prod. Aabo, Krs. & Mars Today)
Kadeem Tyrell X ROMderful – Focus
jutes x benny mayne – attitude
CVIRO & GXNXVS – Twisted
Jamie Lane – Sink
YellowStraps – Idle Talk
Maths Time Joy – Misunderstood (featuring Asal Hazel)
Heather Jayne – Better Than This
Emotional Oranges – Motion
⧚EimaraL Sol⧛ – Time Travel feat. TAME, The Aspiring Me
Saya – Paradise In Trouble (birthday boy Remix)
JAYDOT – Turn (Look At Me)
KMB – grapefruit
Joe Hertz – Goodbye Kisses Ft. Pip Millett (Franc Moody Remix)
Ariana and the Rose X RKCB – Love You Lately (Roosevelt Remix)
Hayden James – Just Friends feat. Boy Matthews
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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 295)

Was it just us or did this week fly by? No matter how quickly or slowly your week went, Friday is finally here and we are SO ready for the weekend. Over the past several days we’ve been collecting some high quality free downloads to present to you right here. Below you’ll find our twelve favorites including records from Hairitage, Downlowd, Qlank, Big N Slim, PARKER and many more. We do have to highlight some big collaborations with Hoverboots and Dabow (featuring RiFF RAFF) as well as Felmax with Sam Lamar and Boogie T. With all these jams, you should be ready to rage. So without further adieu, welcome to the weekend.

’Hairitage – In My Head (Original Mix)’
’IYFFE – Shocking Me (ft. SALVO)’
’Downlowd ft. Faunea – GONE (Original Mix)’
’JACKNIFE – To The Back’
’Culprate – Nightmares VIP (Qlank Flip)’
’Hoverboots & Dabow – Tangerine Summer (ft. Riff Raff)’
’Felmax & Sam Lamar – Bad (Feat. Boogie T)’
’Big N Slim – Burn It Down’
’beardthug – FCKiT’
’PEEKABOO – Arrival’
’The Chainsmokers – Everybody Hates Me (Mlapa Remix)’
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Cazzette – Run Run (feat. Morgan Bosman) [TMN Premiere]

Cazzette- Run Run (feat. Morgan Bosman)

We’re getting Friday going with a big first listen from Cazzette via PRMD. In collaboration with Morgan Bosman, “Run Run” is getting premiered right here in the dojo. Get your dancing shoes on for this one, this one doesn’t shy away from being groovy.

Cazzette went all out with this progressive original, pushing forth a composition whose intricacies are patched together to perfection. Getting Morgan on board for vocal duties was a tremendous pick, as the performance is magnificent. Every little detail strengthens the others for a full package whose replay value is grand. With all the Summer activities coming up, you’re going to want to add this one to your playlists like we have!

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Busta Rhymes feat. Pharrell – Light Your Ass On Fire (Nick Evol Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Nick Evol
Light Your Ass On Fire (Nick Evol Remix)*Free Download*

“Light Your Ass On Fire” was the major collaboration between Busta Rhymes and Pharrell from 2003. Now in 2018, instead of jamming out to the hip-hop original, we’re getting down and dirty with the electro version thanks to Nick Evol.

The dojo welcomes Nick yet again for another premiere, this time of his dark, energetic cut of the aforementioned hit. In keeping with an electro inspired sound, Nick further establishes himself in the bass scene as a unique tangent to the sounds of Rezz and her forerunners. With this take he keeps his sharp industrial edge which we have come to love. With subtle hints of the original hi-hop beat, the blend of genres is riveting. Lastly, Nick Evol dropped this one as a free download!

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Lords Of Acid – So Goddamn Good [TMN Premiere]

Lords Of Acid
So Goddamn Good

As far as electronic music goes, Lords Of Acid is an act that’s up in the Pantheon as they have been around since the late 1980’s. They’ve continued to amass a catalog of unusual works and this year it’s going to grow immensely with a new project, Pretty In Kink.

Today we have the honor of premiering a piece of LP by way of the single “So Goddamn Good” that is not so subtle in its provocative nature. But when are Lords Of Acid ever the ones to be subtle? Their mind-bending attitude fits well with their music, certainly with regard to this exciting sexual creation. If you’re feeling frisky, mentally undress yourself and get busy with the latest from Lords Of Acid.

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Kultur – Off To Get Lost [TMN Premiere]

Off To Get Lost

Take a few minutes away from work or school or whatever you have going to to let loose with a new single from Kultur. Today we premiere his single “Off To Get Lost” released on Nowadays Records. This magical tale distorts the line between reality and dreams for a mystical adventure you’ll want to take over and over again.

Kultur’s cinematic sound on this track easily activates one’s imagination. Despite it’s dreamy characteristic the song is quite lively with fast paced rhythms and invigorating melodies. “Off To Get Lost” does just that – allows you to really separate yourself from whatever things you have going on. It’s one of those songs that really drives home the transformative power of music.

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