FRND – Be Happy (Syence Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Be Happy (Syence Remix)

Even though FRND just released the single (and music video) for the song “Be Happy” that wasn’t enough. To expand the single further, FRND enlisted the help of Syence for a sweet official remix that you get a first listen to in this Music Ninja Premiere.

Syence keeps a somewhat similar vibe to the original, but adds in his own future bass touches to the mix. In its new form, “Be Happy” is a bit more bubbly, with a slightly increased groove that makes it a bit more dance-able and light-hearted. Enjoy a first listen to Syence’s take and check below to see just what the producer had to say about taking on this project.

Our remix of FRND’s Be Happy came together cohesively. We thought taking the emotionally dark lyrics and putting them in a much more uplifting scene worked really well, so we focused on all the good times we’ve had with people before they’ve moved on from our lives to create this track.

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Krafty Kuts & Dynamite MC – It Ain’t My Fault (ft. Chali 2na) [TMN Premiere]

Every premiere we do is for something special, but every so often something comes along that just has that extra special touch. Today we have for you an ill music video from Krafty Kuts, Dynamite MC and one of my personal favorite emcees of all time, Chali 2na. As far as hip-hop meets electronic goes, their song “It Ain’t My Fault” is as good as it gets with a certain energy that everybody can jive with.

What makes this song and video so great is it’s just so damn fun. It’s pretty simple, focusing in on two of hip-hop’s finest along with one of dance music’s most creative characters; however, the added comic-style animations give this project that cool trait that makes it really stand out. Another piece of this project as a whole is it blends some old-school sensibilities with a new age stamp making it accessible to all types of people from all ages. Enjoy the premiere of “It Ain’t My Fault” and make sure to grab a copy of the song if you haven’t already. Last but not least, Krafty Kuts & Dynamite MC’s album All 4 Corners is out May 19th on Central Station Records, so start preparing for it!

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[Music Video] ATLiens – Alchemy

The trap lords known as ATLiens have a new single out, along with a mystifying music video for it. Their bass-booming single “Alchemy” is colossal, with just the right vibe to take over sets this festival season. Released independently, “Alchemy” is something labels missed out on, but you don’t have to. It’s here in full with a visual component that is highly entertaining.

A lot of dance music videos that come out now go for the shock and awe factor. That’s totally fine, but it all feels too similar. With ATLiens we get something different, but it still excites the viewer without being over-done. Tasteful and intriguing, this music video is incredible from start to finish, moving through a story with some interesting characters. The entire project and all its little details are done very well, showing that ATLiens can do it all on their own, no need for a label.

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[Electronic] Joe Hertz – Simple feat. JONES (Chris McClenney Remix)

Joe Hertz
Simple Ft. JONES (Chris McClenney Remix)

“Simple” by Joe Hertz just got a makeover by Maryland’s multi-instrumentalist Chris McClenney. He took “Simple” and turned up the groove on it a few levels, giving it the sound it needed for a true Summer remix. And trust us, this one will be getting played through the Summer, likely until the end of the year. It’s just that good.

Chris McClenney gets energetic and sexy with this official remix. It’s lively, with a ton of personality behind it. Just from listening to this flip, you can get any idea of just how musically talented Chris is, bringing art back to music like a true musician would. This has quickly become one of our favorite remixes of the year thanks to its extremely groovy nature and unique sound. We got a copy of it and you should too. iTunes has got you covered if you want it in your library.

I heard the original, and was immediately excited to put my bounce on it. There was this emotional energy in the original and I wanted to flip it a little to make it super groovy and feel-good.
Chris McClenney

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[R&B] French Montana – Unforgettable (Xavier White Remix)

French Montana
Unforgettable (Xavier White Remix)

Xavier White couldn’t wait to release a track, even though he’s got a project coming very soon. We’re okay with it and we think you’ll be okay with it too. As a sign of love for his fans, Xavier dished out a free download of his remix of “Unforgettable” by French Montana. No follow to download or anything, just a straightforward download for fans.

Even though you can get this easily, it’s worth a follow or even a purchase price if it had one. If you’re familiar with Xavier, then you’ll be used to his soothing R&B sound, one that he dives even deeper into this time around, shying away from the hip-hop sensibilities that find their way into some of his other works. Xavier has been making major moves lately, so expect to see him take over this Summer and the rest of the year with some quality material like this.

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Francesca Milazzo – Little Boy [TMN Premiere]

Francesca Milazzo
Little Boy

New York City has plenty of hidden gems as far as artists go, especially musical artists. The city is home to Francesca Milazzo who without a doubt falls into that category of special musicians whose art emanates through the cityskape. Today we share with you the premiere of her new single “Little Boy” that comes as her second original work.

“Little Boy” sees Francesca stepping away from the indie dance style that was expressed by her first single “Ghosting Me.” Instead, she goes all acoustic, with her voice leading a charge of organic instruments to show another side to her project. This capacity for dynamic creations will give her an edge that some artists just don’t have. Not only does her creativity reach over genre bounds, but her voice is just stunning. Enjoy the premiere of “Little Boy” today and get ready for more tunes from this lovely lady.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (May 2017 Round #2)

Some days in life can be tough. And sometimes on those tough days there’s nothing better than laying in the middle of the floor, or couch, or bed, or hay stack (whatever) and listening to some good ass tunes. Now, finding the right tunes can also be tough (and frustrating). So we’ve done all the hard work for you. We got hours and hours of Indie Dojos that will continuously play until your ears fall off. So kick back, relax and listen for as long as your heart, soul & ears desire.
’Boykie – Jet lagged’
’Dreamspook – Island Castle’
’The Dip – Sure Don’t Miss You’
’These Winter Nights – Heart’s on Fire’
’lucas jones – ripples in the pond’
’Jacob Wylde – Ocean Liner’
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