If you haven’t been paying attention, the 70’s are alive and well in the dance community. While disco house has been around for a long time, it seemingly coming to the forefront of the blogosphere with Daft Punk’s long-awaited album. These sounds have now infiltrated into the mainstream, flooding speakers and headphones of music lovers everywhere. There are so many interpretations of disco these days, from toned back chill-wave to huge 808-laden trap tunes and Italian producer duo, PELUSSJE , are premiering three more tracks with us today and gracing all of our ears with their eloquent style of production.

Kicking off this EP (out on Ultra Records), we’d like to start by talking about the multi-decade inspired trap tune, “Ride on Time.” Fusing the vocals from renown 70’s vocalist, Loleatta Holloway, this tune transcends time by infusing those disco vocals with 90’s style pop, only to come back full circle into 2014 with a ferocious trap backdrop. The 90’s sound instantly calls on associations of other tunes bearing her samples, including “Good Vibrations,” which, of course, came from Mark Wahlberg before he was Mark Wahlberg.

Next up in this tip-of-the-cap to 70’s dance inspirations is another nod to Loleatta Holloway, using the tune “Salsoul Nugget (If You Wanna)”, released by British duo M&S, as part of their musical project The Girl Next Door. Utilizing the vocals from the ever-so-sampled Holloway, this tune brandishes samples from her tune “Hit and Run,” as well as ones from Double Exposure‘s song “Everyman.” It’s a wildly unpredictable interpretation, in all the best ways, fusing banging-hard electro house beats with disco guitar riffs worthy of any spinning disco ball.

Rounding it all out is a tune we posted just last week, “Love is You,” which has a bouncy, groovy and refreshing feeling. The synths flirt effortlessly with the groovy Boogie Nights-esque bassline, spun up with some modern hard house flair.

As a whole, this EP is a far departure from anything ordinary marrying modern sounds with older nostalgic elements. The production is top notch and comes across very genuine in its execution and the sampling makes each song that much more powerful with close attention to detail and a heavy dose of bounce. We can confidently predict that these tracks will serve as a catalyst to light up any dance floor and we are excited for what is to come from PELUSSJE in the future.

’Love Is You (Carol Williams) – PELUSSJE RMX out 28 Jan on ULTRA (Salsoul & West End Remixed Vol.5)’
’Ride on time (Chocolate Sensation) – PELUSSJE RMX out 28 Jan on ULTRA (Salsoul & West End RMX Vol.5)’
’Salsoul Nuggets (Girl Next Door) – PELUSSJE RMX out 28 Jan on ULTRA (Salsoul & West End RMX Vol.5)’

Salsoul and West End Remixed Vol 5 is set for release tomorrow January 28th on Ultra Music.

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