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[Indie/Pop] Nived – Shame


It’s always exciting seeing a new project come to life. Today we share with you one such instance with the debut of Nived via the single, “Shame.” With such a strong first step, Nived is taking a stance as an artist that everyone needs to know.

“Shame” blurs the lines between genres, imploring sensibilities from indie, to pop to soulful R&B. This sensual mixture of styles may be hard for some to manage, but Nived’s superb songwriting and tastefully catchy elements from the instrumental to the vocal lead to an addictive hit record. Look out for more from Nived and stay up to date with what’s coming through his social media. You’re among the first on-board, so make sure to share with your amigos so you can be that cool, hip friend that finds the gems early.

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[Pop/Electronic] Surprise Party! – Suprise Party! EP

We had no idea that Suprise Party! was launching, which makes sense given their name, but we’re glad they did. The duo is made up by our friend Brooks Brown whose own solo project has been making waves, as well as vocalist J Ingram.

Together they created their self-titled EP, complete with six songs that fuse electronic and pop together. Both artists’ strong suits are shown in full with this project that could see them making waves in the crossover communities. These youngsters could make some waves this year if they keep up the good work. Who knows when the next project is coming; it will likely come without warning. Stay tuned!

’I Know U Know’
’No More’
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[Album Review] Gabriel Garzón-Montano – Jardín

Gabriel Garzón-Montano
The Game

Musical identity is a nebulous concept that has a significant impact on how listeners interpret, relate to, and appreciate music. It is an amalgamation of many characteristics–only one of which is the sound itself. It determines how we categorize and, often, immortalize musicians (i.e. Biggie and Tupac forever enshrined as icons of a classic era in hip-hop). The release of a debut album is an artist’s single best opportunity to assert their artistic persona–a musical first impression is as important as any. Take Kanye West’s The College Dropout, or Kid Cudi’s Man on the Moon Pt 1; two hugely popular albums that put soon-to-be breakout stars’ skills and talents on full display. In a similar vein, Gabriel Garzón-Montano’s debut LP, Jardín, is a bold declaration of Garzón-Montano’s ingenuity– one that gives him the potential to be a mainstay of today’s crowded music landscape.

Brooklyn native Garzón-Montano is the son of Colombian and French immigrant parents, and his heritage certainly contributes to his musical identity. He cites his father’s Colombian roots as a source of inspiration. That appreciation of salsa and cumbia manifests itself in the funky and rhythmic nature of several tracks on the album. Garzón-Montano attributes his original love for music to his mother–a classically trained musician who passed those skills down. The two contrasting influences mix beautifully on “Bombo Fabrika,” a track that features cello accompaniment alongside a syncopated groove that subtly commands you to dance.  Continue reading

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[Electronic] Camino Cabal Debuts Self-Titled EP

When artists take their first step forward with a new project, it’s both nerve-racking and exciting. The same goes for us when we see someone launching a project. However, once we heard what Camino Cabal had to offer with his debut EP, we only felt excitement for what’s to come.

After listening through the Camino Cabal EP, it should come as no surprise that the man behind this has already worked with the likes of Lindsey Stirling and Afrojack. Camino’s style is a fresh mixture of acoustic meets electronic. It’s hard for some to pull it off, but he does it without a hitch; creating smooth records that sway back and forth between a poppy singer/songwriter style and heavy bass. This motif is ridden through each of the three singles. Not only will you be headbanging, and dancing your ass off, but you will be singing along to the memorable lyrics that have a tinge of an old-school feel to them. All three singles are worth the listen, but if we had to pick a favorite, we’d run with “Black Sugar Sky.” It’s just too good. Check them all out and get ready for the official EP release next week on the 16th!

’Black Sugar Sky’
’Naked Legends’
’Moonbeam Messiah’
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[Hip-Hop] Kid Ink – Bad Ass ft Meek Mill & Wale

Although the name Kid Ink is relatively unknown to the mainstream music, he is a rising star in the indie rap scene. Mixing together all the elements highly popularized in the genre of sex, drugs, and money, this Cali rapper has been steady on his grind. After releasing his mixtape RocketShipShawty and independent album Up&Away, there has been a heavy bidding war for Ink’s signature on a major label deal. Finally signing with RCA records this new year, he celebrates by dropping his major-label debut track titled “Bad Ass”. This Devin Cruise-produced single brings in some heavy lyricists in Meek Mill and Wale for a street-influenced banger.

’Kid Ink – Badass feat Wale & Meek Mill (Prod by Devin Cruise)’
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