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[Event Preview/Ticket Giveaway] Cloak & Dagger Music Festival – Denver, CO – 9/20

It seems within recent years the Mile High City of Denver, CO has been blessed with an abundance of incredible live music; especially larger scale offerings. So, when we heard our good friends at TheHundred Presents had put together one of the most eclectic and multifarious festival lineups we’d ever seen, we knew we had to get our Ninjas involved. On September 20th, The Cloak & Dagger Music Festival brings a wealth of underground dance talent, including Cashmere Cat, Holy Ghost!, Justin Martin, Thomas Jack, Kidnap KidMartyn, Midland, Moon Boots, Gigamesh, Sango, Pomo, Homework, Golf Clap, Graff as well as a few more lesser known acts championed by TMN in the past including Need & Necessity, Keepers. and Action 52 all in the span of one day. Well with the one day mega event just one business week away from becoming a reality, we wanted to extend our hands and invite our Ninja friends in Colorado (or anyone else who wants to make the trek to Denver for that matter) to try and win a pair of free tickets. As with every one of our contests, entering is streamlined and simple for you savvy readers.  Simply follow these steps below and CHECK YOUR EMAIL. We will draw a winner on Friday, Sept 19th (one day before festival). If you don’t respond in two hours, we’ll go to the next person. You snooze, you lose.

There are a few rules, of course:
– You must be 18 or over to enter.
– You are responsible for transportation.
– You must bring a valid form of ID to pick up your tickets at will call.
-You ABSOLUTELY MUST come correct with your hottest dance moves and put them on display the entire day on behalf of The Music Ninja


In anticipation of what seems like a lineup curated just for some of our dance-head Ninja readers, we’ve also put together a nifty little playlist featuring the artists we’re most excited to see at Cloak & Dagger to get us focused up on the long Saturday ahead. Why not let this playlist soundtrack your day, and we’ll see you soon!

’With Me’
’Okay — Holy Ghost!’
’Henry Krinkle
Stay (Justin Martin Rmx)’
’Of Monsters and Men – Little Talks (Thomas Jack Remix)’
’Like You Used To’
’Martyn & copeland – ‘Love Of Pleasure”
’Whatever You Need’
’Wunder Wunder – Coastline (Gigamesh Remix)’
’One Of My Kind (Original Mix)
’This Life (Original Mix)’
’Ludacris – How Low (Action 52 Remix)’


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[Glitch/House] Earth, Wind & Fire – September (Matthew Postrel Remix)

Earth, Wind & Fire (Matthew Postrel Remix)

Today, we’ve got a jukey little house tune to perk up those dreadful Tuesdays. At this point in time not much is known about Miami’s 19 year-old Matthew Postrel, and thus far his remix of Earth, Wind & Fire’s timeless track “September” remains only the young producer’s second release through Soundcloud. Matthew Postrel crafts a beat employing the filtered E,W & F samples in perfect form, creating a dancefloor melody that feels like the original, but adds a layer of glittery dance and somewhat of a dubby drum-kick. All of these elements combined had the words “glitch-house” floating inside of my cerebrum, which was the first time these genres have been fused so seamlessly; at least in my tenure inside of the music industry.  We expect to see a number of electro-house DJ’s play this one out this Summer and thought the rest of the Ninja community should be privy to this free download. Look for more from Matthew Postrel in the near future as he continues to perfect his sound.

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[Fresh] The Glitch Mob Scratches More Beats

It is hard to write a good review about The Glitch Mob because all I really wanna shout is: THESE GUYS ARE THE $%!# AT PRODUCING ELECTRONIC CLUSTERFUCKS OF GLITCH/TRIP-HOP/ELECTRONIC BEATS. No joke, no sarcasm, no bullshit. If Ratatat redefined the way we look at instrumental electronics by establishing themselves in the very genre they influenced, The Glitch Mob is out to change the current state of glitch, trip/hop electronics and transform it into something we have yet to define. Whether it is by doing it collectively under one moniker, or individually as edIT, Ooah, and Boreta, The Glitch Mob mean business by rejecting traditional instrumentation and instead relying on ‘robotic bleeps, mechanical clicks and scratches, erroneously produced noises never found in nature and an army of bass, often overlaid with gritty and organic rap lyrics.’

You know how much we loved Drive It Like You Stole It when we heard it back in March and this time around Boreta has stepped out to the plate releasing on his own version of Haiku Detat’s Mike Aaron & Eddie as well as a much calming glitchy new wave remix of The 4th Movement by french producer Krazy Baldhead (yes he is both bald-headed and crazy in RL).


EPIC: Haiku Detat – Mike Aaron & Eddie (Boreta Remix)

’Haiku Detat – Mike Aaron & Eddie (Boreta Remix)’

CHILLAXIN: Krazy Baldhead – The 4th Movement (The Glitch Mob Remix)

’Krazy Baldhead — The 4th Movement (The Glitch Mob Remix).mp3′
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[Looking Back] Scratch that Glitch, Edit

A few years have passed since I first discovered the born and bred Massachusett producer/DJ Edit. His music has more of a trip glitch aleatoric style that only Edit can write the definition for. I recently rediscovered him, and was satisfied listening to more of his recent work. His music has grown more complex, almost like listening to Aphex Twins mashed with Squarepusher completely glitched out, with a totally unique and original touch. Unworldly, if there was a space elevator with space elevator music on your way to a worm hole all the while different frequencies glitch in, then this is what you’d be listening to.

Crying-Over-Pros-For-No-Reason2edIT -Ants



edIT – Ltlp

’edIT – Ltlp.mp3′


edIT – Ashtray



Hes most recent album was released in 2007 titled “Certified Air Raid Material” a collection of collaborations and remixes with hip/hop artists and other producers. One of its most popular tracks featured The Ground and was titled Artsy

edIT – Artsy (Remix feat The Grouch)



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