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[Future/Trap] Unlike Pluto & KickRaux – Palace

Unlike Pluto & KickRaux

Mad Decent knows what the hell is up. The sub-label, Jeffrees plays largely into that, with bomb records being dropped one after another, after another. Their latest is “Palace” from Unlike Pluto and KickRaux, whose efforts resulted in one futuristic sound. A sonic kingdom is constructed by these two Los Angeles residents, and you get to bask in it. Chilled out jams this good only come along once in a blue moon. Both of these guys are synonymous with good music, so you’d expect spectacular, which is just what you get. You can bet when DJs slow things down this festival season that this song is a go to. “Palace” was released in conjunction with a B-side called “Tew.” You can check out that track and get yourself a copy of “Palace” through Mad Decent’s Soundcloud.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (September 2014 Round #4)


Goodbye, Summer. Hello, everyone complaining about the cold ass weather. You have to admit though, there’s nothing quite like kicking back and cuddling up to a playlist full of heartwarming indie music. Sometimes, music sooths even the coldest of souls.

’RiotHorse – Rabbit Hole’
’Beaty Heart – Yadwigha’s Theme’
’NoMbe – Seminole’
’Deaths – Lonewolves’
’Sundays – Theia Mania’
’Twin Caverns – Drown’
’The Dubarrys – Undress Your Soul’
’Palace – Veins’
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