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[Conscious Pop] Royal – Queen Of France

Queen Of France

Royal isn’t stopping anytime soon. In fact, he’s been pretty quiet lately, aside from his new single, because he has been working on his untitled album. As stoked as we are for that to manifest, we have to wait, but we don’t have to wait for the “Queen Of France.” Royal’s latest single is quite poppy, but it also has strong indie influences, despite those two styles being at odds. They work strongly in conjunction here to give us a special record that is both light-hearted and catchy. It’s one of those tracks that will intrusively pop into your mind during your day, except it’s also the type of song that you won’t get mad when that does happen. Want “Queen Of France” for yourself? Download it for free.

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[Melodic] Kill Paris ft. Royal – Operate (Illenium Remix)

Kill Paris ft. Royal
Operate (Illenium Remix)

The ninjas love some Kill Paris. We also love Royal, as well as Illenium. All three come together in one thanks to a remix by Illenium of “Operate” from the Galaxies Between Us album. Nick slows things down, but keeps up his melodic tendencies. With each drop, he gives us something different, which keeps things fresh throughout the entire song. The first section focuses on a vocal sequence that is accompanied by a few other patterns that help to fill out the spectrum. Later, we experience a shift to a big sound with soaring synths that energize the listener with nothing but good vibes. The Illenium remix of “Operate” has been released as a free download, which you can snag right here.

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[Album Review] Kill Paris – Galaxies Between Us

One of the main men behind the future funk scene, Kill Paris, finally released his debut album on April 14th, 2015. Galaxies Between Us offers up ten tracks released completely for free through his own label, Sexy Electric, which is home to free music exclusively.

Galaxies Between Us is a cosmic adventure through time and space that is comprised solely of good vibes. Even with the one colder song “You Don’t Love Me No More,” Corey manages to convey a certain level of alacrity in it. From the start with the bubbly “Arrival” until the end with the mellowed out “Tropical Dinosaur” you are embraced by an atmosphere of smooth, groovy goodness. Favorites include the introductory track, the second track on the album “Gonna Get High” and the collaboration with the firey future producer Royal, who’s released an official remix for Tegan and Sara.

Kill Paris has already made his mark on the scene, and with this album he further solidifies himself as a leading producer in the game. Identity is not something that is easily established and continuously molded, but Kill Paris manages to keep up the harvesting of some of the freshest tunes around that keep in line with his musical vision. No matter what flavors he uses, you know when you have a Kill Paris tune on your hands.

Like we mentioned before, Galaxies Between Us has been released for free, so all you need to do is head to his website for a copy. Moreover, if you enjoy the album, spread it around to your friends and loved ones!

’Gonna Get High’
’Summer Daze’
’Operate ft Royal’
’Space Forest’
’What I’m Feelin”
’Blame It All On Your Ways ft Marty Rod’
’You Don’t Love Me No More’
’Tropical Dinosaur’
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[Conscious Pop] Royal – Cycles EP

Royal has stepped away from his signature “refixes” to deliver one of the most important projects of 2015. Cycles, in short, is a landmark EP with its combination of a pop mentality and the ever fluctuating “future” state of mind. The level of production quality reflected here is a testament to just how much he has grown as an artist and come into his own sound since his monumental refix tape. He fearlessly has charged ahead and experimented with a slew of refreshing sounds and ideas. He even utilized his own vocals on here, while also calling on  Desktop. and Axel Mansoor for strong features that round out the record nicely. It’s hard to not get excited about the future of music when spectacular releases like this are becoming more and more of a common occurrence. Cycles is a crowning achievement of 2015 and Royal is going to end up being a household name in the very near future. That’s a guarantee.

’Mixed Feelings (Feat. Desktop.)’
’Devil Pt.I (Feat. Axel Mansoor)’
’Devil Pt.II’
’Round Two (Feat. Desktop.)’
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[Dreamy] Royal – Passenger


To start off 2015 with a bang, DC producer Royal released a sneak peek of his upcoming EP titled Cycles. Being the opener of the EP, “Passenger” showcases the extent of the diversity of Royal’s music. This tune has an overall feel-good vibe that is accompanied by a series of looping harmonizing vocal samples and uplifting synth. A light trap style is incorporated into the track, giving it a subtle drum beat without overshadowing it. It acts as the perfect sneak peek and first track to the highly anticipated EP, leaving you wanting more and guessing what the producer has to offer.

Make sure to grab a free download of this song off his website, and get your headphones ready for the January 26 as Cycles drops.

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[Electronica] Tegan and Sara – So Jealous (Royal Refix)

Tegan and Sara
So Jealous (Royal Refix)

Who doesn’t love a Tegan and Sara remix? D.C. producer Royal just released an official rework of “So Jealous”, and it surely hits the spot. Stripping the original tune to bare bone, the producer incorporates a bold synth line, a trap beat and a drop so epic it’s comparable to artists like Slow Magic. The vocals from the original track fits perfectly with the loud and outstanding character the remix brings out. With an everchanging sound, we’re sure this might not define Royal’s caliber, but it sure raises the standard in this subgenre of electronic music.

We are excited to see what else the talented musician has to offer. He’s going to be one of the most exciting acts to watch in 2015, so stay tuned!

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