[TMN Resident Artist] Nilson & The 8th Note vs Third Party ft Red Hot Chili Peppers – Otherside (3LAU Edit)

Talk about one hell of a mashup.

This week, 3LAU decided to share with all his TMN fans his exclusive mashup of a Red Hot Chili Peppers classic “Otherside”. No one else has this and we have to say, we feel pretty honored he decided to share it with us. 3LAU takes the ever popular song and puts his own spin on the song adding in some electric sound waves followed by body dancing upbeat melodies. It’s like 3LAU is taking listeners from one side of the spectrum with this song to the complete opposite and he does it well. It is hard for any artist to take such a popular hit and make it into a really good electronic mashup but 3LAU does not disappoint with this. So turn up the speakers and enjoy a new version of the RHCP, EDM style.

’Nilson & The 8th Note vs Third Party ft Red Hot Chili Peppers – Otherside (3LAU Edit)’
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[TMN Resident Artist] 3LAU Interview: Young artist 3lauing up

This month Mr Justin Blau, aka 3LAU, is working his way even more into the hearts of all of us at TMN. He has such a great story and has risen insanely fast from regular college kid to mega artist in just over two years. He’s a Las Vegas native who is finishing up college in St. Louis all while exploring the wonderful world of electronic dance music. In awe? I know I am. So on this fine day we were able to sit down with Justin and get to know a little bit more about this incredible young artist who has taken the EDM world by storm.

TMN: As always Justin we just wanted to say thank you for being our artist of the month for February it is a true honor to have you on board and we are tickled pink to get to spend one on one time with you.

Justin: And it’s an honor to be a part of TMN! Been following you guys from the start! It was always a goal from day one to be featured on the blog, even in a simple post, so being a featured artist is HUGE! Thank you!

TMN: Let’s start with a few ice breaker questions. You are a Las Vegas native, something I have only heard a handful of people say in my lifetime. What was it like growing up there? I imagine going to see Barbara Streisand or Siegfried and Roy was not a typical Saturday afternoon.

Justin: It was definitely an experience, but I never had much to do with the tourist activities. Vegas is similar to LA, same weather, similar people, just everything is toned down a bit more. It’s a great place to be to relax when you’re not caught up in all of the action on the strip.

TMN: If you were any Las Vegas casino game, which would you be? A rowdy game of black jack perhaps?

Justin: Black Jack all the way, shit’s unpredictable.

TMN: Now we know you attend college at Washington University in St Louis, you are a senior correct? Tell us, do you have typical college senior experiences? Care to share any story of a c-r-a-z-y night? We won’t tell your parents, promise.

Justin: haha well… I ended up taking a leave of absence to focus on my career for a bit, I was still performing a ton though while I was still in school. It was pretty hard to balance all of it, and I honestly didn’t get to party at all outside of the shows I was playing. Continue reading

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[TMN Resident Artist of February] 3LAU’in Up

’RL Grime vs Big Sean – Oh Gawd (3LAU Mashtrap)’
’H8 (3LAU Bootleg)’
’Zedd feat. Matthew Koma – Spectrum (3LAU Remix)’
’Sultan & Ned Shepard – Walls (3LAU Vocal Edit)’
’James Egbert – Back To New (3LAU Remix)’

Here comes that month decorated with red and pink and way too many hearts. But here at TMN we are ready to shower all of our love on our next resident artist for the loving month of February none other than our friend Mr Justin Blau, known to all you wonderful EDM fans as the mind capturing artist 3LAU. The Las Vegas native, whose career making music began just two short years ago when he vacationed in Sweden and first discovered electronic dance music, has exploded onto the electronic scene. He’s a young buck at only 22-years-old and he is finishing his college career this year. You heard me right, this unbelievably talented artists also finds the time to learn about finances at Washington University in St. Louis. Finances and electronic music, now there are two combinations you don’t see every day. But that kind of describes perfectly who 3LAU is, something you don’t see every day. He grew up as many artists do with a musical background playing piano and guitar while serenading people with his singing. But it literally was not until 2011 that Blau decided to put all of that music talent to work for himself and started making mash-ups at college. The rest, as they say, is history.

’Action (3LAU Extended Bootleg)’

’Skrillex and Kaskade – Lick it (3LAU Disco Edit)’

He went viral overnight thanks to the help of fellow college students and music blogs the internet threw him into the spotlight going from a normal college kid to an artist whose YouTube videos had over 4 million views. Talk about a change of pace. After making remixes for none other than Zedd, Blau decided it was time to start making his own original tracks and sound which is where we find him today.

So this is the month of 3LAU. He is a man of many talents with a heart that is evident through his music and also his involvement with the charity Pencils of Promise. Making music, finishing school and making trips to Guatemala to build schools, this is one busy and incredible artist whose shows we cannot wait to check out.

Hang on readers this artist is about to 3LAU your mind.

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Sunday, February 17 – San Diego Sports Arena, California
Tuesday, March 12 – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Friday, March 22 – Whim Nightclub, Pittsburgh PA
Friday June 27-Sunday June 30 – Electric Forest, Rothbury MI

’Jagger Bomb (Sander/R3hab Feat. Avicii, Maroon 5 and Christina, Tiesto, Ne
’All Night Long (Darth and Vader Feat. LMFAO, Ellie Goulding, Mann)’
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[Unreleased] Chuckie vs. Dillon Francis vs. Kanye West & Jay-Z – Niggas Jump In Paris (3LAU Boot)

The dance floor destroyer 3LAU drops an Unreleased Booty from his arsenal of insane tuneage. To make your living as a Mashup artist in this day and age is quite an accomplishment, but when your this good it kinda makes sense. This is a tune that is a sure to get anyone jumping, featuring a mash of Dillon Francis‘s remix of “Who Is Ready To Jump?” by Chuckie. And mixed perfectly with one of the biggest Rap tunes of the year, “Niggas In Paris” by Kanye West and Jay-Z. 3LAU we thank you for letting this leak on to the blogosphere, now don’t rage too hard. Cheers.

To download this monster Bootleg, CLICK HERE.

’Chuckie vs. Dillon Francis vs. Kanye West & Jay
Z – Niggas Jump In Paris (3LAU Boot) Unreleased’
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[TMN EXCLUSIVE] 3LAU Interview + Spectrum Remix

At first glance, what most people notice about Justin Blau is that he’s a young producer that writes some incredible mashups. While this is enough for some people to know, we wouldn’t be very good bloggers if we didn’t try to shed more light on this up-and-coming producer. There’s way more to 3LAU than meets the eyes or ears. Yes, he is a talented producer making party-inducing mashups with top 40 vocals and filthy beats, but sitting down with him for 20 minutes opened our eyes to the depth of his artistry.

We met up with Justin at Global Dance Festival at Red Rocks Ampitheater two weekends ago. Here’s what he had to say.

’Zedd feat. Matthew Koma – Spectrum (3LAU Remix)’

TMN: Welcome to Colorado, and most importantly, one of the most amazing venues in the world at one of the best events in EDM.How does it feel to be here at this Red Rocks, playing at Global Dance Festival?

3LAU: Thank you. I didn’t even realize that Global Dance Festival was at Red Rocks until a couple of weeks ago when I was like “Oh, I have Global Dance Festival, let me check this out.” Obviously I had heard of Red Rocks and I’ve never been here . I’ve heard only the most amazing things, and then I show up here and it’s mind blowing. The opportunity is incredible, thanks to Ha and all the Triad Dragon guys for doing this.

TMN: You also had a chance to be on Beatport live this afternoon down in Denver with Krewella. Talk to us about that experience a little.

3LAU: That was a lot of fun. I had never done a streaming set in a situation where there wasn’t a crowd, so it was kind of different for me. It was reminiscent of me when I was first practicing DJing. The Beatport guys were unbelievably hospitable. Matt, the owner, was so awesome.They gave me a pair of the III Beatport headphones, which was super nice of them. I got to play a bunch of my friends new tracks, and some of my new tracks. I think the feedback was pretty good for the most part.

TMN: As you tour and get to experience more cities all over the US, is there any particular difference between playing on the east coast as opposed to the west coast?

3LAU: Everything is so different. The way people interact with the music, what they like, and not just geographically. I play for so many different types of crowds. From the younger kids to the college kids to the rage heads even. I kind of play poppy music so I often cater my sets in different ways. I think though, the top differentiating factor is age. The second is geographic location. I think that the northeast is pretty into dance music, I think the west coast is into dance music, and I think that everywhere else is still learning.

TMN: (Grinning) Except for Denver, right?

3LAU: (Laughing) Yeah yeah. Except for Colorado. And Chicago.
Continue reading

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[House/Mashup] Steve Angello, AN21 and Max Vangeli, James Egbert, Zedd, Rihanna- H8 (3LAU Bootleg)

In anticipation of his very soon to be released Dance Floor Filth 2, Vegas based producer 3LAU has released yet another seamless bootleg, simply titled “H8.” Out of all the mashups and bootlegs I hear nowadays, 3LAU consistently makes the most solid ones out there. His production quality is unparalleled in EDM mashups, and “H8” is a perfect example of that. Taking Rihanna’s vocals from the popular “Where Have You Been” and mixing them into “H8RS,” “Legion,” and “Slam The Door” makes for the perfect dancefloor banger, just as 3LAU intended for it to be.


“H8” and Dance Floor Filth 2 are released today (!!!), and are available for download through his official Facebook page.

’H8 (3LAU Bootleg)’
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[Mashup] 3LAU – Dubsex (Skrillex & Nero Feat. Britney Vs. Daft Punk Vs. Posner Vs. Amanda)

If you come to the site on a regular basis, you know we don’t post too many mash ups. Why such bias? While I completely agree mashups are a fun/experimental thing that shouldn’t be taken too seriously, there are just too many mediocre mashes of two songs that coincidentally just happen to play well above each other. I caught this crazy mash up on Hypem today and I just can’t stop playing it. It has a little bit of everything, from crazy dubstep action with Nero and Skrillex, mainstream appeal with Posner and Britney and overall legitness with Daft Punk samples. Enjoy!

Download: 3LAU – Dubsex (Skrillex & Nero Feat. Britney Vs. Daft Punk Vs. Posner Vs. Amanda)

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