[TMN Resident Artist] Minnesota’s Top 5 Songs

Another month down and we have to say goodbye to yet another wonderful artist. But before we let Minnesota go, we had to ask him about his favorite songs at the moment. His responses are some wonderful choices, a mix of sounds to collaborate with this music wizard himself. Thanks for a grand month Minnesota.

Always (Wave Racer Remix)

’Panama – Always (Wave Racer Remix)’

You Know You Like It (DJ Snake Remix)

’AlunaGeorge – You Know You Like It (Dj Snake Remix)’

Vista (Hudson Mohawke Remix)

’Vista (Hudson Mohawke Remix)’

Branx – Smoove Operator

’BRANX – Smoove Operator’

Jakwob – Fade (Club VIP)

’Fade (Club VIP)’
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[TMN Resident Artist] Unreleased Music From Minnesota

Minnesota has decided to keep us in suspense for a while longer while he continues to work on his new music. So for this month, he is handing over two unreleased instrumentals. The first is from his remix of Collie Buddz ‘Come Around,’ and the second is his original track ‘Float,’ featuring Zion I. These two unreleased gems are available for streaming below, or can be downloaded as WAV files by clicking the download link below.


’Minnesota ft. Zion I – Float (Instrumental Version)’
’Minnesota – Come Around (Instrumental Version)’
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[TMN Resident Artist] He’s Minnesota, And He Loves That Nickname

Come Around (Minnesota Remix)

For this wonderful month of no-shave November, we have the highly talented BASS man himself Minnesota joining our fabulous ninja family. And today I get the pleasure of getting to ask him any and all questions to find out a little more about this Minnesota grown artist.

TMN: First off Christian, we are so excited to have you this month! Please tell us, are you participating in no-shave November and if so how is that going? Can you grow facial hair easily or are you a patchy, awkward growing hair guy (no need to hide it, there are plenty of guys out there who have this problem).

M: Na, I’m not participating in the No Shave November, mainly because I have some of that patchy, awkward growth when I try growing a full beard.

TMN: So let’s start off kind of at the beginning. You are a Minnesota native from one of the small towns in Minnesota, tell us a little about what it was like growing up there, what were some of your favorite things to do as a kid?

M: I grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis and really enjoyed it there. I was just a normal Minnesota kid, played a lot of snowboarding and sledding until I turned 12 and started getting into music.

TMN: Did you have any musical idols growing up?

M: I was super into Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd when I first got into music.

TMN: And as a kid, when was the first time you actually discovered music for yourself? Were you a singer or did you play any instruments, was your household a music household?

M: When I turned 12 I started playing guitar and getting really passionate about music.

TMN: You eventually moved to California when you were 18 and there, your friends dubbed you the nickname Minnesota. Were you ok with that nickname or were you like, I kind of wanted to be called bone crusher or something more along those lines?

M: Haha, na I actually WAS stoked on the nickname. I was always called nicknames growing up and I actually liked the new one that my friends gave me when I moved out to California.

TMN: The story goes that you really started to embrace EDM music after you went to Symbiosis Gathering. Kind of take us back to that moment when you were there, in the desert, surrounded my people dancing and electronic music blasting and tell us what that experience was like to make you decide to immediately pursue making that genre of music?

M: I went to Symbiosis only knowing a few of the artists on the lineup, but was suprised to see that all the producers and DJs, many unknown to me, were incredible performers. The art, workshops and the fact that the event wasn’t just about the music also inspired me to pursue a career that was closely tied in with this culture.

TMN: Now, you released your first EP ‘Panda Snatching Tycoon’ back in 2011 and found nationwide critical acclaim almost immediately. Besides the awesome title, tell us how that felt to release your music into the world. I’m sure there were nerves and doubts and sleepless nights, how did it feel though after you got your music out there?

M: Whenever I put out any sort of music, right before and after the release I’m always very anxious to see how it will be received, but I was very happy with the results of my first EP, especially when it a couple of the tracks started to get play by Bassnectar.

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[TMN Resident Artist for November] Minnesota

Seven Lions
Fevers feat Minnesota & Mimi Page

There are some really great things about November. Let’s start with that wonderful holiday where we stuff ourselves full of turkey, or that guys participate in no-shave-November (a good thing and a bad thing I guess), and the season shifts to fall. But the one thing that I am really looking forward to this November is getting to know Minnesota on a more intimate level.
And no, I’m not talking about the state.

I am talking about the wonderful dubstep artist Christian Bauhofer, aka Minnesota, a nickname he received when he made the move from Minnesota to California. The man has been playing guitar since he was twelve but he didn’t find his true calling in the electronic music world until he attended Burning Man in 2009 where he was captivated by the beats and melodies and energy of EDM. He immediately bought his first Ableton Live and within a few months was making hip-hop remixes, liked by anyone who heard them, and from there Minnesota grew into the artist he is today.

Minnesota released his first EP “Panda Snatching Tycoon” in 2011 and was immediately recognized as an artist to watch. This past spring he completed his first headlining tour and with 2014 rapidly approaching, Minnesota is dedicating a lot of his time to the studio to make some new music magic.
A great thing about Minnesota’s music is he can’t be put into just one category, oh no, his music covers so many subgenres with its uniqueness that it has mesmerized the hearts and minds of an eclectic group of fans.

If he were to describe his music he would say it is BASS: ““My goal is to make bass heavy Dubstep/Glitch-Hop music that’ll get you dancing, but it is not the same old three note transformer step,” and, “I try to focus more on the melodic side of Dubstep, and hopefully, make quality songwriting a more relevant factor in the genre.”

Minnesota’s goal is simple: to release diverse productions that can win over any crowd. So this month, we are getting cozy with this diverse artist and seeing just what makes Minnesota, Minnesota.

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[MP3 Playlist] The Chill Dojo #50

Summer is certainly the season of music and this year has been very good to us indeed. Our recent Mega Summer Playlists are testament to that, not to mention the months of amazing chill music that have brought a whole variety of unique sounds to our ears. Even though the season is winding down now, as long as we have these vibes flowing through the speakers, the feelings of summer will never fade. And that’s exactly how it should be, all year round.

If you didn’t catch our earlier preview of the new single from RAC, this is your official message that it’s one not to be missed. Everything is perfectly on song with this chilled summer anthem, from the groovy chords to the fun lyrics just made to be sung along with friends. The whole track has a free-spirited feel that you wish could last forever. And when it comes to summer anthems, Bondax has quite a few to their name this year, with ‘Giving it All’ sure to be on everybody’s shortlist. Add in the funky bouncing style of French Kiwi Juice to that equation, and you have a certified winner. We also have to pay our respects to Kaytranada this season, for his work would have been part of many a summer festivity in plenty of cities all over. He’s currently embarking on a winter tour of Australia right now, but if these next two features are any indication, he’s sure to be heating things up and getting dancefloors bumping. Whether it’s on a sweet instrumental or on the remix, he always brings the fire. Now usually when it comes to females featuring on chill tracks, we’re praising the incredible vocals they bring to the song. It’s not often we get to speak about female producing talent, but Poland’s Chloe Martini is definitely one on our radar, and damn are we excited about what she brings to this mix. We really do hope this will be a common trend in these playlists in the near future. What has been a common occurence in recent weeks though is the work of DJ AA, who’s back again with a blend of French Kiwi Juice and The Fugees, which sound like the ingredients for the perfect summer cocktail. Well it’s a damn good mix and we’d certainly drink it all day.

Actually, a cocktail would go down pretty well with this playlist. We recommend mixing one up before you hit that play button. Peace out.

Chill Dojo #50 zip

’RAC – Let Go (ft. Kele & MNDR)’
’Bondax – Giving It All (French Kiwi Juice Remix)’
’Kaytranada – Seeu Enni Way’
’Cyril Hahn – Perfect Form (Kaytranada Edition)’
’Brownstone – If You Love Me (Chloe Martini Remix)’
’Ready Or Not (AA ‘Lying Together’ Bootleg)
The Fugees & FKJ’
’Oisima – Everything About Her (Taku Remix)’
’stwo – Liz (Druid Cloak Remix)’
’Abigail Wyles – Mantra (Andrea Remix)’
’Rihanna + Evil Needle = Pour it Up’
’King Krule – Easy Easy (JaeGenius Remix)’
’Minnesota – Stardust Redux (Nanda Remix)’
’Sizzlebird – Make A Wish’
’Felxprod – The Wolf Feat. Thallie Ann Seenyen (TMass Remix)’
’Gero – Turn Around (feat. Kullai Timi) (Satin Jackets Remix)’
’Jason Burns – Back 2 You (Remix)’
’Chris Malinchak – So Into You’
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[Electronic] Seven Lions – Fever ft Minnesota + Mimi Page (Show tonight in Denver)

Seven Lions
Fevers (Ft. Minnesota and Mimi Page)

Listening to Seven Lions today, also known as Jeff Montalvo, it is hard to believe this California native was once a metal and punk-inclined drummer but then again, all of his pieces have some major drum beats that take over every listener’s body. No exception to this is his recently released “Fevers” featuring the very talented Minnesota and the captivating vocals of Mimi Page. This beautiful song captures the very sound that is Seven Lions, a mix of electronic melodies with haunting lyrics and progressive beats. At 1:30, Seven Lions throws down an explosion of impulsive sound that swirls through the eardrums. Montalvo had a unique sound that continues to amaze and wow the music industry as well as his fans, all of them always excited for what he will bring next.

If you are in Denver tonight, be sure to stop by Cassleman’s for the Global Dance Pre-Party where Montalvo will be throwing down his unbelievably impressive music.

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