Moving Castle Interviews [TMN RESIDENCY]

As we close out our month of Moving Castle, we wanted to take a moment to get to know a few of their members. This should come as no surprise to you, as we always include an interview with our Residency program. However, this particular one required a little change of pace.

It would have been mayhem to write and execute a half dozen individual set of questions, so, we sent out a Google form with a standard set of questions. Some cover their artistry, some are just downright silly.

Sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and spend some time learning about a handful of quickly rising artists.



’Moving Castle Mix Chapter 3 (PreCounterpoint)’

TMN: Talk to us about how you got into music. Was in encouraged by your family growing up, or did you get into later in life?

I’ve always been into music but my first experiences were when I got a keyboard for Christmas when I was 10. Then I got into Linkin Park in elementary school, followed it into a metal band, and then when that ended me and Nabhanyu formed HYDRABADD. Then production and DJing became my focus and I’ve been at it ever since.

TMN: What was your first live performance like?

My first live performance was playing guitar in middle school with a cover band at a bar/restaurant doing Green Day songs and Sweet Child O’ Mine lol. I did the solos, it was tight.

TMN: Tell us about one moment in your musical career that has made you say “Holy shit! I can’t believe that just happened.”

There’s been so so so so so so many but most recently diplo liking my snoop/pharrell remix was crazy. It’s still unbelievable to me that people of that caliber are finding things that I’m making at home.

The most memorable was being selected as one of 25 ppl in the southeast to participate in RBMA’s Basscamp program at Bonnaroo. They had studios on site and lectures from people like Mannie Fresh and Thundercat, it was unbelievable spending personal time with them and also working with all the other participants.

TMN: How long have you been a part of Moving Castle?

Since Volume 3, Porsche Sunset was my first contribution

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Introducing Our Resident Artists for May – Moving Castle [TMN RESIDENCY]

This month, we’re changing things up with our Residency Program. We normally like to focus on one of our favorite artists, but, there’s a collective out there who’s sweeping through the blogosphere like a wildfire. While some of you might be familiar with a few of the Moving Castle’s artists, or at the very least, their long-sleeved tees that are seemingly everywhere, we know that you’re not familiar with every single artist. We’re going to change that this month.

To kick things off, we’ve put together a playlist that features one song from each of the 22 artists within the collective. This way, you can at least get introduced to each of these talented producers musically, and we’ll bring you deeper insight as the month goes on.

After you’re done jamming to this playlist, head over and pick up their last four collections, Moving Castle I, II, III & IV:

’London – Juice (AObeats Remix)’
kuura – Breathe’
’Teedra Moses – Be Your Girl (Bamf remix)’
’Dirty Chocolate x Bonae Bonae – Wave’
’Catt Moop – Joule Max like its hot’
’Fellow Feeling (Chet Porter Flip) – Porter Robinson’
’The Weeknd — Where You Belong (Dave Luxe Edit)’
’The WAYO – Lay It Down (Dirty Chocolate Remix)’
’Dugong Jr – Ur Body’
’Geotheory – Gypsy Woman’
’Hunt for the Breeze – Awake feat. Josh Jacobson’
kuura & HYDRABADD – Porsche Sunset’
’Jailo & Vices – Loving You (Long Time)’
’Certified Freak (Jailo & Yung Wall Street Refix)’
’Mocki – Weekend (Jai Wolf Remix)’
’Josh Jacobson – Underground’
’Kappa Kavi – Talk 2 The Heart’
’The M Machine – Don’t Speak (Manila Killa Remix)’
’BEARSON – Imposter (feat. Mark Johns)’
’Robokid – Helix’
’Rowdy Rebel – Computers ft. Bobby Shmurda(Vices & Gutta Remix)’
’Didrick // A Part Of You (WRLD Remix)’
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[Compilation] Moving Castle Vol. 004

Moving Castle is back! There’s no denying the influence that this talented group has built, especially with their signature brand reaching some of the highest levels in electronic music (*cough* Skrillex *cough*). Their expansion in such a short time with four projects under their belt is inspiring to say the least, and this newest endeavor finds Moving Castle at a defining point within their rise. With each collection, there’s been an increase in the number of artists that contribute, and the scope of the overall sound they are envisioning flourishes alongside that fact.

The importance of diversification within music can never be overstated, and the inclusion of a myriad of unique upcoming producers, vocalists and beatsmiths has set up this stellar assortment to be their most ambitious project to date. From names new to the compilation series, like Treehaus, Catt Moop and Chet Porter, to founding members, Robokid, AOBeats and Manila Killa, Vol. 004 shines brightly with an all star roster, and the quality reflected throughout speaks volumes as to what Moving Castle is capable of achieving. We’ll go ahead and let the music doing the talking now, so stream the glossy and pristine new volume below. Be sure to grab your own free copy here also!

’Treehaus – Underground’
’Bamf – Aquarium’
’Dirty Chocolate Ft. Yung Bae – Summer Nights’
’Robokid – Helix’
’Vices & Jailo & BrassTracks & K.B. Starr – We Bout It’
’ELOQ & QRION – Beach 2.0’
’AObeats & Jai Wolf & Manila Killa Ft. Mark Johns – Diamonds For Breakfast’
’Dugong Jr – Ur Body’
kuura – Breathe’
’Hunt for the Breeze – Awake feat. Treehaus’
’Yung Wall Street – Chettles’
’Chet Porter – Aluko River’
’Kappa Kavi – Phantasm’
’Catt Moop – Advance’
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[Seductive] Moving Castle Vol. 002

Moving Castle just dropped their newest compilation, and it is going to break the internet, even more than the last one. With their OG members on it, and some newcomers, these ninjas aren’t playing. Not sure if we could really pick a favorite out of this new compilation, but two that really stuck out were Food Diaries, and Dave Luxe’s “Give Me Tonight”. If I had to say so myself, these boys, and girl, are going to be some of the biggest acts of their style very soon.

’Hunt for the Breeze – Transmission Loop’
’AObeats x Manila Killa x Vices – Food Diaries’
’Dave Luxe – Give Me Tonight’
’WRLD – Rapids’
’Robokid x Ba
kuura – Pegasus’
’Dugong Jr – In Love’
’Jailo & Kappa Kavi – Quickie’
’Strehlow – Kyo Ft. Mark Johns’
’Stay The Night (Yung Wall Street Flip)’
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