[Future] Atlas Bound – Tell Me (Prince Fox Remix)

Atlas Bound
Tell Me (Prince Fox Remix)

What happens when future meets downtempo? This track has the answer. Australian duo Atlas Bound has been carrying the torch for Next Wave Records by releasing a series of juicy tunes, including “Tell Me”, which is remixed by NY-based producer Prince Fox, who once again proves that his music knows no boundaries and manages to turn anything into epicness.

This ominous tune gets the Prince Fox treatment with bold synths and statement drums. Without tweaking the soulful vocals that much, Prince Fox gives it a Flume-y vibe without overshadowing the powerful vocals that resemble the voice of singer Alex Clare. The combination of the two types of music is surprisingly addicting. If you’re fan of either one of these artists, this track will be stuck with you for a long time.┬áMake sure to grab a free download of this tune via ToneDen or click here. We’re excited to see what these up and comers have in store for us.

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[Electronic Pop] Kimbra – Settle Down (Prince Fox Remix)

Settle Down (Prince Fox Remix)[Warner]

Prince Fox is switching gears from his usual grandiose, future bass production as he prepares his original EP that is set to be out sometime later this year. He’s crafted a bubbly revised edition of pop darling Kimbra that scales back on his familiar sidechained goodness in exchange for more of a tune with a head bobbing nature. Mallet style synths drip along the rumbling drums as Kimbra’s voice is allowed to shine throughout the tune, creating a sense of just what pop could really be capable of if more of its artists were willing to explore new boundaries within the genre. This is a much more toned down version of Prince Fox, and it’s piqued our interest as to what to expect from his upcoming EP. He graciously given us a free download, so snag your copy and enjoy!

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[Future Bass] Lemaitre – All I Need (Prince Fox Remix)

All I Need (Prince Fox Remix)[Astralwerks]

NY-based producer Prince Fox has been on a roll with new releases! Putting his new trap sound to an experiment with his side project Mr. Ghost, the do-it-all producer continued the hype by putting out a collab remix with Hotel Garuda, hitting a quarter million plays in less than a week. To keep the ball running, he released this remix titled “All I Need” on Astralwerks, originally by Norwegian indie electronic duo Lemaitre. This tune is an exploitation of his signature synth-wave sound, in which Prince Fox now masters and takes it to a whole ‘nother level. The instrumental-heavy electronica shapes his style of music, resembling the glitching sound by the almighty Flume. It’s one of those tunes you just have to listen for yourself, because words cannot describe how incredibly addicting and catchy it is.

Prince Fox’s music has become more complex and diverse as exemplified by these recent releases, and we could not wait to see what else he has in store for us. Definitely one of the most exciting artists to watch in 2015.

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[Future Bass] Kanye West – All Of The Lights (Prince Fox X Hotel Garuda Cover)

Kanye West
All Of The Lights (Prince Fox X Hotel Garuda Cover)

Being that it was Hotel Garuda‘s 1st birthday couple days ago, they decided to treat their fans (and themselves) to a collab remix with NY-based producer Prince Fox. Stripping down Kanye West‘s “All Of The Lights” and dressing it up with a future bass outfit, the three talented individuals did the then-Top 40 track justice by showing creativity and originality. Starting off with a series of pleasant piano chords, the hip-hop classic is then suited with a house beat accompanied by vocal samples that are robotized and lowered in pitch. A catchy bassline combined with bold synth leave everyone in awe as to how the heck they managed turn the original into this future house goodness. The celeste synth in the middle that color the main melody of the track steal the spotlight unexpectedly, giving it a rather ominous and mysterious vibe.

With this release, both Hotel Garuda and Prince Fox once again proved that genres don’t define their music. Every remix has been a surprise, showing diversity and talent. You’ll be on your toes anticipating for new stuff coming out. Hats off to these producers, and stay tuned!

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[Post-Trap] Cazzette – Blind Heart (Prince Fox Remix)

Blind Heart (Prince Fox Remix)

Following the success of his last hit remix “Stay With Me”, Prince Fox has been on a roll with producing dope tunes. Coming out with yet another Cazzette remix, the NY-based producer is gaining popularity in an unbelievable pace. “Blind Heart”, similar to his “Sleepless” remix, exemplifies Prince Fox’s signature post-trap rendition to a rework and it gets your adrenaline going like no other. Featuring vocal samples from UK singer The High, he replaces the original house drop with an epic synthwave melody that is extremely catchy and addicting. The heavy hitting drums just further accentuates the post-trap approach of the tune.

With an eargasmic sound resembling Flume, Prince Fox is set to take over the genre with these eye-opening jams. You don’t want to miss out on any new features by the talented artist, so stay tuned!

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[Future Bass] Florence & The Machine – ‘You’ve Got The Love’ (Prince Fox Remix)

Florence & The Machine
'You've Got The Love' (Prince Fox Remix) [Republic/Casablanca Records]

As we prepare for yet another weekend of pandemonium, we can’t help but get our Friday going with the latest from up and coming TMN favorite, Prince Fox. After gaining much support from his most recent releases, Prince Fox has racked up a substantial following on his social media outlets and has everyone biting at the bit for more music. We’ve been a fan of his since the earlier days of his coming and believe he’s giving us a peek into the future. Today we are stoked to share his latest Future Bass phenomena of Florence & The Machine’s “You’ve Got The Love”. Honing in on his signature side-chained synths, chopped vocals, and powerful progressive builds, Prince Fox has yet to fail us in his attempt to shine bright like a diamond (hmmm….remix idea?). So as you prepare for the festivities for the night, make sure to kick things off the Prince Fox way because you’ll definitely be feeling the love after a few more beers. Cheers, ninjas!

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[Trap] The Chainsmokers – #SELFIE (Prince Fox Remix)

The Chainsmokers
#SELFIE (Prince Fox #Remix #Edit)

We already know what you’re thinking, “#SELFIE? Please no.” Don’t worry, we aren’t here to get The Chainsmokers viral jam stuck in your head, but let’s face it, you’re probably trying to decide what filter to use for the selfie you just took. XX Pro or Valencia? We understand you want to look tan.

After perusing through SoundCloud, we stumbled across yet another #SELFIE remix and thought to ourselves, “not this again”. Little did we know, we had just discovered the most hyphy remix of this track to date. New York producer/student, Sam Lassner – AKA Prince Fox – decided to twerkify The Chainsmokers’ #SELFIE and give us another justified reason to take narcissism to the next level. As if we aren’t egotistic enough in this world, Prince Fox made it clear that being self-absorbed is acceptable by society…especially if you’re able to dance it out at the same time.

With a roaring bass-line strong enough to set off the San Andreas fault, Prince Fox puts his signature tweak on this revolutionary gem and takes #SELFIE to a dimension full of 808s and grimy beats – two of which are in this song. Have a listen for yourself but make sure you have your cameras ready.

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