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White Room – Cable-Built Dreamland [TMN PREMIERE]

White Room
Cable-Built Dreamland

“Cable-Built Dreamland” is a trippy walk back, past a couple of decades, landing squarely on the corner of Haight and Ashbury sometime in the late 60s. Crunchy guitar riffs are paired perfectly with soaring basslines, and radio-friendly choruses, making whoever is enjoying this audible trip through the space-time continuum want to sprawl out on the floor with a tasty joint, a hoppy IPA, and some top-notch speakers. In fact, when I’m done writing this, I might do just that.

Until then, I will let you know that this peach of a track is coming to you via fresh, new indie rockers, White Room and the fine people at Deltasonic Records (The Coral, Vryll Society). It’s the latest offering from their upcoming EP, Eight, which I’m eagerly waiting to dig into further after hearing this gem.

As I mentioned before, it definitely bubbles up with influences from well beyond these cats’ times. Yet, as much as it beckons on an entirely different era of music, it maintains plenty of modern pop sensibility that could very well swing some youngsters into exploring their grandparent’s vinyl collection in the basement. And, for that, I’d like to offer up a profuse message of gratitude. It’s not every day an act can pull off a decade-transcending feat like “Cable Built Dreamland” does.

If you’re digging this tune, I’m guessing you’ll dig their live show. Find a date below and go pick up some tickets.

Live Dates:
Oct 22 – The Loft, Southampton (w/The Vryll Society)
Oct 23 – Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, London (w/The Vryll Society)
Nov 25 – Live At Leeds Big In 2018 Showcase

Debut Headline Tour
Nov 27 – The Hope & Ruin, Brighton
Nov 28 – The Shacklewell Arms, London
Nov 29 – Actress & Bishop, Birmingham
Nov 30 – The Magnet, Liverpool
Dec 02 – The Eagle Inn, Manchester

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Sleep Millennium – Machines [TMN VIDEO PREMIERE]

After a long, arduous week, I often find myself slipping into a neat glass of whiskey, winding down with a choice selection of tunes. Sometimes the atmosphere lends itself to the dreary nature of the preceding days, which, coincidentally, seems to bring me up and out of my work-induced haze.

Among the usual cast — Nick Drake, Pink Floyd, Elliot Smith — there are always a spattering of up and coming acts, and Sleep Millennium is one of them. If you’re not quite up to speed with this Portland-based five-piece, don’t panic. You’ll be well acquainted after today.

“Machines” is the latest offering from Josh Schroeder (vocals, guitar), Miranda Vettrus (synth, guitar, vocals), Ronan Baker (guitar, vocals), Jarred Venti (bass, vocals) and Joshua Hawkins (drums, vocals). As expected, this offering is absolutely gorgeous; a well-thought out and well-produced gem through and through.

With crackling atmospheric noise and dancing keys setting the tone at the get-go, “Machine” subtly comes out of a deep slumber. Soft, acoustic strumming and Josh’s enveloping vocals are warm and familiar, however, the addition of sparingly-used, piercing, electric guitar riffs particularly grabbed a hold of me. In fact, I couldn’t help but notice the nod to Pink Floyd here, whether it was intentional or subconscious.

If you’re digging “Machines,” make sure to tune in for the rest of the debut full album, which officially releases in April of 2018.

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Vilde – Just Visiting [TMN VIDEO PREMIERE]

Just Visiting

I’ve been enamored with the quirky, unpredictable, and off-the-beaten path Vilde since April, when I had the opportunity to premiere “Maintain.” Today, I find myself in another dreamy trance, completely encompassed by unconventional, yet rather irresistible offerings from this Melbourne-born, Stockholm-based artist.

The combination of distortion-rich basslines, fluttering synths, and clean guitar work set the perfect backdrop for Vilde’s inventive vocals, welcoming listeners into another piece of his debut collection, Study Dance. As much as it is calming, “Just Visiting” is equally engaging, presenting a weird set of emotions throughout the ride. My advice? Just sit back and succomb. It’s an otherworldly experience.

This track wraps up the collection, which you can check out here. If you happen to be in either London or Stockholm next month, make sure to head out and catch his live show. You can find all the important details right here.

Video produced & edited by Elin Ghersinich.

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Martin Luke Brown – Opalite [TMN PREMIERE]

In all honesty, it’s been a while since I’ve reviewed something. I’ve been in a weird spot musically, combing back through albums from my youth, unimpressed with a lot of recently released work. While I’m sure you give a proper shit about what I’ve been listening to, you should know that Martin Luke Brown broke me out of that spell.

“Opalite,” his second single on Manchester indie label LAB Records, is a slightly more pop-forward track than his last release, “Into Yellow.” However, as much as it delves into something you might catch on the radio or a commercial for a trendy brand, it still maintains a rugged, real, and intrepid personality. That’s mostly thanks in part to MLB’s gritty, yet still wonderfully, soulful voice which immidiately grabs you.

‘Opalite’ as a song began with this hypnotic little drum loop and the words just came out. I write placeholder lyrics all the time and then chip away at them until they’re complete but I pretty much stuck with what rolled on ‘Opalite’. It just felt right. It’s about finding hope in something and not wanting to let it go. Whether you find that hope in superstition or religion or love. Whatever really

Gorgeous vocals aside, there is plenty of instrumental intrigue that will have you nodding in approval. I can personally attest to this and would like to offer a wholesome thank you. MLB, you’re talents have broken this old musical curmudgeon out of gridlock. I’m now flying down the highway, jamming to “Opalite,” grinning ear-to-ear.

Make sure to check out Martin Luke Brown’s work beyond “Opalite,” as it’s simply brilliant. I’ve included “Into Yellow” below, because I just couldn’t help myself. It’s that good.

’Into Yellow’

Artwork Credit: Bjorn Franklin

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High As A Kite

Gold Coast-based six-piece FAIRCHILD want you to be enveloped by their tunes. It’s ever-apparent in their sultry guitar work, booming basslines, driving percussion work, and catch-as-all-hell hooks. “High As A Kite” certainly fits that narrative, showcasing the anthemic, widespread appeal these cats are capable of producing.

I first wrote “High As A Kite” on piano and it sounded quite sweet. But by the time we were in the studio, the track had morphed into this sort of passive aggressive anthem. I could detect this vein of anger running through the whole song. There was nothing about it that made you want to pump your fist or break something. It’s the sort of anger you swallow every time you have to bite your tongue and think something instead of saying it. The anger you hold back. – Adam Lyons

Accompanying their recent debut album release (August 4th via Canvas Sounds), FAIRCHILD is offering up a visual experience for one of their singles from So Long and Thankyou. Cuts of LA skyline, softly lit palm trees, and action footage from the band members tie together perfectly in this visual representation, complementing the powerful nature of the tune perfectly.

“High As A Kite,” and the rest of the album, can be picked up via your favorite digital music store as of right now.

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The Munk Machine Finally Makes His Way to Denver

’Gil Scott Heron – Whitey On The Moon (The Munk Machine Remix)’

A few months ago, the collective dance community was on the hunt for a mysterious Producer/DJ called The Munk Machine. It wasn’t because of a new release that caught the ear of a radio icon like Pete Tong or Zane Lowe. It wasn’t due to a well-calculated marketing campaign burning through a major record labels’ budget. Nope. It all came from a grassroots movement–one that was designed to help shine a light on some of the undiscovered talent out there.

Led by Producer/DJ/Promoter/Talent Buyer/all around amazing human being Brennen Bryarly, aka option4, this campaign caught the eyes and ears of nearly every major music news outlet that exists. The concept was simple. Any dance music artist in the United States, could submit a song. Brennen would go through each and every one, live stream him doing so (to ensure that he really did listen to their songs), eventually picking a winner for a all-expenses paid gig in Denver.

The winning track was the one included with this post– a groovy, funky, jazzy remix of Gil Scott Heron’s “Whitey on the Moon.” Despite being six years old, it captivated everyone who was tuning into this contest, including Brennen.

I chose the Munk Machine track because of all of the organic instrumentation. It was unique. But those instruments were real. And that showed me a level of musicianship and composition that was rare during the competition. Not to mention the soul the tune had to begin with. It got in my head and didn’t leave, so it had to be the one. – Brennen Bryarly

Today is the end result, as The Munk Machine has officially arrived (through classic Colorado turbulence) in Denver to play with Francois K at Vinyl Night Club. Tickets are still available and, ss you’d guess, we highly recommend heading down and getting to know his music. After a conversation with him, we can wholly assure you that the dedication to his craft is very real and will absolutely resonate with you.

I truly believe that mediocrity is destroying the world. We live in a marketing world where KPIs are more important than just feeling something. Whatever I can do to put emotion back in people’s lives–that’s why we’re doing this. – The Munk Machine

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Cherub – Northern Nights Music Festival Mix [TMN EXCLUSIVE]

Northern Nights Music
NNMF 2017 Cherub Mix

The inevitable build up before a festival is both taxing and exciting. There are always so many loose ends to wrap up before you can completely ditch work, disconnect, and get ready for a few, stellar days of partying. The only thing we’ve found to help combat that pre-festie anxiety is a healthy dose of danceable tunes. Luckily for you, and us, Nashville-based Cherub has prescribed just the thing with an exclusive 30-minute mix ahead of their performance at Northern Nights.

If you’re not familiar with this NorCal-based festival, it’s probably about time you get acquainted. Laid into the intersection of Mendocino and Humboldt Counties, the Emerald Triangle is welcoming back the fifth annual Northern Nights Music Festival. Taking place this July 14-16, this long-standing festival is stacked with a vibey lineup that perfectly accentuates it’s stunning location.

Cherub, who you’re probably grooving to as you read this, join Living Legends, Jai Wolf, Big Wild and G Jones as the headliners. There are plenty of other noteworthy acts behind them, including one of our personal favs, Moon Boots.

If the greener side of life is your thing, this year’s festival is offering up its first-ever Medical Marijuana Zone. This unprecedented state-of-the-art “Tree Lounge” for legal cannabis card holders will be an exclusive, innovative and educational oasis in the center of the festival providing education, on-site Dr. recommendations, cannabis sampling, interactive installations, refreshments, meet-and-greets with headliners plus performances throughout the weekend.

As of right now, tickets are still available, so we highly recommend calling your co-workers to get your shifts covered, and getting your camping gear together ASAP.

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