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Áine Aura – Uncover [TMN PREMIERE]

Áine Aura

There are few things that we love more than debuting an artist. Something about being the first to share a person’s gift with the world is overwhelmingly enticing. While it doesn’t happen very often, we’re always chomping at the bit to get that opportunity. Luckily for us, that opportunity came to us by way of Rip City.

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Áine Aura (pronounced: awn + ye aura) is ready to flaunt her vocal prowess in front of the masses, bringing us her debut single, “Uncover.” This electro-pop gem is truly radiant, providing a ethereal glow through it’s Chet Faker-style build (notice the humming harmonies similar to “Drop the Game”). Production wise, EXROYALE knocked it out of the park, crafting a surging melody that walks effortlessly along a booming bassline. The clean and simplistic percussion work, comprised of claps and light hi-hat hits, fit perfectly, creating the proper space for the listener to focus on Aura’s stunning vocals.

Speaking of those vocals – good lord. How long will it take these to get on the radio? Days? Hours? Minutes? We wouldn’t be surprised to hear it booming over speakers in a public place later today. Gushing of a music nerd aside, she truly does have a unique tone and a range that flirts effortlessly between haunting deep lows and heavenly highs, leaving us grinning ear-to-ear.

This gem of a tune will be available on iTunes next week. Mark your calendar.

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[Hip Hop] Jez Dior – Leather

Jez Dior

It’s becoming overwhelmingly clear that we’re going to have a new meaning for Ol’ Number 7. Yes, we all know of that moniker’s ties to the classic sour mash whiskey. And for all of you Mile High Magic fans, you know we think of one thing when we hear “Number 7.” However, LA grunge rapper Jez Dior keeps dropping tunes that make us want to associate just one more thing with that profound nickname, and with one listen through “Leather,” you’ll understand why.

Dropping earlier today on Mr. Dior’s soundcloud, “Leather” boasts a slightly more speedy flow than what we’re used to from this budding young artist. While he casually speeds over counts, at times, he slows it up with ease, switching up lyrical cadence at the drop of a pin. That classic change of pace becomes even more evident when he switches gears to those smokey choruses, this time, completed with crunchy guitar riffs.

We would be remiss to glaze over the instrumentals, whose percussion-heavy approach provide a sturdy backbone for the artfully crafted lyrics. It’s a match made in harmony, one of which we won’t be able to soon forget. Get used to hitting repeat on this one. It’s pretty much a guarantee.

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[DnB] Rameses B – We Love

Rameses B - We Love (Art)
Rameses B
We Love

Hear that, ninjas? Take moment to drink it in – the smooth rolling basslines, the intense snare work, the ethereal vocals. It’s drum and bass, and boy, is it fine.

Hailing from Leeds, Rameses B is coming back at us with another delicious liquid drum and bass tune, one that boasts a soundscape worthy of comparisons of Bonobo and Odesza. It’s other worldly, providing a much needed mid-week break from all of your daily minutia. The glitchy, pitched-up vocal samples help to offer up a near-future style element, which we can certainly appreciate, ultimately displaying what drum and bass in 2014 should sound like.

If you’re feelin’ this tune, which we’re sure you are, head over to beatport and pick it up. For the low, low price of $1.99, you can experience audible bliss, if only for four minutes and thirty two seconds.

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[House] Deadmau5 & Kaskade – I Remember (Shiba San remix)

Deadmau5 & Kaskade
I Remember (Shiba San remix)

Correct us if we’re wrong, but did we somehow sleep though the week and wind up knee deep in Friday night grooves? If we did, we certainly hope we can soon replicate said time travel, as we could probably market it pretty effectively. With that being said, holy shit. This remix from Shiba San is straight fire, sure to crush dance floors left and right this weekend.

There was a time and place in dance music where you couldn’t escape the original version of “I Remember.” Crafted by two industry legends, Deadmau5 and Kaskade, this tune cascaded through clubs, festivals, beaches, pools, cars, house parties, bathrooms, and pretty much anywhere else where one would find music. The invigorating lyrics provided by Haley Gibby are forever burned into the brains of partygoers from the first decade of the 2000′s, as all of us can remember a time where we said, “I love this song,” at a live venue.

Fanboy banter aside, taking on such a legendary song is no easy feat, yet Shiba San did so with effortless ease. Seamlessly blending in a splashy percussion section with a deep house bassline, this unique beatsmith has reinvigorated one of the most iconic tunes for modern dance floors. All we can say is – is it the weekend yet?

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[Funk] ILoveMakonnen x Coucheron – Tuesday (Remix)

ILoveMakonnen x Coucheron

Are you currently absolutely killing it? Are things going so well that you just can’t even? Did your crush recently hit you up to hang out? Did you just win $100 on a scratcher? Are you experiencing some sort of deliriously happy moment right now? If you answered yes to any of those things, get ready to take it in to overdrive with this remix from Norweigan producer, Coucheron.

Flipping the script on the 808-heavy original, this remix of “Tuesday” has a soulful groove twisted around some expertly sampled vocals. Utilizing the ethereal synths from the background in the original, Coucheron flawlessly brings this back full circle, while giving it a whole new look and feel. Those rolling snare hits, booming kicks, and funky-ass bassline take this tune into a danceable tempo, creating smile-inducing grooves worthy of your current “I’m in the best mood ever” vibes.

If you’re opting to avoid a hangover tomorrow at work by not going to the club on a Tuesday, feel free to re-work the lyrics. We suggest, “I’m comin’ up on a Tuesday,” or “Fillin’ up my cup on a Tuesday.” In fact, if you want to lighten the mood on that influenza, you could belt out “I’m throwin’ up on a Tuesday.” If you pull that last one off, please record it, as you will be an absolute legend in our books.

Keep on smilin’, ninjas.

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Moors talks about their inspirations, Ferguson, and World of Warcraft [TMN EXCLUSIVE]


TMN: Hey guys. Thanks for taking some time to sit down with us. Let’s talk about the tour at hand right now. You guys are cruising around with one of our favorites, James Vincent McMorrow. Did that have anything to do with your stellar remix of “Cavalier”?

James Vincent McMorrow
Cavalier (MOORS Remix)

Keith: Yes. We had done a remix of BATHS’ “Miasma Sky”, and I think some of his people heard it. So, they contacted us and asked us if we’d like to remix “Cavalier.” After he heard it, he became a fan as well, and made instrumentals to it. I was like, “I fucking love this,” and wrote to it. We sent the remix back and they really liked it and invited us to come on tour with us. It’s a really great opportunity for us to expand.

TMN: It’s an interesting contrast as far as a line up goes. You’re definitely playing for a crowd that might not be expecting what you guys do. How do you handle that going into each show?

Keith: I don’t really think about it too much. I think what we’re doing musically is kinda different. It takes a lot of courage to do something like this. I respect JVM for having that. We go into it just expressing ourselves. If people like it – awesome. If not – cool.

Miasma Sky (MOORS Remix)

TMN: Speaking of that remix, we’ve been seeing an influx of that style lately – where not only is the music reinterpreted, but there’s also a verse thrown on to truly make something unique. Did James’ vocals inspire that verse?

Keith: His vocal style is different than a lot of shit than I’ve heard. To me, it has like a RnB-ish feel to it, which is something that I gravitate to quickly because I’m a big fan of RnB, especially that early 90′s shit. When I first heard the song, I thought he was black. Then when I saw him, I was like “ah, shit!” It just opened up my mind.

I think that’s what drew me to it. His lyricism is great too. It’s metaphorical and has you thinking a lot, and I’m a cerebral individual, so that shit just stuck out to me.

We always had in our minds that anything we remix, we’re going to try and put a verse to it. We’re going to try to remix things that aren’t traditional hip hop. We want to do things that challenge us and the listeners to get into something different. We think that hip hop is multi-dimensional, so we want to express that.

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ELEL_40Watt_JackLNDN_1500_40 watt jacklndn

We may have an arctic blast draped across the fine city of Denver, Colorado, but as far as our ears are concerned, it’s bright, warm and sunny. Those damn snowflakes can’t bring us down. No sir. JACKLNDN is making sure of that with his delicious trop-house take on Nashville outfit ELEL’s tune “40 Watt.”

The original tune stole our hearts with it’s refined lo-fi sounds, giving us hazy vocals laid over booming percussion work which served as the backbone for the glitchy, and at times manic soundscape. Gone are the fluttering Disney-esque synths which provided that hipster whimsy that made us simply beam, and in their place are a xylophone-style melody that has us nodding our heads in approval. The two, in contrast, are very different, yet the remix brings a persona of its own, while still properly paying homage to the original.

With some expertly sampled vocals, London-based JACKLNDN has once again showed us why he gets called upon to dial up tasty house remixes of already solid tunes. Make sure to follow him on Soundcloud so you can keep up with future releases like this one.

40 Watt (jackLNDN Remix)
40 Watt
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