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The Munk Machine Finally Makes His Way to Denver

’Gil Scott Heron – Whitey On The Moon (The Munk Machine Remix)’

A few months ago, the collective dance community was on the hunt for a mysterious Producer/DJ called The Munk Machine. It wasn’t because of a new release that caught the ear of a radio icon like Pete Tong or Zane Lowe. It wasn’t due to a well-calculated marketing campaign burning through a major record labels’ budget. Nope. It all came from a grassroots movement–one that was designed to help shine a light on some of the undiscovered talent out there.

Led by Producer/DJ/Promoter/Talent Buyer/all around amazing human being Brennen Bryarly, aka option4, this campaign caught the eyes and ears of nearly every major music news outlet that exists. The concept was simple. Any dance music artist in the United States, could submit a song. Brennen would go through each and every one, live stream him doing so (to ensure that he really did listen to their songs), eventually picking a winner for a all-expenses paid gig in Denver.

The winning track was the one included with this post– a groovy, funky, jazzy remix of Gil Scott Heron’s “Whitey on the Moon.” Despite being six years old, it captivated everyone who was tuning into this contest, including Brennen.

I chose the Munk Machine track because of all of the organic instrumentation. It was unique. But those instruments were real. And that showed me a level of musicianship and composition that was rare during the competition. Not to mention the soul the tune had to begin with. It got in my head and didn’t leave, so it had to be the one. – Brennen Bryarly

Today is the end result, as The Munk Machine has officially arrived (through classic Colorado turbulence) in Denver to play with Francois K at Vinyl Night Club. Tickets are still available and, ss you’d guess, we highly recommend heading down and getting to know his music. After a conversation with him, we can wholly assure you that the dedication to his craft is very real and will absolutely resonate with you.

I truly believe that mediocrity is destroying the world. We live in a marketing world where KPIs are more important than just feeling something. Whatever I can do to put emotion back in people’s lives–that’s why we’re doing this. – The Munk Machine

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Cherub – Northern Nights Music Festival Mix [TMN EXCLUSIVE]

Northern Nights Music
NNMF 2017 Cherub Mix

The inevitable build up before a festival is both taxing and exciting. There are always so many loose ends to wrap up before you can completely ditch work, disconnect, and get ready for a few, stellar days of partying. The only thing we’ve found to help combat that pre-festie anxiety is a healthy dose of danceable tunes. Luckily for you, and us, Nashville-based Cherub has prescribed just the thing with an exclusive 30-minute mix ahead of their performance at Northern Nights.

If you’re not familiar with this NorCal-based festival, it’s probably about time you get acquainted. Laid into the intersection of Mendocino and Humboldt Counties, the Emerald Triangle is welcoming back the fifth annual Northern Nights Music Festival. Taking place this July 14-16, this long-standing festival is stacked with a vibey lineup that perfectly accentuates it’s stunning location.

Cherub, who you’re probably grooving to as you read this, join Living Legends, Jai Wolf, Big Wild and G Jones as the headliners. There are plenty of other noteworthy acts behind them, including one of our personal favs, Moon Boots.

If the greener side of life is your thing, this year’s festival is offering up its first-ever Medical Marijuana Zone. This unprecedented state-of-the-art “Tree Lounge” for legal cannabis card holders will be an exclusive, innovative and educational oasis in the center of the festival providing education, on-site Dr. recommendations, cannabis sampling, interactive installations, refreshments, meet-and-greets with headliners plus performances throughout the weekend.

As of right now, tickets are still available, so we highly recommend calling your co-workers to get your shifts covered, and getting your camping gear together ASAP.

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[Event Preview] TMN heads to WORLDZ Masters & Titans Conference

I’ve been to more conferences than I can count–music, tech, entrepreneurship–the list goes on and on. The next sentence I’m about to write comes from a place of absolute confidence, authenticity, and steadfast conviction. This is the most excited I’ve ever been to go to a conference. Ever.

Taking place in the epicenter of entertainment, Hollywood, California, WORLDZ has a lineup that, if compared to a music festival, would call on associations of Goldenvoice’s masterpiece, Desert Trip. It’s made up of absolute legends–the kind most people would kill for a chance to hear live once in their lifetime.

On a personal level, I’m looking forward to speakers from the music and journalism industries. That should go without saying. Industry leaders like Kaskade (Multi-Grammy Award-Nominated Singer, Songwriter & Producer), Quincy Jones (Producer, Conductor and Musician), (7x Grammy Award-winning Artist, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist), Bob Pittman (CEO & Chairman of iHeartMedia), Tom Punch (Chief Commerical & Creative for VICE), Marc Ecko (Chief Brand and Creative Officer for Complex), and a handful of others will be representing the sectors I’m most passionate about, but it doesn’t stop there.

Beyond my place in the music industry, I come from a marketing background. My degree from Metropolitan State University of Denver is in marketing, and I’ve worked in a handful of firms and advertising agencies while running The Music Ninja. As the landscape of business continues to grow and evolve, it’s important to keep looking forward. And, who better to lead that vision than top global brands, startups and creators?

If you’re a self-starter, looking for personal or professional growth, are interested in the entertainment industry, I would highly advise picking up a ticket. You can do so here.

Shaun White (CEO, Shaun White Enterprises & 2x Olympic Gold-Medalist)
Gary Vaynerchuk (CEO, VaynerMedia)
Kelly Slater (11 Time World Surf League Champion, Outerknown Founder)
Bjarke Ingels (Founding Partner, Bjarke Ingels Group: BIG)
John Amato (President, Billboard & The Hollywood Reporter)
Sebastian Copeland (Polar Explorer & Photographer)
Sophia Amoruso (CEO & Founder, GIRLBOSS)
Deborah Dugan (CEO, (RED))
Jon Buscemi (Founder, Buscemi)
Alexis Ohanian (Co-Founder, Reddit)
Steve Clayton (Chief Storyteller, Microsoft)
Kathy Calvin (CEO & President, United Nations Foundation)
Jeri Ward (Chief Communications Officer & SVP, Audi)
Mike Tunnicliffe (EVP & Head of Universal Music Group, USA)
Justin Weniger (CEO, Life Is Beautiful)
Greg Thompson (President, Maverick Music)
Marc Mathieu (CMO, Samsung, Mobile & Marketing, North America)
Dream Rockwell (Co-Founder, Lightning in a Bottle)
Bob Safian (Editor & Managing Director, Fast Company)
Meredith Perry (CEO & Founder, uBeam)
Ali Shirazinia (DJ, Dubfire)
Dirk Ahlborn (CEO, Hyperloop)
Andy Walshe (Head of High Performance, Red Bull)
Marcus Shingles (CEO, XPRIZE)
Diana Nyad, Record-Breaking Endurance Athlete & Sports Journalist
Stephen Attenborough, Chief Commercial Officer, Virgin Galactic
Shelley Zalis, CEO & Founder, The Girls’ Lounge
Nick Foster, Head of Industrial Design, X
Randy Freer, COO & President, Fox Networks Group
Donny Makower, President, RED Interactive Agency
Rives, Co-Host, TED
Joe Desena, CEO & Founder, Spartan Race
Marlies Dekkers, CEO & Founder, Marlies Dekkers Lingerie
Jim Kwik, Founder, Kwik Learning & SuperheroYou
Kevin Bailey, President, Asia Pacific, VF Corporation
Mark Weinstein, SVP & Global Head of Loyalty & Partnerships, Hilton Worldwide
Charlie Engle, President, Charlie Engle Inc. & Ultramarathon Runner & Author of “Running Man”
Jeff Kearl, CEO, Chairman & Co-Founder, Stance
Ryan Wilson, Street Artist ThankYouX

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Tansu – These Things [TMN DEBUT PREMIERE]

These Things (SINGLE)

It’s Friday, which means you probably need a healthy groove to help escort you into a (hopefully) lengthy holiday weekend. My suggestion? How about some big, driving kick drums, pronounced claps, and some eye-opening vocals from a stellar new act?

If you’re nodding your head in approval, which, I fully expect you are, it’s probably time you press play and get a proper introduction to Tansu. With a bigger-than-life vocal presence, this brand new indie pop act could easily shake up the the scene.

Another shiny, shimmering product of the illustrious Berklee College of Music, Turkish-born, London-raised Tansu is everything we love about pop, without what makes us cringe. Hand-crafted lyrics, carefully poured over with production from LITTLE PLANET MUSIC aka Dave Rublin (American Authors) are true, heartfelt, and easy to get into to. At times, it has calls on associations of monster acts, mainly X Ambassadors and Lorde, yet it comes without the army of a major label, which is damn impressive.

Keep your eyes and ears open for more from Tansu. We have a feeling that you’ll be hearing more and more about her very soon.

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Meadowlark – Family Tree (ROOMS Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Family Tree (ROOMS Remix)

Alright. I’m looking for my heady ninjas right now. If your idea of a solid weekend night is skipping the crowds, sippin’ on some high-end hooch, maybe partaking in a delightful strain of Sativa, and relaxing the night away at home, I have just the track for you.

Ditch the downtown crowds and get lost in the latest offering from Miami Based Record Label/Fashion House Bribery Corporation. This slice of their Sophomore compilation boasts work from one of our favorite up-and-coming artists, LA-based ROOMS.

In this new rendition of the gorgeous, piano-driven, vocal gem “Family Tree,” ROOMS has spun up a encapsulating soundscape while still expertly connecting us to what we loved from Meadowlark’s original piece. The vocals are still as haunting as ever, coupled with instrumental aspects from before, they’re just chopped up, twisted around, and laid out with an engaging tempo that should have you hooked throughout.

If you’re feeling this tune, we highly recommend heading over and downloading the full compilation via BitTorrent.

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[News] The Mile High City’s Nightlife Scene is Getting an Upgrade

I’ve had the ultimate pleasure of witnessing the evolution of Denver’s nightlife scene over the past 17 years. From the 16+ nights at the old Trax location, to the continual growth of dance music pillars like The Church, Beta, and Vinyl, to all of the “not-to-be-named” underground shows, I’ve truly seen it all.

Over the past few years, as the Mile High City has exploded with implants from all across the country and world, I’ve been anticipating the arrival of a new player in the game. And, according to my sources, that day has come. While the details are murky, at best, all accounts are pointing to a well-established nightlife group out of the Bay Area moving into a long-term lease somewhere in downtown Denver. The club promises to bring a level of production on par with other top-notch dance destinations, complete with world class talent, in an effort to redefine the growing landscape of places to get your groove on.

Stay tuned for more details. This is something you won’t want to miss out on.

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[Ghoul Pop] Soul Bandit – 3-4-9

If there’s one aspect of an artist that electronic music fans love, it’s a mysterious producer known only to the world through their Soundcloud tracks and elusive social media posting. For those of you who aren’t already in-tune with today’s offering, we’re, of course, bringing you a taste of LA-based artist Soul Bandit.

In just over a month, Soul Bandit has been quietly releasing new music with two singles out on her Soundcloud, and listed below, for your listening pleasures. A quick recap of both songs shows the ability to capture a wide variety of electronic music palettes. Her internet debut “Mad Prophet” is a warm, electropop-like production that makes you immediately want to jump on that beach trip this weekend, while her second single, “Afraid” offers listeners a dreamer’s out-of-body, listening experience.

Her latest release, “3-4-9”, opens with a darker, dystopian tone. Post-apocalyptic and bleak, Soul Bandit drops her introduction off with a break-beat rhythm, driven with a heavy 808-kick and eerie bells and claps. A mesmerizingly, despondent vocal chimes in to give the tune a fuller experience as it chants an inexplicable mantra over and over again. Compared to her other two productions, Soul Bandit focuses more on percussion elements; crisp hats, meaty claps, and steady, pulsating kick that will leave you in an empty awe when you the song start to fade out and ending.

3-4-9 isn’t a typical track for me. I grew up speaking 3 languages (Russian at home, Hebrew and English at school). So to me 3-4-9 was meant to be a bizarre, dark, nonsensical, dance track that’s a tribute to how strange it is growing up in a cultural cauldron. My sound choices for this track and for the majority of my others tend to be a bit jarring and even unsettling at times, but they’re representative of the unpredictabilities and oddities of life and death.
’3 4 9’
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