[Folk] Mandi Mapes – Birmingham

Mandi Mapes Music

Every once in a while, it’s nice to take a break from the slew of emails, IMs, texts, and twitter submissions and just spend time hunting for music we love. That’s exactly what we did this morning, and we uncovered an absolute hidden gem.

Mandi Mapes has nine followers on SoundCloud. Her only song, assumedly her debut release, has a little under 50 streams, with a few of those coming from us hitting repeat. However, this will surely change soon, as people catch wind of her heartwarming, unassuming vocals, charming cadence, and thoughtful lyrics.

“Birmingham” is a peach of an indie folk song, recounting this singer/songwriter’s love for the Alabama city. It features plenty of southern flair, rife with bluesy riffs, accentuating brass, and the simple shake of a tambourine, all of which add to the infectious nature.

On her SoundCloud account, Mapes goes into detail on her affinity that inspired the song:

Birmingham, Alabama is a treasure. I had no idea the incredible decision I was making, the day I moved to Birmingham seven years ago. Everyone here has a story. Whether you’re a 23 year old hipster, playing in your first (and certainly not your last) band at Sound & Page. Or you’re a 65 year old African American woman who can still remember where she was the day 16th Street Baptist Church was bombed and four precious girls were killed. This is a city with scars & regrets, but also hope, forgiveness, plans for the future, a celebration of life, music and southern comfort food.
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[Progressive] Jaymes Young – I’ll Be Good (LYNOS Remix)

Jaymes Young - I'll Be Good (Lynos Remix)
Jaymes Young
I'll Be Good (LYNOS Remix)

LYNOS has a love of infectious melodies and epic drops,¬†as shown in his previous remixes. This time around, the LA-based producer puts his own spin on Jaymes Young‘s “I’ll Be Good”, and the result is phenomenal. Bits of pieces of the original are kept to retain the organic sound of the track, including Jaymes’ sexy vocals and guitar fills. The massive drop steals the spotlight, as heard from a series of bold synths and drums. LYNOS wanted to bring out the powerful message behind the lyrics to the song by using hard synths while keeping the folk elements of it. It’s one of those tunes that could up your adrenaline level a few notches.

It’s once again proven that LYNOS is the future of the electro-pop/progressive scene. Make sure to keep him on your radar, as we’re very excited to see where his music takes him.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (March 2015 Round #4)


Right now it might seem like there is nothing worse than the day after a three day weekend. But really, there ain’t nothing better than a short week ahead and an Indie Dojo to make sure you start it off right. Just a little reminder to look on the brighter side of life. Sometimes it makes things a little easier.

William Abigail
The Shoreline
Gwilym Gold
Vlad Vs Clover
Westward The Tide
Young Bodies
Beta Radio
On The Frame
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (May 2015 Round #3)


Have you ever……driven in your car form than 5 minutes in complete silence because you are so sick of your music collection you just cant figure out what to listen to? Yeah, we know, we’ve be there too. Until we started collecting these Indie Dojos. Guaranteed to fill the next 24 minutes or more with music you have or have not heard of yet. Not all ninjas are silent…

Got It Bad
Broken Back
Happiest Man On earth (Official)
Ive Lost My Way
Please Delete
Our Fathers
Keep Your Tongue
Men I Trust
A Prayer Ft. Odile
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[Acoustic/Folk] Gavin James – The Book Of Love

Gavin James
Gavin James Official
The Book Of Love

When someone overseas signs with Capitol here in the states, you should probably check them out. An artist who fits that description is Gavin James, an Irish singer/songwriter that recently hit #1 in his home country. The album version of his track “The Book Of Love,” which was put forth in a music video earlier this year, has been uploaded to Soundcloud. On March 19th his EP, For You, which will include “The Book Of Love,” will be released to build even more anticipation for his full length studio album. Gavin James’ impassioned original is a delicate dream of sentiments that is conveyed by an honest heart. His performance will leave you moved, so much so that you’ll be driven to iTunes to grab the song for yourself.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (May 2015 Round #2)


Our ears are a terrible thing to waste. We should be taking care of them the way we do everything else. Love them, nurture them, and feed them with nothing but goodness, like a few indie artists here and there. Treat them good. We promise they will thank you later.

Axel Flovent
Cape Cub
Patrick James
California Song
The New Tarot
Memory Kills
Brave Shores
More Like You
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (May 2015 Round #1)


April showers bring May Indie Dojos. Let’s just hope you aren’t allergic to music.

Coming Attractions
Blue Nue
Miya Folick
I Got Drunk
Wavy Maze
Losing My Cool
Broken Witt Rebels
Shake Me Down
Little Memory
Hazel English
Never Going Home
Filling Your Cup
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